Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Week

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7 Figures In 7 Weeks

Finally! A simple ‘A- Z’ system that lets you raise millions of dollars for your real estate projects…
Attracting investors from all over the World that WANT TO INVEST IN YOU and your commercial real estate projects…

Dear Friend,

If you’re feeling ‘locked out’ of the Apartment or Commercial real estate market because you don’t have the capital, credit or time to purchase that amazing project you have had your eyes on OR one that you KNOW is going to be coming up soon… then I have some amazing news….

Picture this…

  • Finally being able to own large apartment and commercial investment properties that produce huge cash flows and great rates of return.

  • Having investors here in the US and all over the world WANT to give you their money to invest in real estate projects as your partner! Seeing you as their real estate ‘Go To Guy’

  • NO more problems with not having enough down payment for even LARGE commercial properties!

  • Have Owners of these properties CALL YOU FIRST when they are ready to sell — even bypassing real estate brokers!

  • Grab not only large fees when you put your project together but get to own the property as well… THIS CAN BE REPEATED AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT…

  • A Blueprint that is VERY EASY to follow — no confusion or sophisticated jargon, forms or processes to worry about.

Wouldn’t that be something else?

Well, listen up because I have some amazing news…

Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Week

READY TO LAUNCH! I am finally making my system for raising and attracting millions of dollars for commercial real estate properties available And You Don’t Have To Be A Real Estate Expert For This To Work!

Without question the most asked questions I get from people is: “Where Can I Find The Down Payment Capital To Purchase This Apartment (or Commercial) Property?” NOTE: By the way, I get this question from everybody — even those with cash because everyone is ALWAYS looking to invest in and purchase MORE — no matter where they are economically. It’s a fact. The biggest obstacle for many to owning millions in cash flowing commercial real estate properties is that it takes so much money to purchase them in the first place.

The other thing that is kind of a problem is that many of the owners of the larger properties have NO INTEREST in low money down selling either. They know there is a market for their property and in many cases they can sell their properties for cash to a variety of buyers — so it is not easy finding a motivated seller. Unfortunately, when you do, the property is in such a bad location or the property has so many repairs or maintenance issues that it is not worth pursuing. This is frustrating for many and instead of landing the Big Fish you are forced to look at smaller properties which produce smaller cash flows.

The other problem you have if you ‘save up your money’ for that next property is that is just takes way too long! I mean do you want to wait 7 years until you have enough down payment squirreled away for that large property or do you want to own it in less than 3 months?? OR EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY do you really want to cash in those stocks, mutual funds or CD’s OR would you rather be able to use other people money instead?

Who else wants to own hundreds of apartment units or tens of thousands of feet of commercial property within the next 7 weeks — AND LOWER YOUR RISK AT THE SAME TIME

It’s been a long road for me when it comes to attracting investors that ARE QUALIFIED AND WANT to give you their money. Believe me, over the last 15+ years I have made all of the mistakes. In most cases those mistakes have cost me a little money and a lot of time. In some cases it cost me a lot of money. But I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce you to a tool that’s going to allow you to not only avoid all of the mistakes I have made but also give you the easy to follow Blue Print for you to raise millions of dollars fast and profit not only as an owner of these large properties but also in the large fees you will generate as a result of you doing the work to put these people into these properties you find. You can literally get paid twice! On EVERY DEAL!

Let me be a bit more specific…

At the end of 2008 I had a small select group of investors that paid me a lot of money to share my secrets and mentor them so to speak over a 6 week period. During these 6 weeks I took them inside of my system and shared with them week by week how to raise millions of dollars in a period of weeks not months! Step by step we went over everything —

Week 1 -

  • Earning Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars By Being a Finder Of Money For Your Projects And Never Be Concerned You Are Gouging Anyone.
  • How To Use This System To Grow Your Net Worth In Large Quantum Leaps.
  • The fallacy of starting out small and why you should avoid it.
  • How And Why Investors Will Seek YOU Out. Avoid Cold Calling!!
  • How To Be Successful At This With No Track Record To Show.
  • How To Build Your List of Both Local and National Investors..Shortcuts to This

…This first week dealt with not only producing larger fees and not being perceived as greedy but also using this system to increase your net worth in large chunks in short periods of time. I also discussed how we can get many leads into our funnel with little experience and cultivating a list of people interested in us and what we have to offer.

