Dan Kennedy - Inside the Mind Of The Millionaire Maker

Dan Kennedy - Inside the Mind Of The Millionaire Maker digital download. Info: [6 CDs (MP3) + 1 Transcript (PDF)]. Peek inside the mind of Dan Kennedy t...

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Dan Kennedy - Inside the Mind Of The Millionaire Maker

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 CDs (MP3) + 1 Transcript (PDF)]

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Inside the Mind Of The Millionaire Maker

Peek inside the mind of Dan Kennedy through revealing tele-seminars filled with carefully tested, reliable and most importantly… proven methods that get and keep them buying. Encapsulates Dan’s timeless wisdom on business building, profit generation, and customer loyalty and includes his answers to legendary marketers specific application questions. Listen in to implement “quick wins” to your business immediately.

  • Learn Secrets That Keep Them Buying
  • Double and Triple Closing Rates
  • Create $100’s of Thousands of Dollars In Otherwise Lost Profits


Private, invitation-only Dan Kennedy tele-seminar recordings made for elite Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle Members™ that brought members electrifying results and an overwhelming increase in sales, some in the $100’s of thousands from just a few ideas.

Ways to Dramatically Increase Profits from Direct Mail

Discover how to get your direct mail piece in the hands of your perfect prospect, make an additional $5000 in one mailing, the #1 HUGE Mistake most marketers make when targeting, and ONE simple thing you can do to create better margin in what you are selling, so much so it will make it virtually impossible for you to flop.

Price Strategies

Learn exactly how to double your price and not lose a single customer, a simple adjustment that will create and sustain sales gains, and three sure-fire ways to eliminate customers’ desire to compare prices.

Advertising Secrets

Double or Triple your response with the secrets Dan reveals, including a BIG FATAL FLAW used in print advertising, the six physical elements to a successful ad and the one move that could mean “instant death” to your marketing pieces.

Client-Getting and Keeping Methods

Find out how to build an “Iron Cage” around your customers (and your competition’s customers), 5 chief reasons why customers and clients leave and the “fool proof” ways you can slam the “exit door” shut for life.

Procedures To Move Past the Gatekeeper

Get past those dreaded gatekeepers, land those hard to get sales, and secure NEW customers with liftetime values of at least $5000-$10,000 each with the MOST Successful Business Fundraising Secret Technique, & six critical components your message MUST contain that will determine whether you get to the decision-maker.

Five Proven Closing Tactics

Start doubling or even tripling your current closing rates with proven tactics that separate visitors from sellers.

6 Recorded Tele-Seminars of Dan Kennedy

Plug in even just one idea offered and make a killing with this 6 CD set of Dan Kennedy sessions. Includes Q & A following each session, full transcriptions of each audio and 6 quick reference sheets that serve as roadmaps.