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In this hour-long video, Conor and Brittany begin by intro-ing the video, and talking about what you can expect from it.

The sex ed video was filmed a few months prior, and it was the first “full sex” video filmed with the intention of being for the sex ed site. The video gives the viewer a look inside what one of the pair’s full play sessions could look like. There is a nice variety of play, with a still angle shot, which does not always allow for the viewer to see everything up-close, but rather to enjoy the rhythm, passion and intimacy of Conor and Brittany’s play.

The 50-minutes of play are filmed from one angle, the side view of the bed, as Conor and Brittany invite you into a full, relaxed session of sex play and love-making.

They begin by making out, with their clothes on for the first 10 minutes. Around minute 20,Brittany then goes down on Conor, stimulating his penis head with her finger, as she licks in and around his ass and nuzzles and massages his balls and this whole region with her face, then moving on to suck on his penis with her mouth.

The two then enjoy making out, and around minute 30, the focus switches to Conor stimulating Brittany’s groin region, first with her pants on, then with them off, using his hands and mouth around her inner vagina and outer pussy area. Conor begins fingering Brittany vigorously as he licks her pussy and she enjoys a clitoral orgasm at minute 46 and another at minute 49.

At minute 50, Conor and Brittany bring in a toy to stimulate Brittany’s clitoris, which they do while they have intercourse, and while Conor fingers Brittany and she masturbates with the toy. They enjoy this setup for the remainder of the video, enjoying a joint orgasm at the end of their play.