Frantzis - Taoist Yoga

Relaxation (specifically relaxation of the nervous system and circulatory system) is essential not only for health Format File: [ WebRIP - 79 MP4, 51 MP3, ...

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Relaxation (specifically relaxation of the nervous system and circulatory system) is essential not only for health Format File: [ WebRIP - 79 MP4, 51 MP3, 1 PDF ] File Size: 8.945 GB

Frantzis - Taoist Yoga

Frantzis - Taoist Yoga

Hi folks,learn taoist yoga lineage master bruce frantzis instructor

I’m excited to announce the release of my NEW Taoist Yoga program which incorporates Qigong, Sitting Postures, and Yoga movements.

Taoist yoga is a unique practice because it allows you to circulate and build Chi without ever over-stretching your muscles and tendons.

Few people realize that over-stretching can do more harm than good, especially when it creates excess tension in your body. Stress is really just a fancy word for tension.

To make matters worse, the hustle and bustle “hurry up and wait” lifestyles of our modern age are seeping into modern yoga practices and shredding people’s nervous systems.

Cultural conditioning in the West has trained us to push, push, push and go for broke. This is not only stressful to your mind, body and spirit, but it also ignores the need for your body to rest and relax.

Relaxation (specifically relaxation of the nervous system and circulatory system) is essential not only for health and longevity, but also for the natural unfolding of our evolution/spiritual path, which is ultimately why we are here.

The focus of Taoist Yoga is what’s called Longevity Breathing, which helps you to relax from the inside out rather than stretch from the outside in. This is the key difference that will lead to true health and longevity.

Breathing well is vitally important to your health. No other health practice is capable of producing such dramatic and life-changing results, for the amount of effort put in, as the conscious practice of learning to breathe with your entire body in a relaxed, circular manner, without holding your breath.

If you want a Yoga program that will help you to oxygenate the blood and tissues, circulate chi, energetically heal and massage the body, and elevate your mind and spirit - all through the use of breathing and gentle, yet effective yoga postures, - This program is for you!

Thank you,

Bruce Frantzis

P.S.  We offer a 30-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee so you can buy risk free.

“People can do yoga, be super stretched and flexible, and yet still be incredibly tense with chi bound inside them. This is a problem with the modern approach to traditional yoga.”

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- Bruce Frantzis



men and women seated in yoga position learn taoist yoga

Learn How Breathing Postures, 5 Elemental Theory, and the 5 Core Movements Can Help You to Build and Circulate Chi



Discover How to Dissolve Blocked Chi Through the Four Conditions to experience Deep Relaxation and Power



woman practicing tai chi outside in park learn taoist yoga

Learn How to Rewire your Nervous System through Longevity Breathing, Gentle Postures, Inner Alignments, and Balance



Learn the Taoist Concept of the Eight Energy Bodies and Connect to Meditation in a New Way



Communicate Between your Conscious and Unconscious Mind and Discover Untapped Potential



Use the Sophisticated Science of the 16 Nei Gong to Become Energetically Healthy and Fit

“Many fitness routines in the modern world fall into the category of the fire or yang method - even many modern yoga practices - which are too harsh to sustain health and longevity for the long-run.”

- Bruce Frantzis

Tension is Another Word for Stress

When your efforts are directed at holding difficult postures or stretching the muscles, the nervous system reacts by closing up the energy channels.

A negative feedback loop is created. Although you can force the muscles to stretch, your body can become incredibly tense and shut down.

Using the internal relaxation techniques of Taoist yoga, you will naturally begin to stretch further over time as you progressively relax without straining or pushing.

Nobody Goes to the Hospital for a Relaxation Attack

The primary emphasis in Taoist yoga is to stimulate the flow of chi and free any blocked chi.

Combining gentle postures and Taoist whole-body-breathing techniques progressively opens the body’s energy channels, activating and strengthening the flow of chi.

Taoist yoga has many gentle, seated postures, held from two to five minutes each.

Because the postures require minimal to medium muscular effort, they enable you to easily “go internal”, to focus on feeling where the chi is blocked and to gently free it up. Deep relaxation is the result of Taoist Yoga, a practice which allows your Chi to circulate freely and build in strength and endurance.

Taoist Yoga helps build Chi From the Inside-Out

When you practice Taoist Yoga for 20 minutes a few days a week, you quickly become aware of where chi is flowing and where it is not.

