Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership digital download.

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Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

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Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

You’re ready to use PROVEN pieces of the puzzle to take your brand to the next level, on your own time, with the guided help from your personal coach!

Was 2015 not as profitable as you’d hoped or planned? Started your online business but not sure how to create a dependable stream of income? Perhaps you want to start a side hustle but the thought of creating a website, technology, and branding seem too complicated?

Want to make 2016 the year you transform your website from a Financial Dead End to a Profitable Asset? It’s not too late.

Here are a few major reasons why you need to build a brand:

  • Increased exposure to your product/service/cause/company
  • Memorability. A brand is a sign of good will. It’s your reputation that people will remember.
  • It creates loyalty. It creates an emotional bond.
  • It enables you to set a price premium. Loyal consumers will pay the premium because they believe in it so much.
  • It differentiates you from the market.
  • It creates greater company equity. You’ll attract investors and growth.

With that said, you may be wondering how can you get started building your profitable brand today?

Where do you even start? What are the best tools for 2016?

The good news is, I’m putting together a course that you can follow, step-by-step, so that you can start building an incredibly, profitable brand. Learn the PROVEN pieces of the successful puzzle you need to soar using the premiere course based on the bestselling book Keep It Super Simple: A Business Guide to Building a Personalized Branding Roadmap To Turn Clicks Into Profit!

You will discover how to stand out from your competition and build an incredibly, profitable brand - the S.M.A.R.T. way!

Knowledge is useless without ACTION!

This will be THE essential course on branding. If you’re just starting out, this is the perfect companion.

This course is for you if you:

  • Think you’re too small to consider (or worry about being) a brand?
  • Struggle to make a profit from your website?
  • Don’t know how online branding relates to your business?
  • Struggle to attract visitors to your website?
  • Struggle to maintain multiple social media accounts?

This course will help you learn how to get your website up using simple methods and top rated plugins to help you create a dynamic website that will help you generate income.

The methods you’ll discover in this course include:

  • What a brand is and what aspects make a brand
  • How to create your mission statement, company values and piecing them together
  • The art of choose a unique and memorable company/domain name
  • What makes a good logo. Together we’ll take a look at some of the top brand names and exactly what makes them unique
  • How to create a personal brand. For the solopreneur who wants to build a reputation and become a leader in her/his field
  • How to build credibility and trust in your marketplace
  • How to increase brand loyalty and why it matters
  • Brand marketing. Once you have all the pieces of the puzzle in place; time to market your brand.
    Here you’ll find a few PROVEN ways to accomplish this
  • How to manage your brand and reputation online
  • …and much, much more

Still unsure if this course is for you?

Imagine this: you learning all of this information on your own (the long way) or get detailed, step-by-step help (the short cut).

The long way?

Attempting to figure everything out for yourself, only to drive around in circles. Wasted time that you could have done something more productive and worthwhile.

Interested in a shortcut?

Thought you might be!

Through exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials I’ll show you the tools, techniques and my top tips on branding and profitizing your website.

Action Takers Membership includes bonus materials and videos, 1-on-1 Q&A and Brand Consulting Calls, access to the VIP Membership Area, exclusive downloadable videos, Planners, Checklists, Mindmaps, FREE downloadable copy of bestselling book Keep It Super Simple, and much more (Valued at over $5126).

Become an ACTION TAKER with Keep It Super Simple: The Course as the best investment for your business success. This membership is valued at over $5,126.

Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

You have my 100% Risk Free Guarantee.
No risk to you for launching your Brand the right way!

What’s your next step?

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Charlene Brown - VIP Action Takers - Annual Membership

Charlene Brown

Helping to build power brands while teaching them to become profitable is what I live for. Using my multiple years of experience in web design and development, reputation marketing, I work with Solopreneurs who know the importance of proper branding for their companies.

I really enjoy helping those who I am unable to work with individually through my blog, newsletter, and books including my recent bestseller, Keep It Super Simple!