CXL Live 2018 (Conversion XL)

CXL Live 2018 (Conversion XL) digital download.

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CXL Live 2018 (Conversion XL)

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ConversionXL - CXL Live 2018

ConversionXL - CXL Live 2018

Must-attend conference for growth marketing and optimization people.
Be part of the elite behind the scences growth discussions
•    Full resort booked for the event, everyone stays together for 3 days
•    All speakers are true practitioners, carefully selected and vouched for
•    The very best people attend • folks you can learn a ton from

Three things that make CXL Live special:

1. Carefully vetted practitioners teach you their best and newest stuff

This event will make you money. You can learn from the people who do the absolute best work in their field All of our speakers are hand-picked. No fluff, no pitches - pure practical content It’s less inspiration and more how-to Model what the best are doing and boost profits for any business you work on
Speakers stick around for the full 3 days, so you can pin them down for a 1:1 session.

2. We’ve booked a full resort for the event. Everyone stays together for 3 days.
Result - magic.

The event takes place in the outskirts of the city, away from distractions. All attendees and speakers stay in the same place, nobody leaves All meals (rich buffets) are shared together The whole group stays as one
Tins facilitates quality conversations and helps you form bonds for life with all your peers By spending 3 days together with everyone, away from distractions, you forge relationships that last
The outcome is high quality networking, discussions, learning And great parties. Fun is a serious business at CXL Live

3. Your tickets includes everything: hotel, meals, extra fun day.

You just get yoursetf to Austin - your ticket includes everything else
•    2 hotel nights at the luxurious Hyatt resort
•    Full access to the 3-day event
•    All meals dunng the event + all-day coffee & snacks
•    Pre-party, two great conference parties and a post-event party
•    Optional fun day kayaking on town lake with your peers after the conference

Pre-Conference Workshop (optional)

We have a pre-conference workshop right before the conference starts (March 28th @ 9am) It’s free for all conference attendees Pre-registration required (we ll send you the form after you get your ticket)

This workshop takes place at the event venue (March 28th)
Duration 3 hrs (9am to 12pm) It ends 30 minutes before the conference starts

Maximize your Return on Optimization investments

with Ton Wesseimg (Onbne Dialogue)
This is a workshop that will teach you how to decide where you should start optimizing your (mobile) user experience, and then decide on how many and what kind of optimizations to do
This would leach you how to take a deep dive m data (how to set-up proper segments that will give insights that tell you what to do), how to gather extra info - what are must haves and mce to haves and then move on to creating proper hypothesis and optimizations.
Ton has 20 years of experience in Digital Optimization and with his team he helps and trains companies throughout the world to be really effective at data informed growth. Besides being a consultant and a entrepreneur he is also recognized worldwide as a influential thinker, writer and public speaker on conversion optimization and A/B testing.

Comments By Last Year’s Attendees

We measure our success by attendee experience ConversionXl Live goes out of its way to put on a good show - world class talks, rich buffets for all meals, all day coffee S soft drinks, great parties