Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles digital download. Info: [WebRips - 21 MP4] | 297.08 MB. In this 21 Days of Money, Magic and Miracles, I ...

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Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRips - 21 MP4]

File size: 297.08 MB

Salepage: http://jadeyinhom.com/index.php/money-magic-miracles/

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20190912003524/http://jadeyinhom.com/index.php/money-magic-miracles/

I am really touched by all the stories people have shared with me about being in debt, being financially challenged and living with financial overwhelmed. Money affects all areas of life and it can break relationships and partnerships while causing health problems.

Let’s end this cycle of debt and financial overwhelmed.

What if you can have a loving relationship with money?

In this 21 Days of Money, Magic and Miracles, I will be sending you a 20 min audio each day in your email so that you can connect with the energy of magic and miracles to create the life you like.

Money isn’t the real problems. It’s always a symptoms of deep issues with personal power, loving and accepting yourself and what you can receive on every level or your being. Receiving of course is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

Transform Your Money Story

Money is not just an energy. The fix is not merely to change your energy but to change your entire story. Are you ready to be empowered by money?

Are you ready to have authority over your own life and how you do money?

When you have an empowering, inspiring story behind you then it makes sense to change the energy of you so you can be in alignment with abundance.

Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

Align with Abundance

So who do you have to be to receive and align with abundance? What stories of lack and powerlessness will you have to give up?

Will it empower you to know that you really can be abundant? What will you create in your life that is in alignment with abundance?

Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

Activate a New Money Set Point

Who are you willing to be that will invite a new money set point?

And what new money set point will set you free to live the life that makes you joyous and fulfill?

Let’s play together and make this happen!

Jade-Yin Hom - 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles

You Can Transform Debt to Financial SURPLUS!

Yes, you as a powerful, Infinite Being have the power to transform anything including debt. What if debt is here to remind you that you are capable of creating more? Are you willing to do what you owe yourself? You owe yourself a happy, courageous and amazing life. Don’t you?

21 Days of Money, Magic and Miracles

Please join me and a group of like-minded individual who are ready to turn their money issues around and co-create magic and miracles in their lives.

You will be invited to join a FB secret group 21 Days of Money Magic & Miracles where we can support one another to create a new money story that is powerful, joyous and magical. This group is only for people who are in this program.

What you will get:

21 days of support via FB group.

21 audios (18-20mins) to help you align with abundance, create a new money set-point, clear blockages to wealth and receiving more.

  • clear blocks to receiving
  • turn around debt
  • reclaim your birth right to abundance
  • create a new money set point
  • be empowered to create a powerful new story around money
  • be supported to live your greatest vision

Here’s a quick summary of what the 21 Days covers:

Day 1: Clearing Obstacles to Receiving
Day 2: Receiving You
Day 3: Release low vibration portals, imprint abundance, joy and miracles in the fluid systems of your body.
Day 4: Activate the Divine Blueprint of all your biological rhythms
Day 5: See your own beauty and magnificence.
Day 6: Honoring you with money and relationships.
Day 7: Clearing ancestral patterns.
Day 8: Personal freedom, emotional freedom.
Day 9: Personal agency with money, finances and wealth.
Day 10: Transforming envy and jealousy.
Day 11: Transforming self-denial.
Day 12: Transforming self-betrayal to self-love.
Day 13: Transforming and transcending the unfulfilled potential of our parents.
Day 14: Activating your 13 Chakras
Day 15: Transforming the Victim Archetype.
Day 16: Transforming the Saboteur Archetype.
Day 17: Transforming the Prostitute Archetype.
Day 18: Align with being a multimillionaire.
Day 19: Your Enlightened Inner Child.
Day 20: Increase your pleasure and joy set-point.
Day 21: Align with money, magic and miracles.

You get over 420 minutes of energy healing and activations.

The value of this program is easily over $1050.

You get to have it for: $357