Brian Cox - Acting in Tragedy - BBC Acting Series

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The Bbc Acting Series Has Surpassed All Other Video Acting Programs In Its Influence On The Acting Profession And In The High Standard It Has Set For Arts Education. While Each Program Is Targeted Towards A Particular Realm Of Acting, An Abundance Of General Wisdom Is Offered In Each Which Easily Applies To A Diversity Of Acting Challenges. Brian Cox Earned An Olivier Award For His Starring Role In Titus Andronicus . He Starred With Glenda Jackson And Edward Petherbridge In The Revisionist Staging Of O’Neill’S Strange Interlude . Cox Supported Laurence Olivier As Burgundy In The Tv Adaptation Of King Lear . Cox Starred In Conor Mcpherson’S One-Man Drama, St Nicholas And Succeeded Alan Alda In The Tony-Winning Art . He Played Hermann Goering In The Tnt Original, Nuremberg . He Won An Emmy Nomination For His Guest Role On Frasier . He Created The Role Of Dr. Hannibal Lektor In Manhunter . He Was Featured In The Oscar-Winning Brave Heart And Also Played A Pivotal Role In Rob Roy . He Has Recently Appeared In Such Films As The Rookie , The Ring And Spike Lee’S The 25Th Hour . He Played The X-Men’S Villainous Anti-Mutant Adversary Stryker In Director Bryan Singer’S X2: X-Men United. He Was Cast Opposite Willem Dafoe In The Reckoning . He Has Played The Role Of King Agamemnon In Troy , Wolfgang Petersen’S Epic. He Was In Wes Craven’S Red Eye In 2005.