Jennie Nash - How to Revise a Novel

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Jennie Nash - How to Revise a NovelJennie Nash - How to Revise a Novel

Ready to Tackle a Full Manuscript Revision?

We have a method for that.

Revising doesn’t have to be overwhelming, scary, or nerve-racking…it’s where the GOOD stuff happens.

Utilizing Jennie Nash’s step-by-step revision project plan, you will practice your self-editing skills on one chapter of your novel so you can feel confident about moving forward with the whole thing. You’ll begin by considering a book you didn’t love and cultivating the revision mindset. After watching Jennie’s 90-minute video lesson on her revision process, you’ll go through deep dive lessons on the one-page book summary, the two-tier outline, the chapter audit, and the manuscript audit. Worksheets with specific revision tools such as the Stoplight Strategy help you create an actionable plan, and can be reused for future manuscripts. You’ll also find three hours of bonus videos including Jennie’s Four Perspectives Theory of Revising presentation, and two “behind the scenes” interviews with writers who have taken this course. How to Revise a Novel is self-paced and can be taken anytime.

Course Curriculum

How to Revise a Novel
Welcome to How to Revise a Novel

Welcome! (2:57)

Prepare for Class: Supplies

Download the Handouts and Templates

About Getting Technical Support

Prepare for the Course

Consider a Book You Didn’t Love

Get In the Right Headspace for Revision (6:36)

Print Out Your First Chapter

Bonus Videos

Bonus Videos

Watch the Four Perspectives Video (53:02)

Interview: Jocelyn Lindsay (17:25)

Interview: Kacey Vanderkarr (39:27)

Jennie’s How to Revise a Novel Webinar

Video Lecture on All Lessons (138:45)

Step 1: Step Back and Consider the Whole Story

The One-Page Book Summary

The Inside Outline (10:07)

Step 2: Zero In On the First Chapter

The One-Hour Chapter Audit

The Stoplight Strategy (0:55)

Step 3: Execute the Fixes

Execute Your To-Dos

Step 4: Full Manuscript Revision

How to Revise a Whole Manuscript (2:19)

Prepare Your Manuscript

The Manuscript Audit (2:22)

Step 5: Make a Project Plan for Completing Your Revision

Roadmap for Completing Your Manuscript Revision (4:40)

Develop a Plan for Success

Next Steps

Get the Support You Need

Write Forward with a Coach

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Jennie Nash - How to Revise a Novel