Greg Benz - Exposure Blending Master Class

Greg Benz - Exposure Blending Master ClassEverything you need to know to get the most out of your RAW filesClimb the mountain one step at a time. Whether you ...
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Greg Benz - Exposure Blending Master Class

Greg Benz - Exposure Blending Master Class

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your RAW files

Climb the mountain one step at a time. Whether you have significant experience using luminosity masks to blend exposures, or have no idea what they are - this course is designed to help you to master the art of extracting incredible color and dynamic range from your RAW files. The course is built in clearly organized, bite-sized pieces. This gives beginners a clear place to learning the basics, and more experienced students can skip right to the more advanced courses.

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Course Curriculum

[1] Here (RAW Files and more)
  • [1.1] Welcome and How to Get the Most out of this Course (2:28)
  • [1.2] ***** RAW Files ***** (0:44)
  • [1.3] Viewing this course offline: Teachable app for iOS
  • [1.4] Additional content (links to related material outside this course)
  • [1.5] Lumenzia v7 update (7:40)
  • [1.6] Lumenzia v8 update
[2] Primer: the Basics of blending (advanced Photoshop users can skip this)
  • [2.1] Simple Blending with Layers and Layer Masks (12:31)
  • [2.2] Selection Tools in Photoshop (20:00)
  • [2.3] Creating luminosity selections with Lumenzia
  • [2.4] How to view layers and masks (4:35)
[3] The Best Blending Workflow (KEY SECTION)
  • [3.1] Preparing RAW files for export to Photoshop (19:19)
  • [3.2] PreBlend: Preparing Layers for Blending (2:46)
  • [3.3] Blending: Painting through Luminosity Selections (18:50)
  • [3.4] Finalizing the blend (11:25)
  • [3.5] Recap: Key Buttons to Know in Lumenzia for Blending
  • [3.6] Optional: Why Wacom Tablets are so great for luminosity masking


[4] Optional: Alternative software (skip this if you use Lumenzia and Lightroom)
  • [4.1] Alternative stacking workflows for people who do not use Lightroom or Lumenzia
  • [4.2] Alternatives workflows for people who do not use Lumenzia
[5] Multi-processing: Single RAW workflow (KEY SECTION)
  • [5.1] Why and when to multi-process the same RAW file (18:48)
[6] Other blending workflows
  • [6.1] Blending in a lighter exposure (8:30)
  • [6.2.] Blend If (and why you generally shouldn’t use it for blending) (8:57)
  • [6.3] Panos and focus stacking (workflow considerations when blending more than just exposure)
  • [6.4] HDR (limitations and uses)
[7] Getting great Color (KEY SECTION)
  • [7.1] Differences in color processing in Photoshop vs Lightroom/ACR (30:50)
  • [7.2] Lightroom/ACR tools for color
  • [7.3] Photoshop tools for color (14:32)
[8] Fieldwork: Capturing the images (KEY SECTION)
  • [8.1] How many exposures do you need? (11:24)
[9] Common issues and how to fix them

[9.1] Bad tree edges (6:50)
[9.2] Halos and other bad edges
[9.3] Ghosting
[9.4] The blend looks “flat” (Low contrast)
[9.5] There is a red overlay on the image
[9.6] Other issues

[10] Sky replacement

[10.1] Horseshoe Bend Sky Replacement (48:29)

[11] Landscapes

[11.1] Unique Challenges for Landscapes (2:04)
[11.2] Demo: Juniper Tree (single vs mult-processed RAW comparison) (42:59)

[12] Cityscapes

[12.1] Unique Challenges for Cityscapes (1:56)
[12.2] Demo: London [Skill Level: Advanced] (33:22)

[13] Interiors / Real Estate

[13.1] Unique challenges for Interiors (10:57)
[13.2] Demo 1: Office - Mixed color and a novel approach to blending [Skill Level: Advanced] (38:42)
[13.3] Demo 2: Bedroom with mix of HDR and luminosity masking [Skill Level: Advanced] (62:37)

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