Alberto Villoldo - The Shamans Way of Healing

Alberto Villoldo - The Shamans Way of Healing digital download.

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Alberto Villoldo - The Shamans Way of Healing

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Alberto Villoldo - The Shamans Way of Healing

Alberto Villoldo - The Shamans Way of Healing


How Could the Shaman’s Way Impact My Health Today?

Your health is the product of your lifestyle, of your connection to nature, of how you pray, how you forgive, and the beliefs that you hold.

Society has given us a set of beliefs telling us exactly how we’re going to die - not how to live. They are called statistics.

The universe will inevitably prove these beliefs right.

So why not cultivate a healthier, more joyous way of being to avoid the disease care system of the West and create exceptional health - physically, emotionally and energetically?

Neuroscience is finally catching up to what the shamans knew 50,000 years ago about health. You have the resources you need to have your health span be equal to your lifespan. You can avoid succumbing to the cancers, Alzheimer’s and dementias as you age.

The medicine of the future is energy medicine.

What You Will Receive

10 Lessons That Will Change Your Life

Lesson 1: The Origins of Shamanism

  • The fundamental wisdom, principles and traditions of shamanism
  • How physicians and shamans perceive and treat disease differently
  • The difference between information and wisdom
  • How to call on the great forces of nature

Lesson 2: Light Fields

  • The Luminous Energy Field and how it functions
  • The difference between field and particle states
  • How to extend your wiracocha (8th chakra) and step outside of ordinary time
  • How to sense your chakras and acupuncture meridians

Lesson 3: The Seat of Soul

  • How shamans perceive the “soul”
  • The body’s four brains and how each perceives the world
  • How your diet affects your brain
  • How to reselect your genetic destiny

Lesson 4: Chakras in Shamanism

  • What are the “energy systems” in the body
  • How endocrine glands and nerve plexuses create chakras
  • The difference between Soul and Spirit
  • How your past life history is stored in a chakra

Lesson 5: Energy Medicine

  • The core healing practice of shamanic energy medicine
  • How a shaman performs an Illumination
  • The importance of ethics and integrity in your energy medicine​ practice

Lesson 6: Negative Energies

  • What is an Extraction
  • What are intrusive energies and how they become embedded in the body
  • What are intrusive entities, and why they become attracted to us
  • How rattles and crystals are used in extractions​

Lesson 7: Five Bands of Power

  • The 5 Bands of Power
  • How to install the Bands of Power
  • Why you must transform your wounds into sources of light and healing​

Lesson 8: The Pact of the Shamans

  • Receive the Rite of the day-keepers, connecting you to a lineage of ancient healers
  • Learn the Shaman’s Agreement
  • Receive the Earthkeeper’s Rite, and accept stewardship for all life on earth
  • Learn what it means to live in a state of ayni

Lesson 9: The Afterlife

  • Learn how and why the shamans mapped the territories beyond death
  • Discover what happens after you die
  • Take a guided journey to the 5 realms of the Upper World
  • Find out why selfless service is an important part of our practice ​

Lesson 10: How to Help a Loved One Die

  • What is conscious dying
  • Why conscious dying is important
  • What are the Great Death Rites
  • How to perform the Great Death Rites

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