Ben Greenfield - Hunter McIntyre:Obstacle Dominator 2.0

Ben Greenfield – Hunter McIntyre:Obstacle Dominator 2.0 is AVAILABLE instant download at SunLurn

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Enhanced, with more vids, more books and includes interviews with the best Spartan Race athletes as well!!! me and Joe De Senna, “father of Spartan Race” right after finish of my 2nd SR some years ago

Note: Even though I have paid for this, I have decided to offer it to all (instead, you can pledge to some other opened GB’s that I am organizing ) - I think that everyone eager to know own limits and reach potential should try to finish Spartan Race, regardless of age (I will be 50 soon and enjoy each race more and more!!!). Also, from health (which includes stress) point of view is Sprint version (5-7km) way more beneficial than running a marathon. I have seen several EKG’s of TRAINED marathoners right after their 42K race and even with my 200+ hours of cardiology studies I couldn’t find that much difference from EKG’s of people that have had mild heart attack recently… Enjoy!!!