Blair Singer - Instantly Set Your Mind For Success

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Blair Singer - Instantly Set Your Mind For Success digital download. Info: [1 VHS - Rip] | 421.21 MB. For 14 years he has developed a unique high impact ...
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Blair Singer - Instantly Set Your Mind For Success

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Format: [1 VHS - Rip]

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Blair Singer - Instantly Set Your Mind For Success


Still highly watch-able and the content comes across loud and clear.

How To Instantly Set Your Mind For Success

VIDEO $65.00 plus shipping/handlingThe processes and messages included in this video will give you specific tools to immediately shift your mindset into producing extraordinary results.
Blair Singer is undoubtedly the most effective facilitator of behavioral change in business today. He has the rare distinction of combining abilities as a business owner/entrepreneur with outstanding talent as a remarkable trainer, coach and facilitator. He is sought by clients across the continents of Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa.Blair is a true Leader. Through these tapes he teaches, leads, inspires and entertains you as you forge an incredible Code of Honor for your team, your family and for yourself. It is these uncompromising values and rules that will catapult you into the realm of the great business leaders, athletes and championship teams.

For 14 years he has developed a unique high impact methodology of teaching and learning that is designed specifically to help people learn faster in a growingly complex world of business, relationships and pressures. His approach is challenging and at the same time, extremely inviting. You will listen to these tapes again and again as you find yourself and your team getting stronger and stronger, tapping new reserves of strength, commitment and performance.

His company BLAIR SINGER ACCELERATED TRAINING offers public and corporate in-house training and coaching sessions on a variety of topics including How to Build a Championship Team, The Code of Honor, Power Training and all issues around personal and group motivation, development and growth.
In This Live Presentation You Will:
* Understand and adopt the mindset of all truly successful people.
* Engage in a process that will guarantee you new levels of power and confidence.
* Be touched and inspired.
* Uncover hidden assets that will catapult you over any obstacle that gets in your way.
* Learn to turn hesitation and fear into strength and results.
* Gain new appreciation for what you have accomplished and how to leverage those results into peak performance.