Dave Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior

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THE rule that you’ll want to adhere to when you encounter ANY street attacker who’s armed with a knife. Format File: [2 DVDs - MP4] File Size: 1,877 GBDave...
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THE rule that you’ll want to adhere to when you encounter ANY street attacker who’s armed with a knife. Format File: [2 DVDs - MP4] File Size: 1,877 GB

Dave Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior

Dave Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior

 As you can see, I’ve put a strange piece of wood at the top of this quite long letter today.

Why is it there?

For two reasons.

The first reason is make sure I caught your eye to tell you about arguably NAP’s premiere product release of this year. I wanted to make sure you get ‘in’ on this as one of our very best customers…and I wanted to make sure I had your full attention to tell you all about this today.

But this wood is also there to let you know that I’ve set aside a free bonus DVD - yours to keep - that’s specifically related to the wood at the top of this letter to you today.



Let me explain…

You see, the wood at the top of this letter is DOWLING.

It doesn’t look like much. And it isn’t ‘much’ either. But in the right hands - and with the right training…

…it instantly becomes a FIST FULL OF DYNAMITE!

By that, I mean it becomes an instantly effective self-defence tool. Or as Dave’s says ‘a fistful of dynamite’.

In fact, we spent a full hour going through all the various applications of this great ‘tool’ - and how to use it with devastating effect on the street.

We recorded everything. The instructor? The UK’s highest-ranked and a hall-of-famer without equal: Dave Turton.

A living legend in the World of martial arts and real-world self-defence.

 I’m talking about THE instructor to Olympians, doormen and

some of martial arts most famous names…

Dave went from A to Z on the practical applications of this remarkable (although harmless looking - appearances really are deceptive) tool.

And I want to send you the DVD

that reveals all - for FREE!


I’d like to say that it’s a generous gift. And in some sense, it is a generous gift. But the real reason I want to send it you is actually because it’s something of a BRIBE. That’s right - a bribe - a bribe to get you to try Dave’s and ours premiere release of the year. We call it…

Turton In-Depth And Underground:

How To Build A Complete Street Warrior In 7 Hours!

But before I tell you any more about this groundbreaking package that comes to you as a past NAP customer, let me tell you a little more about what’s on your FREE DVD.

In short, we wanted a real-world, real-life stick fighting DVD for all past customers of ours - one which would help explode your ability to skilfully use a weapon on the street (should you NEED to use it - in a threatening situation).

You see, we knew that our customers would be seriously done-to-the-good if they saw the realities of using such a thing in a real-world self-defence scenarios.

If you’re walking along the street, in a bar, or wherever else - and the situation turns very dangerous, then you NEED this information on using a weapon like this effectively.

So pool cues, truncheons, walking sticks, and mop handles - they’re all fair game - as long as you are in a severe situation that you need to get out of.

And this DVD is going to tell you how to use them - with

incredible effectiveness - and it’s FREE!

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t take the weapon out on the street. Not at all. But you will take the SKILL out with you - and once you do, you’ll become almost fearless, and ready and able to ‘take on’ almost anyone.

Here’s the best news: Dave’s stick fighting info is some of the best you’ll find. Over many a year, Dave basically combined four different styles into one, rounded, powerful system for stick-fighting in the real world.

Best of all, we got everything on DVD.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn

on this stick fighting DVD - and remember this is yours FREE

How to use dowling to increase your punching power by 30%. Incredible but true.

How to take an attacker out of the equation in 2 seconds with a certain kind of low leg strike

How to deaden arms with strikes, leaving an attacker incapacitated - and leaving you to walk away as easy as 1-2-3

How to use Dave’s secret of the ‘clock’ to cover every possible stick attack out there. This is an incredible trick you’ll keep referring to for years to come.

How and why target areas increase when you’re using a stick - and how to best take advantage of this fact

And more…including why you should only ‘flick’ not hack…how to combine your stick fighting with other moves for maximum effect - and more.

And yes, all the information on this DVD is yours FREE!

As I say, it is - bluntly speaking - a shameless BRIBE to get you to try NAP’s and Dave’s premiere product release of the year.

Why this bribe? And why do I say that this our ‘premiere release’ of the year? Stick with me here. Because I’m going to explain just why I say that. And let me start by telling you what’s been going on.

From the top…

As a customer of ours, you probably already know that we’ve written to you before about Dave Turton. The reason? Simply because he offers some of the best, ‘no-fluff’, real-world self-protection information on the face of the planet.

