Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong

Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical QigongSalepage : Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical QigongArchive : Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper ...

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Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong

Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong

Salepage : Dr. Roger Jahnke - Deeper Dimensions of Medical Qigong

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New 4-Month Live Video Training Starts

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

What You’ll Discover in These 4 Months

In this comprehensive 4-month transformational intensive, Dr. Jahnke will guide you to activate your own “inner elixir” to deepen into radical and unexpected inner healing — in the moment, anytime, and anywhere.

Dr. Jahnke is widely revered as an especially skilled creator of communities of shared values and experiences that are crafted to meet the needs of the group. As he comes to intimately know this group, he will adjust the course as needed to accommodate the group’s unique qualities and needs.

Module 1: Discovering the Radical Power of the Medicine Within — The Ultimate Elixir

In this opening week, Dr. Jahnke will guide you to become fully grounded in the components of your inner healing capacity.

You’ll also review the powerful Three Treasures — the theoretical foundation of traditional Chinese medicine that represents body, mind, and spirit — as well as Heaven (Yang), Earth (Yin), and Life (the merging of Yin and Yang).

You’ll continue to explore how incredibly simple it can be to activate your own inner elixir, the medicine within, anytime and anywhere…

In this session, you’ll explore:

How Qigong addresses ALL dysfunctions of the mind, body, and spirit

Why the idea that different diseases need different practices is actually a myth

What it really means to assemble your very own Medical Qigong practice

How you can best utilize the practices in the Medical Qigong library you’ll receive as part of this course

The inner work you’ll need to do so you can deeply believe you have the capacity to heal yourself (it might surprise you!)

Dr. Jahnke’s 3-step Medical Qigong method

Module 2: Unlocking the Promise of Healing, Sustainable Wellbeing & Vitality

Without even realizing it, many of us are operating from the assumption that true power must be out of our reach. This week, Dr. Jahnke will explain why this is just not true…

As you’ll discover, when you truly decide to let something be easy, magical unexpected outcomes are well within your reach.

In this session, you’ll discover:

How to establish an intention that’s aligned with your deepest sense of purpose

The keys that activate unexpected healing — time, focus, and intention

The extraordinary power of integrating the 4 dimensions of Qigong

The gateway to revealing your own vitality and healing

A powerful practice to tap into your essential nature

Module 3: Incorporating Movement & Breath — The Engine of Qi & Function

How exactly do the body and breath dimensions of Qigong awaken and activate the medicine within you? This week, you’ll explore the answer as you uncover what Dr. Jahnke calls the big promise of Qigong.

Once you’re fully grounded in your Medical Qigong principles, you can simply engage in the practice that comes to mind, in any location — and turn on profound inherent healing mechanisms right away.

In this session, you’ll discover:

How your breath and body practices enhance each other to activate and refine the Qi — and support the functioning of both the body and mind

The engines within you right now that activate Qi

How the 4 dimensions of Qigong each play an important role in your healing

A practice to help you access the engine of Qi whenever you need to

Module 4: Exploring the Supreme Aspect of Self — The Mind & Consciousness

Self-awareness, mindfulness, and meditation are the supreme aspects of Qigong…

In this session, Dr. Jahnke will guide you to understand why the secret of truly actualizing your practice is understanding your mind — not intellectually, but experientially.

Your mind and consciousness, including the emotions and traumas of your past, can become the gateway for developing and sustaining your practice.

While your body and breath are the machines of Qigong’s power, your mind is used to leverage the very core of Qigong’s amazing potential — coherence and integration of The Three Treasures of spirit, mind, and body.

In this session, you’ll discover:

Why you need to believe in the depths of your mind that you have time to take care of yourself

Why it’s technically not even Qigong if you’re practicing while worrying

How your focus can be affected by the common limiting belief that you’ll never be able to learn enough

The preconceptions about Qigong you might be holding onto without realizing it

The ways your mind can talk you out of your Qigong practice

Module 5: Cultivating a Truly Life-Transforming Practice

It’s deceptively easy to think that merely liking a new idea has some sort of magical power. While getting onboard with a new idea is certainly exciting, on its own it can’t make a lasting change in your life…

This week, Dr. Jahnke will share the many ways that tapping into the big promise of Qigong is directly associated with developing and sustaining YOUR practice.

