Jason Capital - Attraction King

Jason Capital - Attraction King.  High Status = Natural Effortless Attraction But I guarantee high status is not what you might think it is, so make s...
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Jason Capital - Attraction King

 Jason Capital - Attraction King

High Status = Natural Effortless Attraction But I guarantee high status is not what you might think it is, so make sure you listen to every word, because…

If you’re struggling with women…
If you struggle with shyness or fear of rejection…
If you want to attract high-status people and be “in” on the hottest, biggest deals…

What I’m about to reveal WILL change your life, if I have anything to say about it.

In the beginning, it’s no wonder *I* was never able to attract any of the things I wanted.

Girls. Deals. Clients. Invites. Parties. None of it.

In getting where I am today, I probably made every mistake in the book. Probably deserved it too.

I was boring. How boring?

I worked up the courage to ask a girl on a date I had a crush on for ages. Midway through dinner, she sighs and says…

“I’ll be honest with you… this is a boring date.
You’ve got zero personality and I’m too
lazy to do a window escape, so…”
Then she got up and walked out.

Don’t laugh. It’s true.

I also put up with a TON of BS. I was a doormat…

For instance one day, I was coaching one of my first clients. He drove a Ferrari. And carried $5,000 cash with him at all times.

When we were done, I asked him to pay for the coaching.

He told me money was tight and he’d get back to me. I let him walk over me like that.

I’m not kidding about this. See, in the beginning I was probably worse than you are right now.

I also tried looking cool…

I got invited to the most exclusive costume party in town and spent hours on my Top Gun Tom Cruise costume.

Woe is me when I walked in and realized someone was screwing with me. No one was dressed in a costume but me. I made the most of it. But I definitely didn’t land any new “co-pilots” that night.

I tried getting serious with my relationships.

I once asked a girl if she loved me. She goes, “Uh, my body does.”

Poor me. I’m telling you…

I tell you stories like these because what got me through those dark days, was only one thing…

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