As a result, not only has he become our best-selling ‘talent’, he’s become the man ‘they’ turn to when they want the best, most efficient, take-them-out set of skills for surviving in the real-world.

Who are ‘they’? I’m talking about everyone from Geoff Thompson (who Dave taught), to champion kickboxers - even World record holders and doormen who NEED real-world skills for front-line fighting. They all come to Dave for one reason:

 And quickly too…

Of course, as publishers of Dave’s best-selling Modern Street Combat, we know this as well as anyone. The phone calls from Dave’s enthusiastic fans tells us that. So does the fact that his material is probably the most accepted of everything we put out.

A secret: of all the tapes we publish, we always offer a generous guarantee. You don’t like it, you can return it. And I’ll admit that we do get some back, of course. But we get very few of Dave’s back. Why? Because people are blown away by the information he provides them with. And after years of searching people know that…

…they have finally found the self-defence secrets

they’ve forever been searching for!

And that’s meant that - more than anything and probably anyone else we’ve published so far - we’ve come to realise that Dave really is ‘the man’.

Fact is, Dave’s probably the premier guy in our entire stable of elite martial artists.

He knows virtually everything worth knowing about what works in reality - about what really works in martial arts. He’s not ‘flash’ - you won’t find him hyping anything that simply doesn’t work - but he is pure meat and potatoes in terms of real-world training.

Nope. He ain’t ‘pretty’ in terms of his training either. Why not? Because once again, he doesn’t need to be. He just takes the shortest, coldest and easiest path possible to what we all want:

The ability to take out almost any attacker - quickly,

easily and with supreme efficiency!

And that’s why we were so eager to get Dave on tape again. This time, though, we simply were NOT going to be satisfied with a couple of DVDs worth of information.

Far from it.

Nope…this time we wanted everything. The lot. The complete package. We wanted to get the UK’s best on film - but where he literally adopted an everything revealed kind of posture.

In short, we wanted everything we could possibly cram into a full TWO DAYS worth of filming.

That’s right. We went A-Z…went in-depth…we went advanced… yes, we drew everything we could out of Dave’s incredible knowledge. All the red-hot material that would blow away what he’d done before now.

Something else as well - and this is really exciting…

We knew that Dave knows a lot of stuff - but that a lot of his ‘stuff’ is…well…a little more ‘underground’. What I mean by that is this:

We probably wouldn’t have been comfortable sharing a lot of what Dave knows on his original Modern Street Combat DVDs!

Why not? Simply because some of it is too advanced for a lot of people. Other ‘stuff’ is better suited to people we think are going to use it responsibly…

For example…

Get immediately download Dave Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior

Dave’s knowledge of pressure points is superb - yet it might have been a little ‘edgy’ for the original DVD series.

So we’ve left if for our best customers.

And the result is astonishing. It’s NAP’s premiere product release of the year. And it’s why I’m writing to you today.

Let me give you the complete details!

Seriously, this material can turn you into a jumbo-powered street warrior - and then some! Yes, we are biased, but we believe that what we have for you here today is the ULTIMATE in real-world, hard-core training.


No single one of the training DVDs that we’ve lined up for you could impart the right amount of information into your pores (this is a HUGE Set of information, as you’ll see). But…as you’ll see…when you take this information together, compound it up and train with it, you can virtually turn yourself into a powerful street warrior in just one or two sittings.

And let’s face it:

You simply can’t get any better than Dave. And with these DVDs, he was literally at his concert-pitch best. That’s why we’ve sub-titled this Set…

“How To Be A Complete Street Warrior In 7 Hours!”

That’s the power of this stuff - to enable every watcher to undergo a virtual transformation - almost just by watching - from martial artist or neophyte to real-world street practitioner at almost the first or second sitting.

So let me tell you about each DVD in turn. Each has been selected deliberately, and builds on Dave’s original and best-selling Modern Street Combat.

DVD 1: Pressure Points For The Street…

The first section is mind-blowing. It’s all about real-world pressure points.

No, I’m not talking about useless points that require a dart to hit properly and with any kind of useful effect.

Far from it. I’m talking about pressure points that actually work in street scenarios. Yes, there ARE certain ‘points’ that are hugely effective if used correctly in street encounters.