Whether you’re ready to move past an addiction, heal from illness, become more creative, relax, or something else entirely, Medical Qigong can only bring radiant health into your life if you develop a practice.

In this session, you’ll discover:

Why your practice is the gateway to the possibility of getting everything you want

How developing your practice can help you express yourself more creatively

How bringing a practice into your life can be a confronting, uncomfortable process at times

How to leverage the promise of true healing by exploring fun, music, and nature in your practice

Dr. Jahnke’s practical advice about where to practice

Module 6: Directing Qi Throughout Your Body With Self-Applied Massage

According to Dr. Jahnke, self-massage is the simple-yet-accessible power factor in Medical Qigong. This week you’ll discover, or perhaps rediscover, how self-massage is the key to distributing the Qi — the medicine within — to the parts of you that need it most.

You’ll learn how self-applied massage fits into the four dimensions of Medical Qigong — and understand how it can multiply the benefits of your Qigong practice.

In this session, you’ll explore:

How self-applied massage can transform any Qigong practice into Medical Qigong

The surprising reasons the parts of you that most need healing are least likely to receive the benefits of Qigong — and how you can ensure they DO receive your inner healing resources through massage

How to use movement, breath, and meditation to turn on the medicine within — and how self-massage can then deliver the medicine

A guided practice to introduce you to the power of self-applied massage as part of the 4 dimensions of Medical Qigong

Module 7: Actualizing Your Intention - Your Circle of Life

What if you had a holistic life plan in place to make sure you actualize your Medical Qigong practice so it becomes part of your life? With Dr. Jahnke’s guidance, you’ll create this life plan in class this week.

Along with the usual encouragement and support for Qigong, Dr. Jahnke will introduce you to The Circle of Life, a system he developed with his colleague Rebecca McLean to help coaching clients fulfill their deepest intentions and goals.

As you’ll soon discover, when The Circle of Life is used in groups that are collaborating on a shared ideal, it can result in transformational empowerment.

In this session, you’ll discover:

How using The Circle of Life process allows you to look at the whole of your life, shining a light on the steps you should take to develop and accommodate your practice

Proven ways to implement healthy action steps — with plenty of support and accountability from the group

How to motivate yourself to achieve what’s most in alignment with your essential purpose

How to be realistic about how your practice will fit into your life — and doable changes you can make to incorporate it into your day

The ways family and social relationships can empower you — or hold you back — on your Medical Qigong journey

Module 8: Assuring Your Transformation & Checking the Status of Your Practice

In this class session, Dr. Jahnke and Rebecca McLean will use The Circle of Life to make sure you’re on track to create the transformation you seek during your time in this training… and in your life beyond this course.

Dr. Jahnke is committed to supporting you through your breakthroughs over the next six class sessions. You’ll also be exploring how to implement your practice — including how to check in with yourself along the way.

In this session, you’ll:

Clarify where your Qigong and mindfulness practice fit into the Circle of Your Life

Get focused on the details of your Medical Qigong practice — including how you plan to make time to consistently bring it into your life

Continue to discover how the power of your own intention leverages the gifts of personal transformation on this journey

Uncover the power of cultivating deep inner awareness

Be given a guided practice to focus on your transformation

Module 9: Exploring ‘Qi Deficiency’ — Inflammation & Oxidation

Did you know that Western Science and Asian Wisdom actually point to ONE cause for disease?

This week, you’ll discover how the West’s terms inflammation and oxidative stress are equivalent to the principles of Qi deficiency and Qi stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine… and explore practices to activate your inner healer.

In this session, you’ll explore:

Why inflammation and oxidation are always present, no matter what disease you have

The power of activating your neurotransmitters and telomeres (the compound structures at the end of a chromosome) — and the new research that shows how you can replenish them

How your behaviors impact your health and spiritual life — from drinking water to movement with breath

Why prioritizing wellness practices — including getting more sleep and even ridding yourself of toxic people — is so essential

How to tell which of your behaviors are the causes and the cures of disease

A guided practice that links movement with deeper breath

Module 10: Working the Circle of Life

At this point in your Medical Qigong journey, it’s time to check in with yourself and explore how developing a practice can have a huge effect on your life and YOUR specific goals.

