David Allen - GTD Managing Projects

David Allen - GTD Managing Projects digital download. Info: [1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audio (MP3)]. David Allen and his senior staff share the GTD® best practi...

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David Allen - GTD Managing Projects

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook (PDF) + 5 Audio (MP3)]

Salepage: https://store.gettingthingsdone.com/GTD-Managing-Projects-p/20336.htm

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GTD Managing Projects - MP3 download

David Allen and his senior staff share the GTD® best practices and models for seamlessly managing your projects. Bonus materials include a rich set of PDF handouts and the GTD Live recording of David leading you through the Natural Planning Model®. 5 hours of audio on 5 MP3s.

Complete package includes:

MP3 audio file 1 includes:
1. What is a project?
2. Finishing your thinking
3. What does done look like?
4. The value of a complete Projects list
5. Tips on organizing projects

MP3 audio file 2 includes:
1. How do I create a complete Projects list?
2. When do I call something a project?
3. Should I create subprojects?
4. How do I manage shared projects?
5. What's the difference between a project, project support and next actions?
6. Where should I organize my project details?

MP3 audio file 3 includes:
1. What goes on Next Actions lists?
2. How do I link projects to next actions?
3. What do I do when I finish a next action?
4. How do I integrate project management software?
5. How do I plan my projects?
6. David's final thoughts

MP3 audio file 4 includes:
1. Introduction
2. The power of focus
3. Developing and capturing ideas
4. Creative brainstorming exercise
5. Using the Natural Planning Model

MP3 audio file 5 includes:
1. Unnatural and reactive planning models
2. Clarifying purpose
3. Identifying guiding principles
4. Defining outcomes and wild success
5. Brainstorming
6. Organizing a project plan
7. Determining next actions
8. Conclusion

PDF Handouts included:
Article – Stalking the wild projects
Handout – Examples of lists
Handout – Five phases
Handout – Horizons of Focus®
Handout – Natural Planning Model and worksheet
Handout – Project and Next Action Verbs
Handout – Quality check

Please note: if you are looking for traditional "project management" models like PERT, Gantt or critical path thinking, that's not what the focus of this audio set is. What you'll get in this set is specifically the GTD approach to projects and planning, which can be used with those models.