Gambler - Stealth Attraction

Caveat: These techniques are only for men of intermediate or advanced level who already have pretty good image, fashion, fitness and attraction skills. Fil...

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Caveat: These techniques are only for men of intermediate or advanced level who already have pretty good image, fashion, fitness and attraction skills. File Size: 1.2 GB





Gambler - Stealth Attraction


Gambler - Stealth Attraction


The Good

Very practical with clear demonstrations and examples, very effective - especially if you want to date higher quality women, experienced teachings, original content.


The Bad

Not suitable for beginners, many techniques only relevant to use in night club environments - particularly high-end.


The Bottom Line

Good quality training program for guys who want to improve the quality of women they are getting and avoid rejection.It has outstanding advice for meeting and attracting more women in higher end venues and clubs or social situations.

Adding the discrete Stealth Attraction techniques to your skillset will make a big difference to the quality of women you can attract.

Caveat: These techniques are only for men of intermediate or advanced level who already have pretty good image, fashion, fitness and attraction skills.

If you’re a beginner there’s a risk they’ll do more damage than good. So if you’re a beginner check out a better fit course like Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy that will teach you how to talk to and attract women.

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Stealth Attraction was the first course that got me to pay more attention to Richard La Ruina. Prior to this I hadn’t seen anything innovative that I could also learn from. However, even with my 10 years plus experience of picking up at least half of the techniques in this course were new to me.Richard La Ruina’s experience really shows through as he drills down into the specifics of techniques he has obviously used a lot. Instead of “Stealth Attraction” I would label this How to pick up higher status / higher quality women. By higher status I mean very attractive women, models, or very successful women, up to celebrities.

The content is really aimed there, although of course you could use the techniques on women who are not at the higher status / quality end of the range to great effect. For higher status women these types of techniques are a requirement though, so it makes sense to think of it in that context.

High End Clubs & Bars

Ruina starts off by explaining the context of high end bars, promoters, getting into the clubs and so on. He talks a bit about value and setting the scene for you, so that you know what are going to be ‘no no’s to avoid.Higher end clubs have a different vibe because you are going to see the same people repeatedly - and avoiding getting rejected is important as a result. A few blow outs in situations like this and your social reputation will start landsliding sabotaging your future efforts. Good intro.

Discretion = Higher Status

The content is ideal for high end venues. It’s discrete. And this is how things are done by higher social status people. Discretely.The main point of this program is stealth. I’d label it “discretion” though. There are a few courses that talk about discretion, however this is the first I’ve reviewed that focuses on it in a lot of detail.

Discretion is something I’ve focused on a lot over the later years of my development, because it is a lot more important to higher quality girls and higher status people. It’s a skillset that I think has been under-valued and emphasized so i was glad to see that when I got into this course - it was all about discretion.

Another word for discretion would be ‘Social Intelligence’ or Socially Savvy. People who get it. If you think about it, these are all qualities that say ‘higher value’. This is why discretion (or being subtle) is important to attracting the highest quality women.

Discretion is an abstract term though. And subtle things aren’t easy to teach in their nature.

This course takes an approach that deals with this problem well though….

Very Practical - Most of the Content is Explained with Specific Examples

The best thing about this program is that it is very practical. Richard has a girl on stage throughout his presentation and he uses her a lot to demonstrate how each of the techniques works. He does this in detail and often does retakes.The content itself stays away from abstraction and theory. It is really a large collection of techniques that Gambler uses in high end night club venues.

Many of these are non-verbal techniques and he walks you through them step by step.

Example are, put your leg here, move your hands like this. Do this with both of your hands, make this facial expression etc. etc. All very practical and hands-on.

This program is a video program and that aspect is essential, because to really study, you’d want to look at the subtleties of what Richard is doing. With video you can see all of that and playback or freeze frame to understand properly the facial expressions and so on.