As Dr. Jahnke says, the Promised Land is there —but you have to go! Getting there is a process. This week, in addition to your Qigong practice session, you’ll revise your plan to do just that.

In this session, you’ll explore:

How to be certain you’re practicing from a place of purpose and intent

The undeniable power of having a clear plan for growth in place

Why it’s so tempting to privately make a heroic plan, keep it to yourself… but then lose your momentum

How to be more accountable to yourself

Ways to maximize your potential for creativity and fun — including being accountable to a buddy or a group

The big promise of Qi — and some of the subtle, yet ordinary outcomes that can arise

Module 11: Uncovering The Golden Elixir — Your Eternal Self That’s Irrevocably Well

Does your Spirit need healing — or is your Spirit actually the ultimate medicine?

As a community of practitioners, you and your fellow participants will focus this week on advancing and deepening the practices you’ve learned…

… and purposefully move closer to what Dr. Jahnke calls the big promise of Qigong — total integration of your spirit/mind/body.

In this session, you’ll explore:

How to locate and actualize the parts of yourself that are irrevocably well

What it means to mine for the gold within your own being

The true meaning of Qigong’s Golden Elixir, the fountain or essence of eternal life

How to develop a Medical Qigong practice that moves you toward inner peace — or any other goals you have for your inner and outer lives

An extended guided practice to contemplate The Golden Elixir and the aspect of self that’s always well

Module 12: Transforming Your Lifestyle & Relationship Choices Through Your Practice

This week, Dr. Jahnke will sharpen the principles of practice refinement as you continue to bring Qigong and Medical Qigong into your life. He’ll guide you to purposefully remember and refine your own virtual hospital…

He’ll also walk you through a deep discussion of how you can sustain your Qigong practice to have a powerful impact on even the most difficult health challenges — for the rest of your life.

In this session, you’ll discover:

Why some people who deepen and advance their practices may find themselves having truly extraordinary experiences

The circumstances or excuses that can make it difficult to sustain a new lifestyle

Why it can be so tempting to keep your new healthy choices and practices to yourself — and what you should do instead

How to give birth to your most fantastic and rarefied natural self

A deeper, longer, and more advanced practice to solidify everything you’re learning

Module 13: Integrating Your Spirit-Mind-Body

In the previous class, Dr. Jahnke shared the many reasons everyone who brings Medical Qigong practices into their lives with consistency WILL become a healthier person.

And at this point in your journey, the benefits are likely already unfolding in your life…

In this session, you’ll focus on applying what you’ve learned from the previous modules as Dr. Jahnke leads you through a powerful self-inventory full of questions including:

Have you noticed you’re less reactive — more calm and accepting?

Are you feeling more tolerant of other people and circumstances?

Are you sleeping better?

Have you noticed yourself making healthier snack choices?

How would you describe your stress levels?

And much more…

Module 14: Qigong Extravaganza

In this final week, you’ll gather with your mentor Dr. Jahnke and your global Qigong community for a powerful session of practice, extended Q&A, community sharing, and tried-and-true application of the primary principles to make sure your Medical Qigong practice becomes an integral part of your health journey — and your life.

In this session, you’ll discover:

Powerful methods for sustaining your advanced practice so the great healing promise of Qigong becomes an essential part of your routine

How you can continue to grow your practice now and into the future

How sharing your practice with others can help you sustain it

How you can use and keep these new Medical Qigong practices for the rest of your life

PLUS, you’ll get the 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

Contemporary Research on Ancient Practices

With Dr. Roger Jahnke and Dr. Linda Larkey

Bonus #2

The 3 Mindful Alignments

Audio Teaching From Dr. Roger Jahnke

Bonus #3

The Golden Elixir of Longevity & Immortality

Video Lecture From Dr. Roger Jahnke

Bonus #4

$10.00 Discount on the National Qigong Association (NQA) Membership

The original price of 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong was $297.00, but is included in your registration for the advanced course…

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