These are ‘points’ that can literally crumble a guy where he stands. Fact is, Dave’s learned of an astonishing 308 different points on the body. But here’s the interesting thing…

250 of those points are near

useless in real-world scenarios!

But that doesn’t mean that SOME of them aren’t very, very useful on the street.

They are.

Seriously, Dave really came into his own on this tape. If I had to choose between all the tapes, it’d be a difficult, but this would be up there with the best.

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:

The carotid sinus pressure point - how to generate an instant response from an attacker with this very accessible pain point

The vomit reflex point. This makes it very, very easy to induce a vomit reflex in an opponent. Not recommended for everyone.

How to control and keep control of a guy with just a single finger. Remarkable but true once you know these kind of on-body pain points.

How to use Dave’s ‘earring line’ and why it’s so useful for identifying and using pressure points on the human body. You don’t even need to memorise points if you know about this line.

Beautiful technique that will take a guy’s legs from under him. You’ll see this one done for real on Andy Crittenden - very effectively. This is straight out of the movies.

Instant release pressure points. Get the guy off you instantly. You’re gonna’ love this.

Dave’s favourite pressure technique against a ‘hardman’s’ handshake (if you’ve ever wanted to get a bully off you who insists on squeezing your hand very hard as a ‘handshake’, then this one is for you!)

Karl Blackwell’s favourite street-based pressure point (Karl is a well-known and very well-respected doorman). This is real-world material!

The best part?

Because these are pressure points, they work regardless of the size, power or muscularity of your opponent!

You could be up against Arnie and these would STILL work. Yes, you could face a huge, grizzly man mountain, and STILL crumble him in pain with these incredible tricks.

A favour though: DO treat these moves with respect. We are responsible adults, and do not go around using this without thinking about the consequences.

It goes on…

DVD 2: Devastating Street-Based Takedowns…

Listen: the ability to takedown an assailant on the street is incredibly useful. With it, you can escape rapidly, take guys absolutely out of the equation, and simply walk without fear.

But it’s something that probably only 1 out of every 100 martial artists can REALLY do.

Yes, they might think they know how to take someone down. Sadly, they don’t. And they only realise that when they encounter a real-world scenario. And by then, it’s TOO LATE.

The ability to take someone down on the street is critical.

But here’s the thing…

Judo, Ju-Jitsu and all that stuff…it’s good, don’t get me wrong…but the fact is, these arts are simply not designed for the street. It’s true. The long, consuming throws are good, but they are simply too slow and hard to get off in a pressurised, real street scenario.

Fortunately, Dave developed his own ‘combat grappling’ system. It is fast and incredibly efficient in real combat scenarios. Best news: he’s intent on sharing it with you on this breakthrough DVD.

Here’s a sample:

How to control someone’s head to throw them - collapsing your assailant with a simple rotation of your hands. Minimal strength required to take a big bruiser down (this is the way it should be with ALL throws on the street).

How to use very powerful ‘pain point’ rotations - reactions to pain with takedowns

How to use Dave’s ‘coil spring’ effect to floor an attacker quicker than he can blink. Take him out without him even realising what’s happened

How to use takedowns when a guy comes in with a haymaker. This is very useful against this very common street attack (this literally takes him down where he stands)

How to utilise pain-based takedowns, balance-breaking takedowns and natural-body-leverage takedowns to the very best effect.

There’s more…

DVD 3: Group Tasking…

It’s sad but true.

Although you’ll find street attacks that happen one-on-one, it’s not always the case that street attackers are going to fight ‘fair’. Actually, that’s often far from the case. No…because often they’ll be coming at you mob-handed.

There might not be one of them. There might not be two of them. There might not even be three of them…fact is, there may be a veritable pile of them ready and willing to damage you.

And then what do you do?

Forget taking them on one-on-one like you see in the movies. Nonsense. It’ll never work. Here’s a very sad fact: most martial arts concentrate on one-on-one attacks, NOT group attacks. And that really is ‘sad’, because society has evolved into something much more ghastly - where gangs will have no hesitation in attacking someone on their own.

 Now, the good news : there ARE things you can do to counter them. Dave knows all about this - and that’s why we got a full DVD on ‘Group Tasking’ - handling and eliminating groups of attackers as easy as chewing on gum.

