BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Prosperity

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BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - ProsperityIntroducing BrainStorm ProsperityProsperity is far more than just an economic condition; it is a powerful s...
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BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Prosperity

BrainSpeak - BrainStorm Subliminals - Prosperity

Introducing BrainStorm Prosperity

Prosperity is far more than just an economic condition; it is a powerful state of mind that applies to all areas of your life. In order to experience true abundance and prosperity you must first adopt a prosperous mind-set. And, although your physical circumstances may sometimes seem to be beyond your control, most of us fail to live in abundance and prosperity because we simply haven’t learned to focus our attention on that goal.

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Live in the abundance of all good things.
Release fear and let go of doubt about not having more than enough.
Allow the mind-set of prosperity, confidence, and success into all that you do.
Share the abundance of good in your life.
Understand that you are worthy, deserve the best, and are already blessed beyond your wildest dreams.
Live a life full of richness and love.
Achieve your heart’s desires and connect with the source of your infinite supply.
Radiate awareness of this creative energy.
Focus on unlimited supply and experience the omnipresent consciousness of prosperity.
Create the income you desire with a deep feeling of gratitude.
Accept abundance when comes from unexpected sources.
Become free to create the life you want.

fade-leftfade-rightEach BrainStorm title contains two tracks

Each BrainStorm title contains two tracks of positive “silent” affirmations plus the 7.83 kHz Schumann resonance (the vibratory frequency of the Earth) embedded in a high frequency carrier.  This listening format was recommended to us by our original 100 member test group, based on the results they produced during our research and development of BrainStorm.

BrainSpeak Sounds & Subliminals

Track #1 combines carefully selected, audible sound BrainSpeak sound patterns, with inaudible “silent” subliminal messages.

It is designed to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain and shift your brainwave patterns to an alpha-theta level - where you can experience deep relaxation, creativity and re-scripting of behaviors and beliefs.

We recommend that you listen to this track with headphones, at a comfortable volume.  Do NOT listen to this track while driving!

BrainStorm Silent Subliminals

Track #2 contains the same positive subliminal messages in our specially encoded silent format!  You may listen to this track without headphones - anytime, anywhere, for any amount of time.

Because there are no distracting “masking” sounds you can play it through speakers in the background while you work, talk on the phone, watch TV, drive, or sleep.

The subliminal messages re-program your subconscious mind while you go about your daily activities.

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