Ewen Chia - Army Of Affiliates

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Ewen Chia - Army Of Affiliates digital download. Info: [5 part course – 5 x MP3 + 5 x transcript (PDF)]. I’ve never released this 5 hours+ secret traini...
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Ewen Chia - Army Of Affiliates

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 part course – 5 x MP3 + 5 x transcript (PDF)]


Army Of Affiliates

I’ve never released this 5 hours+ secret training program before. These secrets will reveal exactly how to drive thousands upon thousands of highly targeted affiliates to your own affiliate program in 7 days (or less).

In this training program you’ll discover:

*How to skyrocket the size of your own Army of Affiliates at the speed of light
*Build affiliate relationships quickly and create loyalty that defies common
*How to turn your “hobby” into a lifetime income stream that’s too good to be true
*How to leverage other peoples efforts and spend more time doing things you enjoy
*5 insider product creation secrets that slice your learning curve (and pull like crazy)
*The tiny tweaks you can make to your affiliate programs that DOUBLE your sales overnight
*My secret and proprietary “Instant Recruiting System”
*How to keep your affiliates ACTIVE and producing cash for YOU, month after month
*1 simple twist to make both instant and future commissions with the SAME effort

And much more!

Module #1: Ewen Chia & Jo Han Mok (1:15:11)

“Introduction To The Army Of Affiliates System; How To Create Your Own Products Quickly, Easily And Lazily!”

*Overview of “Army Of Affiliates” system
*Four key principles of “Army Of Affiliates”
*Product creation explained
*Five insider product creation secrets
*How to quickly and easily create your products for massive profits
*How to package and price your products
*The lazy man’s secret method to profit-pulling sales letters!

Module #2: Ewen Chia & Gary Ambrose (52:21)

“How To Set Up Your Own Money-Making Affiliate Program!”

*How to set up your own affiliate program quickly and easily
*The various options available
*What you should look out for
*How to set up your affiliate program quickly and easily
*The ‘tweaks’ you must include in your affiliate program to make it successful!

Module #3: Ewen Chia & Russell Brunson (52:45)

“How To Recruit THOUSANDS Of New Affiliates In 7 Days Or Less!”

*The ONE secret to recruiting an army of affiliates quickly
*How to automatically suck in tons of wild affiliates using Ewen’s proprietary “Instant Recruiting System”!
*How to find “Affiliate Generals” who will skyrocket your affiliate program overnight
*How to turbo-charge your affiliate program overnight!

Module #4: Ewen Chia & Stone Evans (1:18:45)

“How To Generate A LIFETIME Of Unstoppable FREE Traffic And Profits!”

*How to generate autopilot traffic and profits with zero cost and effort
*The key to ACTIVE affiliates
*Secret “Command And Control” Strategy
*How to transform non-performing affiliates into super affiliates!
*How to turn your’hobby’ into a lifetime residual commission stream!

Module #5: Ewen Chia & Mike Merz (1:03:55)

“The Secret To Making Insane Profits From Your Own Army Of Affiliates Without A Product!”

*What to do if you don’t want to create products
*How to make massive profits the easy way with other people’s resources
*How to find hot-selling products and make mega commissions off them without selling a thing
*The MOST important element in sucking in hundreds of sub-affiliates now!
*How to make instant AND future commissions at the same time with one easy ‘twist’!