Eddie Davila - Business Foundations

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Eddie Davila - Business Foundations digital download. Info: [Webrip (mp4)]. Learn the foundational concepts underlying all businesses, small to large. A...
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Eddie Davila - Business Foundations

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Format: [Webrip (mp4)]

Business Foundations

By: Eddie Davila

Level: Appropriate for all

Duration: 2h 25m

Released: October 8, 2015


Learn the foundational concepts underlying all businesses, small to large. ASU professor Eddie Davila covers all the basics, explaining concepts such as business goals, stakeholders, profits, and various types of businesses. He then outlines what you need to think about if you were to start your own business, such as determining what your product or service will be, making and delivering your product or service, and funding your business.

He also reviews the basics of the people side of business: managing employees and developing customer relationships. Last, he covers the financial and information management aspects of business and provides a basic explanation of economics, so that you can understand the relationship of your business to the bigger picture.

Topics include:

  • Understanding business goals, stakeholders, and resources
  • Developing a product or service
  • Selling a product or service
  • Raising capital
  • Managing employees
  • Managing customer data
  • Understanding finances
  • Managing resources
  • Understanding economics


Eddie Davila is the associate chair for the Supply Chain Management program at Arizona State University.

In addition to serving as associate chair, Eddie is a principal lecturer for the highly ranked Supply Chain Management program in the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Eddie has taught over 30,000 students in person and millions more online via videos and digital textbooks. His digital content is used by both top-ranked universities and Fortune 500 companies around the world. He has also provided consulting services for companies in the energy, publishing, retail, technology, global health, and agriculture industries. Eddie likes to spend his spare time on a yoga mat.