Adam Khoo - Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper (Copy)

Adam Khoo - Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper (Copy) digital download.

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Adam Khoo - Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper (Copy)

Type: Digital download

Adam Khoo - Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper (Copy)

Adam Khoo - Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper

Are you trading in the markets, but nd it hard to break through your current level of prots?
Chances are, you are relying on that one or two strategies that work only in certain market
conditions. But since the markets don’t always go the way we want, it’s hard to nd perfect trade
setups consistently, isn’t it?
If you are tired of waiting for the next setup to arise while other traders continue to prot, it’s time
to increase the number of prot-making stock trading strategies on your belt!
Be sure to read on as we reveal to you 5 highly protable strategies that our students use to
potentially double or triple their stock trading returns… all year round.
P.S. If you are new to trading or struggling to make prots, we recommend you check out our Stock
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Course Overview
Question: How are top traders able to prot consistently all year round, regardless of spikes, tanks
or sideway straddles? Some people believe in the myth that top traders have ONE sure-win
strategy that makes them money in any condition. If such a holy grail existed, our streets would be
lined with billionaires, wouldn’t it?
In fact, pro traders are armed with the opposite — they have an arsenal oftrading strategies that
they use exibly in different market conditions.
Market Snapper™ gives traders an arsenal of 5 powerful swing and day trading strategies so you
can nd strong trade setups in any market condition and accelerate your prots.
Packed with close to 9 hours of Adam Khoo’s never-revealed trading techniques, Market

Snapper™ is the boost you need to double or even triple your current prots

You’ll Learn to Boost Your Stock Trading
Prots with These Powerful Strategies
Trend-Following Swing Trading:
Impulse Pull-Back
Learn how to exploit short-term trends the way most pro traders do to prevent yourself from
getting stopped out prematurely and maximise your returns.
Counter-Trend Swing Trading:
Capitulation and Bollinger Mean Reversion
Discover how to capitalise on misplaced fear and greed in the market and extract prots in
situations where most novices are clueless.
Day Trading:
GUNS Strategy
Learn how to score prots within minutes with this powerful scalping technique that doesn’t
require tiring hours of chart monitoring.

Lesson 1: Piranha Prots Stock Swing Trading System 2: The Impulse Pullback System
• Impulse Pullback Price Action Patterns
• Entry and Exit Rules for Impulse Pullback long and short setups
• Filtering for high quality setups
• Screening for impulse pullback trades
• Trade management and Exit strategies
Lesson 2: Breakout System
• Swing Trading Strategy That Focuses On Stocks That Have Broken Our Fromt A Consolidation
Lesson 3: Piranha Prots Stock Swing Trading System 3: Bollinger Mean Reversion (BMR)
• Counter Trend System that buys at the bottom of downtrends and sells at the top of uptrends.
• The Power of Price Action. Bollinger bands and Divergence Conuence
• Entry, Exit and Position Sizing rules for BMR long and short setups
• Screening for BMR trades
• Trade Management and Exit Strategies
Lesson 4: Piranha Prots Stock Swing Trading System 4: Capitulation System
• Counter Trend strategy that buys right at the bottom of a downtrend
• Proven high positive prot expectancy system
• Specic Entry, Exit and Position Sizing Rules for Capitulation
• Automated Screeners to generate signals daily within minutes
Lesson 5: Advanced Technical Analysis
• Anticipating Trend Continuation with Divergence
• Trading with Fibonacci Levels
• Trading with Power of Conuence
Lesson 6: Piranha Prots Stock Day Trading System: Gap Up News Scalp (GUNS)
• A Powerful Scalping Technique that generate prots within 3-5 minutes of market open
• Setting up charts for Intra-Day Trading
• Building a daily watch list for high momentum stocks in play
Lesson 7: Charting and Broker Platform

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