Dan Kennedy - Info Product Recipe

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Dan Kennedy - Info Product Recipe


Dan Kennedy - Info Product Recipe


After 500+ Info-Products, The Blueprint For Info-Marketing Success Has Been Revealed…


“Discover Dan Kennedy’s Foolproof Recipe For Creating Information Products That’ll Explode Your Income, Create Customers For Life, And Makes You The ‘Go-To’ Person In Your Niche—Even If You Have No ‘Talent’ Or Genius I.Q.”


For The First Time Ever, Dan Kennedy Delves Into 40 Years Of Experience To Reveal What Customers REALLYWant When It Comes To Information Products.


Dear Renegade Marketer,


I’ve been pretty fortunate. I’ve created over 500 info-products over the span of my 40-year career…all the way to the “OK” stuff early in my career to a few that have been really, really lucrative.


This includes those with a multi-million-dollar value that have created good customers that bought from me again and again.


Some of these include:


The No B.S. Newsletter that has been creating customers since 1992. That’s 23 years! Yes, it is an info-product…and it’s been responsible for ushering thousands of marketers into “Planet Dan”.


Magnetic Marketing—which is now 18 years old and has raked in 16 million dollars in revenue thus far. It’s been my best product…and still sells well today.


Let’s just say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to creating information products. And here’s where 95% of info-marketers get it wrong:


Creating An Information Product Isn’t Just About Giving People A Bunch Of “Stuff” And Calling It A Day…


This is where many people…including many of GKIC Elite screw things up. They just think they can create a product that “educates” the buyer how to do a “thing”…and expect it to sell like hot-cakes.


For example, even if you’re a salesman and selling a system that guarantees you’re going to close 95% of your prospects…


…Chances are it will not sell as well, because it’s lacking several critical elements that make that product irresistibly attractive to prospects.


You see, the days of just dumping a bunch of information on your prospects through your information product are over. What worked just 10-15 years ago just won’t cut it… and a LOT of info-marketers are no longer selling that stuff.


There are a whole host of psychological triggers that are inserted in these info-products that not only boost their selling power, but also ensures your customers keep buying again and again.


The Danger Of Going For The “One Off” Sale When It Comes To Information Marketing:


Sure, you could use the superficial “here’s a bunch of stuff to learn” approach to information marketing…but that’s a sure sign to wasting a LOT of time and money.


Nobody will buy your product. Sure you’ll get SOME sales…but not the year-in, year-out sales GKIC has been enjoying for the past 10-15 years from our loyal “herd”.


And if you DO get sales, most of them won’t actually take the Saran Wrap off the product.


Sadly this is what happens to most information marketers. They spend time creating an info-product, writing the sales letter, creating the website, and promoting it…


…only to be rewarded with a paltry number of sales. Or a dearth of buyers who will never use the product… decreasing the chances they’ll never buy from you again.


You see, according to AccuPOLL Research Inc. between 80-95% of product launches FAIL. And the main reason is because most people use the ‘superficial’ approach to creating information products.


But there is a way to increase your batting average. And not only so I employ these secrets myself, but my “stuff” has been copied in 250 different fields, industries, product and service categories and professions….


…either through personal clients who pay up to $19,000/day to “pick my brain”, and thought leaders in different fields who look up to me as the “go-to” person in their niche.


And for the first time ever, I decided to reveal these secrets at the $2,500-per-lead Info-SUMMIT…where superstars in multiple industries were present…from chiropractors, lawyers, fitness center operators…you name it.


Now it’s time to discover my:


Dan Kenndey’s


“Info-Product Recipe”


Your Foolproof Recipe To Creating Evergreen Information Products That Sell For YEARS …And Gets Your Customers Buying From You Again And Again.


Info-Product Recipe is my proprietary “Secret Recipe” for creating long-lasting million dollar information products… plus the critically important consumer psychology embedded in them.


This product is ONLY for Information Marketers serious about building a strong, enduring, six (or even seven) figure information marketing business.


Here’s what you’ll get when you take action today:

    • A manual with the complete transcript of my presentation with enough room for you to write down all the ideas that pop into your head as you read…


    • If you prefer to watch or listen, we’ve got you covered with a professionally edited CD and DVD so you can watch or listen, pause to jot down money-making ideas, or rewind to review as much as you’d like.


    • And you’ll also get a second manual with the presentation materials Dan shared. It’s full of real-life examples to give you even more powerful ideas you can “swipe and deploy” for your own business.

You see, this is a product that is to be FOLLOWED. Not to be shoved onto your bookcase to collect dust or used as coffee coasters.


Why? That’s because building a successful information business is NOT as simple as slapping together a product in a box or online and exchanging it for money.


The SECRET Information Product Creation Recipe I reveal goes way beyond this superficial (and frankly dangerous) approach to the complex challenge of creating information products.


This is about creating products that become enduring million dollar and multimillion dollar assets that last for years and years or even decades…


…Churning out sales, creating happy lifetime customers, building relationships with those customers, and keeping them coming back for more.