Here’s a quick sample of what you’ll learn:

How to use S-D-T (space-distance-time) and why these factors are so critical to countering mob attacks

Why group attacks are like animal pack attacks - and how to swiftly turn this fact to your advantage

What to do when multiple attackers are in front of you and behind you - at the same time. It’s not impossible to escape. Watch this and you’ll be much better prepared

How to deal with three attackers who are ‘on’ you like a pack of wolves

Why the number of attackers that come for you is virtually irrelevant. You need to know that you can take on almost unlimited attackers if you adhere to this

And more…including insights into the gang mentality…using human ‘weapons’…natural peripheral vision defences…what to do with multiple mobile attackers…making leads of multiple attackers - and much more.

Did we stop there? Far from it. There’s more…

DVD 4: Real-World Knife Training…

If they’re not mob-handed, then they’re probably armed.

Who am I talking about? I’m talking about ‘them’…the thugs, bullies and low-lifes that you’ll encounter on the everyday street. Me and you are different. We know how to treat people. But these people…they’re different. They won’t hesitate at taking every little dirty advantage that’s open to them - and that includes sticking you with a blade.

And you can forget about compliance too …

You can forget about reasoning with a knife-wielding attacker as well.

It’s simply NOT always the case that if you comply with someone’s request, that they’ll leave you alone. Not true. Tons of attackers who are armed with knifes will use it regardless of whether you give them your wallet or not. FACT. They’re cruel, callous and were long ago stripped of any kind of morality. They’ll knife you and won’t even give you a second thought.

That’s why learning everything you can about ‘real-world’ knife training is so critical.

And it’s why you’ll love this section.

Here’s a sample:

THE rule that you’ll want to adhere to when you encounter ANY street attacker who’s armed with a knife. Dave will tell you all about it - and make sure you’re forearmed for the next time you hit the streets

How to rapidly assimilate and identify just when and if a an attacker is carrying a blade - and if they are, here’s what to do immediately to ensure you get away clean

How to use Dave’s secret of ‘jamming’ arms to prevent blade-drawing. Yes, prevent the blade even getting out into the open. Totally negate the attack.

How to escape knife lunges, threats to cut your throat (a common ‘try’ of muggers), slashes to your body - and much more

How to quickly convert an attacker’s attempt to attack you with a knife into a quick-and-easy joint break (you’ll love this one!)

And lots more…

Did we stop with the real-world knife-training DVD. Nope. There’s more…

DVD 5: Atemi - The Science Of Incredible Striking…

Listen: a lot of martial artists train for years, without even realising that they simply can’t hit properly. Strikes are weak. Ineffective. And won’t work in reality.

They don’t transfer power correctly, and they don’t know where to hit for maximum effect with minimum effort expended.

Good news: that’s about to change. With this tape, we moved onto Atemi - the science of correct striking.

We looked at the most devastating, no fluff way to damage your opponent with real-world strikes. You MUST learn to hit hard on the street. It’s one of the most useful things you’ll ever learn in your self-defence training.

Get immediately download Dave Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior

That’s why you’re going to love this full-length DVD training on devastating street strikes - unconventional material and strikes that don’t require silly postures to get off, and that are hugely efficient.

You’re going to learn:

Why most martial arts simply have ‘unnatural’ moves that are antiquated and won’t work. There ARE much better ways to strike, and if you learn them (you will), you can literally take out attackers and assailants with one blow…

How to use distance transference for much more powerful, efficient and clean street strikes - regardless of how ‘deep’ the situation is

THE proper way to use focus mitts - most people simply get this all wrong. Boxers, Thai boxers and others use focus mitts extensively, but they often use them wrong (in terms of learning very effective self-defence)

Dave’s use of a stealth hammerfist striking technique - this is very effectively used on the street when your attacker least expects it (it’s also brutal)

Why eyejabs are so effectively used on the street - and the best ways of getting them ‘off’ in a no-holds-barred situation

And a lot more…

Were we done yet? Nope. Remarkably, there’s STILL more! (Now can you see why I say this is our ‘premiere’ product release of the year?)

DVD 6: Expedient Weapon Adaptation…

Here’s a thought: any time that trouble might occur…when you need to get out of a ‘fix’…there’s nearly ALWAYS a ‘weapon’ of sorts nearby - something that you can legitimately (and legally) use to turn the tables to your advantage. Even cans of beans can be used as what Dave calls ‘expedient weapons’ - those weapons that are just ‘there’ in the course of everyday life.

