DC Fawcett - Shortsale Foreclosure Wealth System

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DC Fawcett - Shortsale Foreclosure Wealth System digital download. Info: [11 DVDRips (AVI) + Documents (PDF, DOC)+ Spreadsheets (XLS)]. Here’s what you...
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DC Fawcett - Shortsale Foreclosure Wealth System

Type: Digital download

Format: [11 DVDRips (AVI) + Documents (PDF, DOC)+ Spreadsheets (XLS)]

Here’s what you get:

Foreclosure Wealth System

($1497.00 Value)

My Complete done for you Step by Step system for rapid success with Short Sales in today’s market

11 DVD tutorials for major sections of the course

16 audio CDs to support the written 382 Page manual

Over 21 Hours of Detailed, step-by-step Content

A Lifetime license to use my actual tested and proven marketing pieces (postcards, letters, display ads, classified ads, etc.)

Magic words to use when talking with your sellers that will want to make them want to work with you and only you

Incoming lead questionnaires to use when buyer prospects call on your homes so you don’t waste your time dealing with unqualified prospects

Calling scripts and questionnaires to use with lenders when negotiating short sales so you don’t forget to ask them any critical info that will allow you to get the maximum discount on every short sale negotiation

My Short Sale Forms Software that fills out all of the legal and short sale docs for you. You just enter the info and hit go and all of the docs are created for you which will save you hours of time for each deal

And Much, Much More

Disk 1 Short sales overview
Disk 2 Foreclosure Process
Disk 3 Marketing to Find Deals
Disk 4 Referral Marketing
Disk 5 Pre-screening, negotiating and closing sellers
Disk 6 Acquisition Paperwork
Disk 7 Loss Mitigation
Disk 8 How to Influence the BPO
Disk 9 Selling Houses Fast in Todays market
Disk 10 Sell Your Home in 6 Hours or Less
Disk 11 Your fast track to extreme success
Disk 12 Case study Jason Medley
Disk 13 Presentation to Realtors to get their Deals with matt raab
Disk 14 Overcoming your fears with AJ Puedan

Disk 15 Forms (around 180 forms, templates, etc)
– Acquisition Paperwork
– Closing Sellers
– Loss Mitigation
– Marketing for finding deals
– Marketing to sell