Gary Brodsky - Gigolo Business Course 8 CD

Gary Brodsky - Gigolo Business Course 8 CD digital download. Info: [ 8 MP3 ] | 170.71 MB. Everything you will ever need to know to make big money simply...

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Gary Brodsky - Gigolo Business Course 8 CD

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 8 MP3 ]

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The Gigolo Business Course:

The ALL NEW 8-CD Audio Program, written and spoken by Gary Brodsky

Everything you will ever need to know to make big money simply for being a masterful, woman-loving man is on this 8-CD set. This material, recorded in front of a live audience, equips you with exciting and lucrative skills you can use immediately, on any woman, any time.

Men Wanted...
Looking for a job in this tough economy? Or maybe you have one, but it leaves you feeling frustrated and numb? Perhaps your entire industry has been gutted by the "new normal"?

You need to know something right now — there is huge demand in the "personal services industry" for real men. Not boys, not brutes, not just pretty faces. But real men who can be charming and interesting — men who get that it isn't about how much they appreciate women, it's about how they make a woman feel appreciated.

This exclusive new audio package is about more than just how to make a living as a professional chaperone. Women today are different; to meet their needs, men have to understand those differences. Gary Brodsky's comprehensive program reveals all the insider secrets you need to master the art of romance and create the lifestyle of your dreams. But ONLY if your dreams include being taken to fascinating places, attending high-profile events, dining at fabulous restaurants, fulfilling a woman's fantasies and getting paid handsomely for it all.

Many men have misconceptions about the Gigolo profession. Take it from Gary — who had his own career as a successful Gigolo — it's not just about sex.  It is about thousands of women who ache for romance and excitement; an ache so overwhelming that they will pay top dollar to relieve it.

Another misconception is that you need to look like a movie star to be a success in this industry. There are all kinds of clients who want ALL types of different escorts. It's important to remember one of the basic differences between men and women — men place a high priority on looks, but women are attracted to the Alpha Male characteristics of charm, personal strength, a sense of humor and, of course, class.

Before we tell you any more about this amazing, brand new, never-before revealed audio set, you must know this: The contents are based on actual interviews with a wide variety of incredible women, including past clients who document and verify Gary's actual experiences. You will learn not just how to be a Gigolo, but how to BECOME one. There are many books and websites that tell you what to do once you are hired, but they're a waste of money if you don't know the tricks to where, when and how to get to the first date!

This NEW 8-CD collection tells you:

  • how to really romance a woman and hit her hot buttons
  • how to benefit from these secrets even if you do not want to turn pro
  • what is wrong today with men and why so many women are turning to gigolos
  • ways to present yourself so that you turn all women on
  • top secret tricks that only the professional daters know
Whether you want a business model based on a constant parade of new women and a substantial amount of money, or just an occasional hook-up with one or two special clients to earn a great second income, when you order this audio program, you will have all the answers!

Gigolos have been around for years, more commonly in the aristocracies of Europe than in the U.S. But in our country today, more women have become high-powered professionals in their own right, too busy for a husband. Others are lonely, wealthy, trophy-wife widows who want the benefits of companionship without the burdens of a relationship. Simply put, the demand for professional dating services is on the rise. In fact, demand out-strips the supply.

Why is this need going unmet? Primarily because of a lack of good "how-to" training information for men, like yourself, who are interested in pursuing this very specialized line of work.

Thanks to Gary's Gigolo Business Course, this training is just a click away. You can have everything you need to know in your hands within a few short days. SO ACT NOW!

Not quite ready to commit to building a business as a professional Gigolo yet? You still benefit from this audio collection — it will give you the know-how to get a date with as many women as you want. Act now!

The Gigolo Business Course reveals the secrets of this mysterious, misunderstood occupation. And remember, men whom you would consider ordinary or middle age, guys just like you, have achieved extraordinary success by learning from Gary's personal experience and encounters in the past. This 8-CD Collection is updated with all new material for a new millennium. Act now and find out first-hand how to avoid the mistakes he made and launch your first-class escort service now.

His personal insights are not available anywhere else. His personal guarantee: You will learn EVERYTHING that he mastered during his years as a professional date.

You can make a living dating women. But not if you just dream about it.