This should be of primary interest to those who currently practice tai chi or qigong - as well as those who practice modern yoga or want to start a yoga practice for health.

Because ultimately, Chi is the life force energy that will heal and sustain you through the ups and downs of life - both physically, mentally and spiritually.


A Completely NEW Yoga Method for Deep Relaxation and Power


1. Taoist Yoga High-Definition Video Training

Using our proven training method, Instructor Bruce Frantzis will teach 5 foundational breathing postures based on elemental theory and the 5 core postures of Taoist Yoga for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The lessons include over 30 exercises designed to help you relax, circulate chi, and increase your internal power.

learn taoist yoga audio mp3 package on mobile phone

2.  Audio Mp3 Package with Guided Practices

Listen to the guided practice of Taoist Yoga on your phone or MP3 player while performing the exercises in real-time. This way you can concentrate on your movements rather than looking at a screen.

100 page learn taoist yoga online training manual

3. 100 Page Taoist Yoga Online Training Manual

Longevity Breathing Yoga, Meditation From the Inside Out: Ancient China’s Gentle Yet Powerful Internal Yoga - 100 page manual covering all aspects of Taoist Yoga with full descriptions, detailed diagrams and clear photographs for every posture.

energy arts learn taoist yoga membership portal login screen

4. Membership portal with

unique log-in to access all your content

Get immediately download Frantzis - Taoist Yoga

Access your videos, audios and instruction easily in a private membership portal. All materials will be Downloadable for you to OWN for a lifetime.

5. Access to the Energy Arts

Private Training Forum on Facebook

Our Private Page will connect you with a worldwide community of active Energy Arts students to discuss Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-i and all aspects of Taoist Energy Arts. You will be able to post questions, share experiences, as well as give and receive support. This is where you can post questions for guidance.


cover art taoist breathing tai chi meditation bonus learn taoist yoga


Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi & Meditation:

20+ Digital Audio Lessons and Guided Practice

Bruce Frantzis developed his Taoist Longevity Breathing® Program from traditional Taoist breathing methods that he acquired in his 40 years as a martial artist, chi master, Taoist priest and energetic healer.

Learn how to get more from each breath with simple exercises that can be practiced at any time. The Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation Digital Audio set will help you begin the process of breathing smoothly, evenly and strongly.

ancient songs of tao cover art bonus learn taoist yoga


Songs of the Tao: Awaken Your True Human Potential with 20+ Digital Audio Lessons and Guided Practice Sessions

For the past 20 years, Bruce’s students have asked him to record the Taoist chants he uses during his meditation workshops and retreats. Listen as Bruce chants ancient liturgies to weave together the physical, energetic, mental and emotional energy bodies that will awaken your true human potential.

The music can be played while performing tai chi, qigong or any moving practice, as well as during meditation practice. Each song builds upon the next and will help you re-establish fundamental natural rhythms to bring more love, compassion and joy into your life. (Delivered 30 days after purchase.)

meditation heart mind audio bonus learn taoist yoga


Taoist Meditation and the Heart Mind -

6+ Hours of Lessons with Bruce

Designed for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners, these Taoist Meditation Lessons will help you cultivate concentration, focus and intention.  As you practice, eventually you will gain skills to meditate for longer periods of time while still maintaining a high level of awareness.

If you have ever meditated before you probably know that this is easier said than done, but the benefits are invaluable. You’ll be able to relax faster, connect to greater awareness and elevate your Yoga practice to new heights.

This is a separate course in and of itself and of equivalent value to the Taoist Yoga Online Program. (Delivered in 3 Modules: Immediate access, 30 days after purchase, and 60 days after purchase.)


complete learn taoist yoga package cover art

1. Taoist Yoga High-Definition Video Training Program [Value: $397]

2. Complete Audio Mp3 Package with Guided Exercises [Value: $47]

3. 100+ Page Taoist Yoga Online Training Manual [Value: $47]

4. Membership portal with unique log-in to access all your content [Value: $67]

5. Access to the Energy Arts Private Training Forum on Facebook

Plus, you’ll receive these special bonuses:

6. Bonus #1 - Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi & Meditation - 20+ Digital Audios [Value: $27]

7. Bonus #2 - Ancient Songs of the Tao: Awaken Your True Human Potential [Value: $67]

8. Bonus #3 - Taoist Meditation and the Heart Mind Online Program [Value: $297]

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Here’s What You’ll Get in Frantzis - Taoist Yoga

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