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Alan Belcher - Immunity MMA Course


This immunity course was made with the fighter in mind!

Alan is a seasoned Black Belt under famous Gracie Barra founder Helio Soneca, and has trained extensively with guys like:

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UFC veteran, known as the “Boogeyman” because it was impossible to find someone who wanted to fight him during his reign on the gripping circuit.

Bishop Max

Drafted into the United States Secret Service out of High School, and served as a personal body guard for President Ronald Regan. Bishop is a level 8 instructor under the famous Gokor and undefeated in “No-Holds Barred” matches.

Daniel Moraes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 3x National No-Gi Champion, 2x World Champion, 3x Copa America Champion


400 wins and 0 losses during his wrestling reign competing in the Soviet Union, Europe, Japan, Thailand and Mexico. Yes, you read that correctly.

Eddie bravo

Royler Gracie’s famous performance through Triangle Choke at the Abu Dhabi Grappling Championships, Eddie is world famous for his unique and powerful style and instruction.

Davi ramos

Incredibly decorated wrestling champion, victories including Brazilian Nationals, World Cup Champion, Pro League World Champion and many, many more.

Juan Carlos

Perhaps the most accomplished American Grappler of his generation, Drysdale featured the world’s famous Best BJJ fighter, Marcelo Garcia with brabo choke during the ADCC’s. He is a 2x World Cup Champion along with a Gold Medal in the ADCC Absolute Division.

..and many other world-class ground fighters!

It’s no secret Alan has developed this immune system from his years of training with the best fighters and fighters on the planet …

The immunity course is like taking all the best knowledge of the best fighters, submission artists and leg lock guys and combining their best moves into a system that is easy to understand and digest …

The immunity course is perfect for fighters who want to:

Sharpen your skills without the gi and build an aggressive, unorthodox-style ground game
Level the playing field against guys who are technically “better”
Close the gap and prepare your game for MMA or the main competition No Gi
I just want to start having the coolest defenders and counters in the gym …
This course works for both beginner and advanced fighters, because the moves Alan reveals are very unique (and don’t require a lot of existing skill to understand) but are effective at the highest levels …

Enter # 2.

Mixed Martial Artists

There is no doubt that Alan has some major credibility in the MMA world, with 15 UFC fights under his belt and multiple presentation of the night and the night’s awards fight, Alan is one of the best fighters. of the planet.

This was not easy for Alan.

He is not a super gifted athlete physically.

Alan is a normal guy, just like you and me.

Alan found a way to use a simple in-cage system to win a higher percentage of his fights through smart defense and well-timed attacks. He has exposed this in a simple and easy to use, system that can be your today …

The immunity course is also perfect for MMA fighters who want to:

Get one last edge on the better ground fighters you get the confidence you need to go to the ground and play your game …
Learn the insider secrets of a UFC main card and the tricks in the cage that can rise to the top!
Get better faster without having to take years and years of ground fighting or BJJ classes. The immunity course gets your identity and your identity.
Take your fighting career to the next level or even go from amatuer to pro or even make it to the UFC, this is what will help you get the edge you need!
The Immunity Course was designed to work for fighters who are advanced or just beginning …
The beauty of this system is that it will work for you, even if your pitch sucks! Also, once you get the course, you’ll see that Alan added a bunch of crazy MMA training bonuses too!

Type 3:

MMA and grip trainers

Alan understands the importance of a great coach .. He has a group of coaches who accredits everything he has accomplished, and he also has a stable of fighters that he trains with a very successful MMA school ..

The Immunity Course is perfect for MMA and Grappling coaches who want something new to add to their teaching process …

Turn your fighters into ASSASSINS … overnight.

All tools are presented in an easy to understand and fully comprehensive way, so you can take your fighter to the next level and build your career the “right way …”Immunity Item # 1: Leg Locks

Become completely immune to leg locks

Three action-packed discs on the most effective defenses and leg block counters …

who has ever been caught !!!

On these full-length ACTION PACKEDthree discs you get the whole kingdom keys to EXTREME CONFIDENCE to have your Fights and Grappling Mat matches.

In the immune element to leg locks, Alan break down for you exactly how this’s of each type of Leg Lock and how you can use your opponents attacks to mount a murderous offense … when you start adding these things to your game here are just afewof the things you will get:

Keep your legs out of dangerous situations with all of the most effective heel hook, knee bar and foot lock defenses known to man, proven at the highest possible stage … the UFC !!

Alan developed this leg lock system through YEARS and YEARS of training with the highest level leg lock specialists on the planet! From Dean Lister to Gokor to the planet’s 10th leader Eddie Bravo, Alan created a unique leg lock defense system that basically turns your legs into Kevlar and turns you into a fight-winning demolition machine.

Discover the secret to avoiding Counters and becoming “immune” to the following leg locks

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