Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Clear Mind Instant Energy Healing Collection

Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Clear Mind Instant Energy Healing Collection digital download. Info: [5 MP3s] | 57.81 MB. Clear Mind - Clear Purpose and Clea...

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Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Clear Mind Instant Energy Healing Collection

Type: Digital download

Format: [5 MP3s]

File size: 57.81 MB

Salepage: https://www.nowhealing.com/clear-mind-instant-energy-healing/

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Clear Mind – The Complete Collection

Elma Mayer - Now Healing - Clear Mind Instant Energy Healing Collection Instant Energy Healing – for Brain Fog, Clarity, Focus, Memory, Trauma & More…

These Guided Healing Audios Target your… … to Enhance your…

  • Mental Chatter
  • Brain Fog and “Grain Brain”
  • Distractions and Procrastination
  • Traumatic (or Recurring) Memories
  • Mental Loops

  • Attention and Focus
  • Productivity
  • Memory
  • Mental Flow and Clear Thinking
  • Peaceful Mind



Today, I could just not get moving, my brain felt clouded, and I felt like I had the flu. I played Brain Fog Clearing, and to my surprise, my mind cleared right up, and I had energy again. I feel much better now.” – Jennifer C

Shift your Energy – Instantly

Each audio targets your specific healing needs.

Your Mind is the Command Center for your Whole Life. It steers all your actions, reactions… and inactions. From your patterns to your purpose, pleasures, people, places, profits… your mind actively creates how you perceive – and live – life.

Clear Mind = Clear Purpose and Clear Life! Your state of Mind is the foundation for how you experience all of life – on all levels. It’s fundamental for your fitness, feelings, family, finances, and freedom.

– A foggy, easily-distracted mind creates a tangled knot of constriction and blockage in your life.
– A focused, clear mind, on the other hand, creates your ideal future… with open, flowing connection to your highest self.

“Free your Mind, and your Ass will Follow,” sang the wise folk of Funkadelic – and it’s true! Not just your ass, but the rest of your body, and your life, will follow the freedom path opened by your clear mind. But…

Just How do you Free your Mind from its Entanglements? You cannot do it very effectively by “Thinking” your way to clarity – or by NOT thinking! What actually works best (and I know this from personal experience) is… to simply do a few energetic Alignments. And it just so happens that I’ve put those Alignments into into this audio collection, so that you can benefit too.

Why Did I Create These Audios? Because I Needed Them Myself!
These audios contain the very same techniques that I use for my own mental clarity maintenance. I’ve assembled the best of my clear mind tools here – the ones I have used, with excellent results, for myself and my clients over the years.

Clear Mind – The Complete Collection (5 Audios)

There are five audios – scroll down for a description of each one.
They can be purchased as a collection (best value) or as single audios.

These audios target your specific healing needs. They will shift your energy, instantly.

How to use these audios: You can choose to listen to just one single audio – or use all five – in any order.
Listen repeatedly, and experience new shifts each time.