Week 2 -

  • The Best Places To Find Investors Wanting To Invest With You. Given to you.
  • The Correct Way To Convince Them To Invest With You and Your Real Estate vs. All Other Alternative Investments Out There.
  • Use The “Rubbing Their Nose In It” Strategy Will Get Investors To Want In On Your Next Deal…Even Before You Have Found It.
  • Using Your Real Life Story To Instantly Connect With Investors..Shortcutting the marketing cycle to weeks instead of months.
  • My Five Step System Exposed That I Use To Attract Investors
  • Building Instant ‘Trust Factor’ Rapport With People That Don’t Even Know You.

…This Week really captured and answered the question, “Where and How Do I Find Investors That Want To Be A Part of My Next Real Estate Venture?” “What Steps Do I Take Once I Have Found Them?”

Week 3 - Marketing Pieces and Systems To Use

  • All Of The Marketing Pieces I Use In My Blue Print System Examined and Explained In Detail.
  • How I Deal With The SEC And What I Recommend — Examples and Shortcuts Given.
  • The Ad I Use To Get 20 Leads Per Week…Minimum
  • The Follow Up Marketing Materials I Use.
  • Turning Them From Casually Interested To ‘I Gotta Be In On This’
  • All Marketing Materials I Use — My Members Used As Their Templates.

*This is important. Not only do you get detailed strategy and explanation of all of my marketing pieces but you also get the marketing pieces in electronic form to use as your templates. You get my permission to copy this material and use it for your own! Imagine the amount of time you save — using PROVEN marketing pieces already set up and ready to go!

Week 4 — Legal and Partnership Forms and Agreements To Use And How To Use Them

  • What Kind Of LLC You Need To Form and How To Do It The Right Way.
  • My Business Venture Partnership Agreements and Operating Agreements — How To Use and Apply Them
  • My Private Placement Memorandum(s) — How To Use and Apply Them.
  • How To Market And Fulfill Marketing of a ‘Fund’ vs. A ‘Property’ — Operating and Partnership Agreements Used and Discussed
  • When To Use A +Private Placement Memorandum vs. A Regular Partnership Agreement And How To Use Them.
  • All Documents I Use To Form My Partnerships And My Investment Funds — Again My Members Used As Their Templates

+A Private Placement Memorandum is a document required by the SEC for raising Private Money — especially ‘blind pool’ where the investor does not know what you will be investing in exactly.

* The Materials Offered to my Members are easily worth over $12,000. This is not some made up number I assure you. Go ahead and contact a real estate attorney and ask him or her how much it would cost for good partnership agreements and/or Private Placement agreements to be drafted and you will EASILY be over $12,000. Go ahead and check for yourself…please! These materials are not only available in the manuals but also electronically as well for my members to use and swipe from saving them tens of thousands of dollars.

Week 5 — Bringing It All Together — Once You Get Commitments And Money Starts Coming In…

  • How and When To Set Up Property Escrow Accounts
  • What To Do With Their Money Once It Comes In To You
  • The Right Ways To Keep Your Commitments Updated Until Close So They Do Not Change Their Minds
  • How To Make Large Amounts of Money From The People That HAVE NOT committed using Three Simple Steps.
  • Get Your Target Amount Raised Before It’s Due Date.
  • Commitments and How To Get Their Money Sooner vs. Later

* If everything has been done correctly up to this point you will start having money coming into you OR you will have investors calling you up and wanting to ask you questions about where the money goes, what happens to it, etc. This week we made sure we knew what to do when we get money sent in to us and where it needs to go but also what we do with those that have NOT committed yet and how we get them to commit as soon as possible.

Week 6 — Bringing It All Together And IRA Investing

  • Bringing All 5 Weeks Together and Getting The Deal Closed And Not Miss Anything (or Anyone) by Accident
  • IRA Investing. Where Your Investors Need To Go and What They Need To Do. Making It Easy For Them To Get In Your Project and Get It Closed.
  • What To Do If Your Latest Campaign Does Not Seem To Work
  • What To Do With Your List of Non — Responders.
  • What To Do If You Do Not Raise As Much As You Would Have Liked.
  • How To Position Yourself For Your Next Deal.