This is how you TRANSFORM an information product into a valuable ASSET that sells, works, creates results for people, and INCREASES the lifetime value of customers.


And this is what sets you apart from your competitors who are just doing the “slapping together a product” approach to information marketing…and are in it for just the “one-off” sale.


Imagine not only creating an “evergreen” information product that sells over and over again…but also attracting your ideal customers and clients who will give you money again and again.


Quite simply, Info-Product Recipe will make that happen for you.


Here’s Just SOME Of The Untold Information Marketing Tactics, Strategies, And Tips You’ll Discover In Info-Product Recipe

    • The # 1 characteristic of best-selling information products that will give them “staying power” through all kinds of markets. This is why Tony Robbins and Earl Nightingale products have endured for decades.


    • The difference between gaining income…and building equity when it comes to creating information products…and why you need to focus on the latter when it comes to your information marketing business (Good stuff).


    • The 3 latent purposes of information products…and no it has nothing to do with “making more money”.  This is what has separated GKIC from companies who cannot fill up a seminar room of 30 people.


    • The #1 thing you NEED to do to make sure your customer actually USES the product—and what GKIC does in our big product launches (if you think most of your prospects are going to USE the product they buy, you’re wrong).


    • The TOP thing your product should do for your prospect—and it’s NOT just “teach the information.” (I do this with every single information product—and every issue of the No B.S. Newsletter).


    • How to avoid “one-off” sales…or people who only buy one of your products…never to buy from you again. (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with “content” or “instruction” your product provides).


    • The one-word question you ALWAYS need to answer in your information product as you dole out your content. Many people don’t do this and they end up being “dud” customers who never buy from them again.


    • The simple 3 words that Glenn Beck uses to get every listener and viewer to buy an average of 8 copies of every book (you can use this strategy too…and hardly anyone does this. It also lowers sales resistance too).


    • The #1 word people want from your information products…heck…from ANYTHING in life. Get this right and world is your oyster.


    • The fool-proof information marketing blueprint that’s been used since Napoleon Hill’s day that customers WANT. (Don’t waste your time creating anything else…you can easily take whatever you’re selling and “cut and paste” this into your OWN business).


    • What you should have at the beginning of every single information product you offer. This step is CRITICAL and will aid in your customers consuming your product (Best part, it’ll only take 15 minutes to put together).


    • The anatomy of the perfect “stick letter” by copywriting genius Gary Halbert you can use for your own products. This will boost your chances of having the sale “stick” and reduce refunds.


    • The 19 characteristics of evergreen information products that retain their selling power year after year (this is the “Holy Grail” of information marketing…one that you should always shoot for).


    • What prospect REALLY want when it comes to information products. And nope, it’s not just a bunch of “information”…even if it’s helpful (this could be a HUGE paradigm shift for you).


    • The #1 type of customer you want to attract and “mold” with your information product. This is the reason we have people come to our events and TONS of repeat buyers at GKIC. Miss out on this and your lifetime customer value will plummet.


    • How to use information products to create a “herd” of serious customers that keep coming back for more. These are my stick strategies that most marketers will NEVER know.


    • My “quick and dirty” strategy for naming information products. This is CRITICAL because the name could be EVERYTHING for your product—and a “ho-hum” name could ruin your chances of getting sales.


    • …And a whole LOT more.

Info-Marketing Recipe Is For YOU If You Sound Like The Following:

    •     You’re a beginning info-marketer and have launched a couple products that “bombed”. That’s because you didn’t have this fool-proof blueprint that contains all the “trial and error” that launching 500+ info-products has created for me. I know what sells and the psychology behind it—and I KNOW Info-Product Recipe will help you the next time you step up to the plate.


    • You’re an information marketing expert and are looking for some more “tricks” you can use to boost your profits. You’ll find them in Info-Product Recipe—which contains every single psychological and practical tactic to ensure your next information product sells like hot cakes for YEARS to come.


    • You want to get your feet wet when it comes to Information Marketing. You see, the #1 path of entry to info-marketing has been 1) the owner of a business who succeeds with GKIC style marketing and packages it up and sells it to his peers…and 2) also the selling of specialized knowledge people would pay to learn.

Yes Dan, I’m IN! Send Me Info-Product Recipe Today…Right Now!


Listen:  To get the same “know-how” that I have would take you YEARS of trial and error, spending hours…days…and MONTHS testing different approaches to selling info-products to see what works.


Well guess what? I’ve already done all the hard work for you. Just follow the blueprint I share in Info-Marketing Recipe… and you could be like the GKIC Elite who launches product after product with ease.


So I’m saving you essentially THOUSANDS of dollars of time, heartache, and beating your head against the wall.  And if you value your time at all, Info-Marketing Recipe is worth at least $5,000.


But you won’t pay that. For a limited time I’m going to let you have my blueprint for creating successful info-products for Only $397.


Think about it:  you probably spend that much money eating out in a month. And perhaps that’s 2-3 months worth of Starbucks lattes. And you could get your investment back many times over when you create that info-product that’s going to sell like hotcakes.