Zig Ziglar - Changing The Picture

Zig Ziglar - Changing The Picture digital download. Info: [mp-3]. Proven steps to building a positive image of yourself from America's leading authority...

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Zig Ziglar - Changing The Picture

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Changing the Picture

Proven steps to building a positive image of yourself from America's leading authority on enhancing your self-esteem.

In this life-changing seminar, Zig deals with the picture of yourself that we often call self-image and our attitude. Discover eight powerful steps to building a good self-image; identify and correct self-image problems by confronting them; become a responder rather than a reactor; and learn life-changing attitudes to building good relationships. Simply change your picture and you change every facet of your life.

Zig discusses the importance of being a RESPONDER and not a REACTOR and how to know the difference. He also teaches you the eight steps to building a good self-image. He teaches you the importance of confronting your problems in this all-important area of self-image. He teaches you to recognize a poor self-image by identifying its manifestations.

Zig then shares the essential building blocks that will help you construct a better, more productive, more satisyng life for yourself and your family. He focuses on the iimportance of good relationships and gives you many practical, dynamic life-changing methods to succeed in this most imporatnt area of your life. You will come to fully understand not only the "why," but also the "how to."

Finally, Zig reveals the ten steps to developing "Winninig Relationships." Included is a discussion of what people want and expect from others in family, employee and employer situations. He explains why "golden rule" companies grow faster, make more money and give a greater return on equity than other companies.

In this power-packed program, you'll learn:

  • How to build and maintain a positive self-image
  • Recognize the power of your personal mental picture
  • Discover the keys to establishing winning relationships at home, at work and in your community