Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey - Viral List Building Marathon Call

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Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey - Viral List Building Marathon Call digital download. Info: [5 Audios (MP3s) + eBook (PDF) + Product Sales Letter (HTML)]. List...
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Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey - Viral List Building Marathon Call

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 Audios (MP3s) + eBook (PDF) + Product Sales Letter (HTML)]

Viral List Building Marathon Call

Format: Digital Download (Audio + Ebook)

Listen In As Two Top Internet Marketers Reveal Their Exact Success Secrets For Virally Building A List Of Thousands Of Subscribers That Makes Them An Average Of $1 A Month PER Subscriber They Have…

  • Learn the exact steps Jeff and Liz took to build their business. Neither of them held anything back on this call, so you can easily understand everything and put it to use in your own online business.
  • Not staying focused on what you want to do online can kill your business before it even starts. Listen in as Jeff and Liz talk about this and what you can do to stay focused and survive the plague of “information overload”.
  • Learn the value of outsourcing. Liz doubled her sales from October to December, and she and Jeff will talk about how outsourcing helped her do that, and how you can use it to work less and make more money!
  • By doing joint ventures you can quickly build a massive list and rake in the sales. Jeff and Liz reveal several ideas, tips, tricks, and techniques on how you can start doing joint ventures even if you have no list!
  • Using an autoresponder is vital to your business, but using one the wrong way can leave you totally broke. Listen in as Liz tells Jeff why she deleted a list of 20,000 subscribers, and how she built her list right back up to that and more!
  • Jeff has a very creative mind. When it comes to product launches, he’s got a ton of ideas to really blast off your product launch, and he’s sharing them all on this call! What Jeff talks about will totally blow you away, and allow you to make your next product launch an insane success!
  • Attending seminars can be a costly decision, but Jeff and Liz will reveal to you how seminars can change your business by putting you in contact with people who can help you in several ways.
  • Learn how Jeff and Liz set their sites up to make the most profits, and to build their lists to insane numbers. What they are talking about is easy to do, and you can implement it right away.
  • Discover the truth about affiliate contests and why most affiliates don’t care about the prizes. They care about winning and you can use this to your advantage.
  • Learn to use affiliates to launch all your products and build your lists. Liz talks about her entire strategy for recruiting affiliates and how they make up at least 70% of her sales. You could be doing the exact same things! Let other people promote your products, build your lists, and you still get paid!
  • Free giveaways happen all the time in Internet marketing. Learn to use them to your advantage to build a huge list. Jeff and Liz even talk about how to make money while building your list with free giveaways!