* OK, you are close to the goal line here but there will be last minute things that could trip you up. Everything from not having everyone’s Funds in to how to get people’s IRA funds in your project. I also go through personal experiences with REAL projects that have been funded to give you an idea as to what to expect at the goal line and how to get across. Also, how to position yourself to get money even before you do your next project.

But here’s the CRUCIAL part…

What this does is allows you to not only make tens of thousands more money in fees for setting up these investments but also allows you to grow your net worth in ½ the time — that is really what these 6 sessions (and all of their systems, advice, marketing pieces and experience) do for you…

Be clear: I’m not in the business of making the kind of wild claims you’ll come across elsewhere. You have to be willing to work at this, to spend the time on it and the money in getting your marketing pieces, ads, etc. out there. You are not just going to have this information and money and ownership in large commercial properties just comes to you. It takes work and effort of course and IF you are motivated to work the systems as I provide them you will be doing very, very well. If you are NOT willing to do what is necessary then you may as well stop reading right here.

Here’s what I CAN promise you…

That, you will own more (a lot more) commercial real estate faster.

That, you will earn a lot of money in fees.

That, your net worth with be close to double what it is today.

That, not having a large down payment will no longer be a problem.

That, you can drastically shortcut the process of becoming a commercial real estate ‘guru’.

That, you can use these tools and strategies as often as you want — for that one BIG purchase OR 4 — 8 purchases per year. Over say a 4 year period that is a lot of real estate.

Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Week

Again, you have to be willing to work at this and follow my systems as outlined.

If there’s an easier or more convenient way to attract millions of dollars to you and your apartment and commercial real estate investment projects — available anywhere- I would like to know about it!

So there is what you get with this one of a kind 7 Figures In 7 Weeks System:

  1. Audio of Each Module For Each Week (There Are 6 Total Above) Along With Supporting Transcript Of The Audio To Follow Along Taking You From Start To Finish. (Value $7,800)

  2. All Of My Marketing Pieces In Electronic Form So You Can Use As Templates — They Are Also In PDF Format. (Value $4,200)

  3. All of My Legal and Partnership Documents For You To Use and In Electronic Format So You Can Use As Templates. My Private Placement Docs In PDF for you To Use As Well. (Value $12,000)

  4. My Blue Print System Step By Step For Attracting Investor Money From All Over The World..At Your Fingertips ($Huge)

I know the value numbers I have plugged in here may seem, well, out of this world so I urge you to check on this on your own. You will actually see that I am being CONSERVATIVE with these assessments.

Again, there is no other place and no other way to gain this much knowledge in such a short period of time and taking a REAL SHORCUT in not only becoming wealthier but also becoming the commercial real estate guru you know you can be.

“Level with me Darin — why are you doing this?”

I never beat around the bush when it comes to this kind of stuff. The economic slowdown has prompted many people to get in contact with me ask for help. Help in making apartments and commercial real estate the source of cash flow and wealth that will go on and on despite what happens in Washington. Whether people are looking for another income stream or to change their careers around I have been getting hit and hit hard with people wanting help. I want to help and want to do it in the most effective way possible. Of course I can’t help every person, not enough time or energy but this system can help in a GIANT way. In my opinion this is one of the fastest ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you move fast, YOU won’t have to pay

The realistic value of this is easily $9,700 and I know that there are some that would quickly pay this price because of the kind of return they would get..even on $9,700! But again, I want to make some profit from this but as I said I am sincere on helping as many of our members as I can. Also, I plan on delivering this entire package to your right away, electronically. No hassles with shipping, waiting for it to arrive, meeting the Fed Ex people, etc. You will get this entire system right away.

For that reason and for a strictly limited period, I’m offering the entire “7 Figures In 7 Weeks” package at a discounted ‘electronic delivery’ price of just $995. That’s thousands knocked off what I believe is an incredibly reasonable price. This is a real bargain at this price because, as I said, I want to give you every opportunity to get started on your wealth building now!

But I can’t hold this price for long and I would argue that if you do NOT take advantage of this offer at this price I can safely say you are NOT SERIOUS ABOUT BECOMING FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. That is fine of course but no whining and complaining about ‘how bad it is’ please.

That’s a very fair offer.

You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to
gain by having this kind of information at your fingertips…

I look forward to hearing your success story.

Best regards,
Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Week

Darin R. Garman, CCIM
— America’s Apartment and Investment Property Specialist

Darin Garman - 7 Figures In 7 Week

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