Stealth Attraction is delivered to you through a membership forum where you can read and post questions in the comments for each video. Richard is very hands-on in giving feedback to everyone who posts questions. He answered every question I saw in the forum and there are a lot. This hands-on support will make it a lot easier for you to implement.

Who Can Benefit from this Course? Who is Not Likely to?

This program is aimed at the advanced, and upper intermediate levels. To make use of this you will already have some success with women.This course is ideal for someone who wants to start meeting and attracting women of a higher quality, who are of higher social status, and for meeting women in high end venues (e.g. exclusive clubs, high end social events).

In the comments for some of this course I saw questions that were clearly from guys who were still at a beginner level and were struggling to get success from the techniques.

Most of the problem is that they can’t see and notice the subtle signs that women are giving because of their lack of experience. So make sure you have experience and have learned the basics before getting this.

Richard provides basic advice to these guys in the comments also, but really they would be a lot better off in first studying the basics before trying this.

What Should You Have Done Before Getting this Program?

This is an important point. Take note. If you haven’t yet worked on your image, style and general ‘fitness’, then it would be a little wasted to get this program and trying to get it to work for you.Let me explain.

The tactics in Stealth Attraction work to force women to get ‘warmed’ up to you before you approach them, attract them and so on. In pick up terminology this is referred to as “Forcing the IOI (Indicator of Interest)”.

If you have your image, style, body language and body fitness level all down. The techniques will work for you. If you have not already mastered these skills, these techniques will not work for you.

It will not be due to the techniques though, it will be because you are not yet at a point where your image conveys enough value to be able to pull the techniques off.

Here’s a quick test for you to judge if you are ready, beyond doing the checklist of the items I just mentioned. Do you often notice women paying attention to you? perhaps checking you out? If so you are probably ready to use the content in this program to great effect.

Downsides to the Program

There weren’t any real downsides to talk about on this program. The only thing I could see happening is that if a beginner or someone less experienced tried to implement some of the techniques he could execute wrong and get himself into trouble or just get frustrated. I’ve already discussed that, so moving on.Sometimes guys don’t understand how membership programs work when they get on them and get confused about billing. Read the next part so you understand how it works and you won’t get any surprises.

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A Word About Pricing and Billing

This program includes a 14-day free trial of the Master PickUp Artist University. The way this works is that you pay an initial fee of $69.95 to access the Stealth Attraction program where you get immediate access to Stealth Attraction and the first set of Master PickUp University videos and courses. You can check out our reviews of each of these courses via these links:

    • The Social Domination Blueprint

    • Approaching Confidence

    • and 9 Secrets to 9s and 10s

After 14 days, if you stay on the program, you get access to more Master PickUp Artist University videos and advice and you are billed $69.95. You will be billed and receive new videos every month thereafter if you stay on the program. As with all membership programs you can cancel when you want.

Of course Richard La Ruina/ PUA Training are counting on you staying on the program for several months because you found it so useful - which if the other content on the program is as good as Stealth Attraction, I wouldn’t be surprised if you do.

The Bottomline

If you have already got your image up to a good standard (style and fashion, fitness level, body language), learned the basic attraction skills and get some success with women you are ready for Stealth Attraction.This product is ideal for guys who specifically want to improve the quality of women they are getting. If you are dating many women already, but they don’t meet your expectations this is a product well suited to you.

Adding these attraction techniques and the ‘discrete’ approach to your skillset will make a big difference to the quality of women you attract.

This product is highly recommended for guys who specifically want to get more success in higher end venues and with higher status women.

If you are new to dating advice before considering Stealth Attraction look at courses more relevant to your needs, that are also more practical and easier to implement:

    1. Make Women Want You or Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy both provide good foundation skills for talking to and attracting women (Note: These programs are also cheaper to get started with).

    1. The Beginners dating advice ranking is a good place where you’ll find a list of the best rated advice products to learn basic dating and pick up skills.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Gambler - Stealth Attraction

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