George Zalucki - An Experience To Make A Difference

George Zalucki - An Experience To Make A Difference digital download. Info: [6 CDs (MP3)]. A journey into Personal Development by George Zalucki! This 6...

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George Zalucki - An Experience To Make A Difference

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 CDs (MP3)]



An Experience To Make A Difference (MP3 Set – 6 hours)

A Journey into Personal Development – A Workshop Conducted By George Zalucki

We All have the Capacity for Radical Transformation, But the Cost of Awareness is Responsibility. “G. Z.

You may have heard him for a keynote speech and wanted to have him as your private mentor and teacher!  This MP3 6 hour audio set is your answer!

This is a very special six hour seminar that was conducted in London, England.  If possible, plan a day in your diary to listen to these MP3’s in one day.  The insights on them are interwoven and have the power to change your life!  They are the Timeless Teachings of George Zalucki.

Among many things, you will learn that:

  • Transforming our thinking is our real power!   
  • Mastery of emotional response is the key to all winning!
  • How to break survival and security addictions!
  • That there are only 2 types of people, inspired and not inspired!
  • Tenative is no power!
  • Procrastination is a 1000% unequivocal commitment to failure!
  • How to have loving relationships!
  • That women are the power sources in all relationships!
  • You become the emotions that you are afraid to feel!
  • The awesome power of our thoughts to create our reality!
  • To be truly happy, we must be who we are and become all we are capable of becoming.

“Your birthright is to win!  You need to ask yourself everyday, Is what I am about to do, moment by moment, leading me toward my objective or away from my objective, and then make your choice!”  G.Z.

Total time : 6 hours