Joanna Wiebe - Copy Hackers Series: Conversion Rockstar Pack

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Joanna Wiebe - Copy Hackers Series: Conversion Rockstar Pack digital download. Info: [3 eBooks (MOBI+PDF) + 2 Bonus Tools (PNG and DOCX)]. Be among the ...
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Joanna Wiebe - Copy Hackers Series: Conversion Rockstar Pack

Type: Digital download

Format: [3 eBooks (MOBI+PDF) + 2 Bonus Tools (PNG and DOCX)]


Copy Hackers Series: Conversion Rockstar Pack

Be among the first to pick up the NEWEST ebooks from Copy Hackers! We haven’t published an ebook in well over a year – because we’ve been storing up this awesomeness for you.

In this Conversion Rockstar Pack, you’ll get these totally actionable, totally critical digital marketers’ guides:

The Startup Guide to Differentiation – $28.99

Designed to act like a workshop, this guide will help you complete the included Differentiation Interview. At the end of the written interview – and the end of the book – you’ll have a ‘strong candidate’ for your key differentiator as well as supporting points of differentiating. This will make writing your copy and telling your brand story MUCH easier.

The Great Value Proposition Test – $48.99

What if there really was a secret to writing great headlines… and we had test data to prove it?

What if our test data was based on 11 tests that had exactly the same hypothesis… 9 of which resulted in winners?

What if our win rate of 9 in 11 tests – based on this one idea – brought an average conversion lift of 33%?

What if YOU could repeat the same test on your site… using the same techniques we used… and the headline scorecard we used… because we included all of them in this brand spankin’ new data-filled ebook?

You’d probably add this to your cart stat, right? Because optimizing your site matters to you. And we’re about to show you how to make winning online easy

BONUS! Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions – $18.99

Without question, the most important copy on any page is the headline.

And your value proposition may be the most critical message your startup ever writes – one that you must get right.

In this book, get headline formulas, dos & don’ts, subhead rules – and everything you need to write a value prop that boosts your conversion. …So you can stop pissing away time writing meaningless headlines (like “Plans & Pricing”) and actually get more sales!

All in PDF and .mobi formats for easy e-reading. Related worksheets included.