No, I’m not talking about carrying around ‘things’ - that’s not allowed. But it’s perfectly allowed to use what’s available to you should the situation warrant. Instantly, anyone can turn the tables on one or more attackers, using simple stuff you’ve probably never thought of. The result: an instant street advantage!

This is incredible. And that’s why we were so eager to do this particular DVD.

Here’s just a quick sample:

The correct and effective use of normal and folding chairs. These are commonly thought of means of defence - but very few people know how to use them correctly

One for nightclubs and hotels: fire extinguishers are hugely effective if used correctly. Karl Blackwell shows the best ways of using this powerful tool

Why nearly all objects can be used as both shields and weapons. An example: how to use bags as shields OR to take an attackers legs from under them. This gives you an unfair advantage

How to almost knock a guy off his feet using nothing more than a TIE. It’s amazing how little-known things like this can be so useful - and how they separate average martial artists from the best

How to use dog leads and scarves to wrap up a guy and control him with a single hand. Excellent for control and restraint

Secrets and tactics for using broom handles as bayonets - these techniques are brilliant at both home and work

And more: including what pet budgies have to do with the effective control of these objects…how to use projectiles to best effect on the street - and more.

Fact is, you’re almost never going to be without a weapon like this that’s going to help you out of a jam. And that’s why you’re going to love this part of the training.

Now can you see why this is our

‘premiere’ product of the year?!

It’s a HUGE Set that I want to send you.

Seriously, you’re going to learn more in this set of 7-hour DVDs than you would in years with other instructors. And because it’s all quick and easy to use and memorise, you’ll be able to quickly recall all this training - on the streets and under pressure - where it counts.

And there’s no-one better to learn from than Dave. Dave’s the UK’s #1. FACT! You won’t get a better teacher - a guy that taught the UK’s best, and who’s so willing to share all with people like us.

It’s an ASTONISHING Set of 7 DVDs - and simply the absolute, BEST, no-fluff, real-world training ‘system’ you’ll EVER come across…

Over a period of hours, you’ll be transformed and ‘built’ into a much more powerful you…a wickedly good street warrior, ready to defend against anything that is thrown at him (or her).

Seriously, by the time you’ll done, you’ll have practically everything you need.

You’ll have the ability to strike with awesome power, precision and speed (Atemi). You’ll be able to takedown attackers at will, with hugely effective, street-tested takedowns. You’ll be able to defend against knife attacks, and against group attacks from yobs. You’ll be able to crumble attackers with pressure point defences, and you’ll be able to defend powerfully with sticks. In short…

…you’ll be the complete fighter

you’ve always wanted to be - and very quickly too!

And that was always our goal with this - to build a complete fighter…a ready-made self-defence expert that could tackle almost any street problem you come across. Along with that, our larger goal is to give you power, respect and confidence on the street - freedom to walk without fear. Freedom to hold you head up high, KNOWING you can neutralise a ‘situation’ just as easy as taming a pet budgie.

That’s what we were aiming for with this.

And I think we succeeded!

So just how do you try this all-new material for yourself? It’s very simple to do so.

I know that you’re a past customer of ours, so I’ve got no problem letting you try everything out for yourself.

Here’s how you do that:

Check out the Acceptance Form that I’ve enclosed with this letter today. Run through everything…check the guarantee (more about this in just a moment)…check out the bargain price…and then fill out your details.

Get back to us ASAP…and we’ll ship your stuff very quickly indeed.

One last point:

I’ve made some claims about how good this material is, and it wouldn’t be right of me not to back those claims up. So I’m going to do exactly that.


…with a full, THREE MONTH guarantee…

I’m not going to stop with a wimpy 30-day guarantee. Not even a 60-day guarantee. No…take THREE full months to try this out - you can return this package at any time within the next three months, and you’ll be refunded in FULL.

That’s how good this material is.

You know us by now. You know that we publish the best of the best. And believe me: there’s very little you’ll find ANYWHERE that will give you the ‘skills’ you want, as quickly as this. I’m telling you this right now, dead straight.

And when you consider the price is no more than a few months worth of what you’d pay at some clubs where you’ll get nowhere NEAR this kind of quality- then this should be seen as the true bargain it really is.

Your guarantee is there too - no questions or hassle. No hesitation. Just your money back in full should you believe this isn’t all I’ve said it is - and more.

That stated, please get back to us ASAP. We fully expect a ‘rush’ for this Program, so your fast response is required before we hit a sell-out. We do NOT want to delay your order. Get your details in super-quick.