Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method

Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method.  Are you sick and tired of Old Fashion Sales techniques that make you do the following:•    Ask for the ord...
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Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method

Claude Diamond - The G.U.T.S Sales Method


Are you sick and tired of Old Fashion Sales techniques that make you do the following:
•    Ask for the order 7 times or more with embarrassing results?
•    Making cold calls to prospects who treat you like you are trying to borrow money?
•    Being subservient to prospects and kissing their butt all the time?
•    Feel like you'll go crazy if you hear another "I’ll think about it" or "I have to talk to my wife/husband/priest first?
•    Not having fun and totally having no control or strategies?
•    AND the greatest sin of all, NOT Making a ton of Money?

What if there was an easier way. A sales method that allows you to have all the prospects you could ever need. A step-by-step method that was a fool proof guide in taking the sale from the initial contact all the way to closing, without cold calling, high pressure, cheesy sales talk, or any kind of gimmicks.
What impact would it make on your income if you learned howto sell in a non-threatening, non-adversarial way that closes at least half of the prospects that make it past the first step of system?
This method does exist and we call it GUTS.
The G.U.T.S. Sales Method was created by Claude Diamond, J.D. and its closing ratio is nothing less than impressive. With this method, you will realize why sales is called the ”Million Dollar Skill!”
Mr. Diamond has put together a GUTS Sales Method training course that I would like to send you, with your permission.
The GUTS Sales Method will show you:

•    Why traditional cold calling is the biggest waste of your time and energy... and here’s the only thing you need to do to get all the new business you need
•    Discover what the sales professionals secret weapon is.. and how to exploit it to dominate your market
•    How you can make more sales... by rejecting... and flat out firing your prospects
•    Why being too knowledgeable about your product can actually hurt your income
•    When is the best time to discuss money?... Most sales people bring it up at the wrong time... insuring that the sale is lost
•    How Harry Truman’s advice can give you the advantage you need in any situation . while selling or in life
•    Why Doctor’s get paid what they do... and it has nothing to do with their schooling... yet it automatically brings them the big money
•    The absolute best answer to the hardest question your prospect can throw at you... and why it will instantly give you control of the conversation
•    Should you give presentations? Not unless you want to waste your time... Here’s the only information your prospect needs to make a decision... and it has nothing to do with your clever sideshow
•    6 types of questions and exactly how to use them and if done correctly no objection can survive
•    What final question you must ask that insures a buyer will never come back and ask for a refund... How much is ‘buyers remorse’ costing you?
•    Why closing is no longer needed, the prospect will do it for you! (if you do this step right).. You can finally forget about sales tricks and trial closes .. the prospect’s seen them all.
•    What does financial independence have to do with selling? ... Understand this concept and you will have a blank check in front of you for the rest of your life.

And that’s just a tiny sample!
The GUTS Method is a versatile method that can be used in any sales situation. It is successfully used in
•    Real Estate Sales (Agent, Broker, and Investors)
•    Car and Boat Sales
•    Financial Services (Stock & Commodities Broker, Retirement Plans)
•    Insurance Sales
•    Network Marketing (MLM and Business Opportunities)
•    Business to Business (B2B Sales and Lead Generation)
•    Consulting and Coaching Practices
•    Any Inside or Outside Sales Environment
It’s even being adapted for law firms and other professional practices. Industries where ANY kind of aggressive sales or marketing is a big No-No by law. It works because there is no-pushing, no-tricking, noresistance in the sales process.
Most of the sales people you talk to lately are having a tough time closing their sales in a competitive and shrinking economy. They're also the ones still using the century old methods of hard selling with "impending event" and Ben Franklin closes. How many times are you going to ask today's cautious buyer for their order? How many cold calls are you going to make to uninterested prospects? And you’ve probably realized the "assume-the-close" rarely works anymore...

Gain the Advantage By Using the G.U.T.S. Sales Method

If you have been frustrated with your income these days, like most sales people are. do yourself and your family a benefit by requesting your copy of the G.U.T.S. Sales Training Package. Learn the skill that will provide you success in all that you do .
And never again be at the mercy of your prospect or a slow economy.

Here’s what you get.
•    The Mentor Teaches G.U.T.S. Sales Book
This is the original instructional Sales Novel that makes sales Fun and Profitable again. Join Max the Mentor as he teaches the unconventional secrets of G.U.T.S. Sales Method.
•    The Mentor Teaches G.U.T.S. CD Set
Recorded by the Author Claude Diamond.
•    The Sales Method Instructional Manual and CD
This is the 'Meat and Potatoes' of G.U.T.S. We simplify the system and break it down into the 3 steps of the staircase of Success. Everything you need to know: Agenda Qualification and Close
•    The Success Timer
Place it next to your phone and challenge yourself to qualify the prospect in 3 minutes or less . G.U.T.S.™ The Movie
Hey, It's not Star Wars™ but it’s still entertaining and informative What package would be complete without a little visual instruction starring the author Claude Diamond
•    The G.U.T.S Sales MindMap
A colorful charting system for enabling you to learn and quickly implement the GUTS system Just place by your phone with your 3 minute success timer

• FREE 1 On 1 Mentoring Session Bonus
What good is any package of un-conventional information unless it comes with your own Mentor That’s right you get one telephonic Mentoring session with none other than Claude 'The Mentor" Diamond.
You will realize after the first chapter, like I did, how G U T S, will change your entire approach to sales.. regardless of what industry you are in. If you sell a product or service, you need a sales and marketing system that delivers results you need G.U.T.S.!
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