Yates J Canipe, Vince Wingo and Scott Bolan - Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008

Yates J Canipe, Vince Wingo and Scott Bolan - Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008.  We've Decided to "Break the Code" of "the Secret" For You intoInstantly Workable S...
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Yates J Canipe, Vince Wingo and Scott Bolan - Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008

Yates J Canipe, Vince Wingo and Scott Bolan - Speed Summit Las Vegas 2008


We've Decided to "Break the Code" of "the Secret" For You into
Instantly Workable Street-ready Skills You Can Use
to Get Anything You Want (From Yourself and from Anyone Else!)
the Moment after you watch these all-new DVDs!!!

The most important question you could ever ask Personal Power & Persuasion Skills...

What does NLP, Hypnosis,
Mental Warfare Secrets, Ninja Mind Control,
Huna Manifestation & Healing Secrets,
Modern Achievement Science and
Unstoppable Persuasion & Influence Technologies
possibly have to do with
out of life, RIGHT HERE AND NOW?

The answer: Everything!

And when you understand and apply it, Magic Happens in YOUR daily life.

Think for a moment "what do I really want?" Is it...

1. More money?

2. The ability to permanently change habits, feelings, relationships and results, without effort?

3. Higher energy levels?

4. Unstoppable Magnetic Confidence?

5. The plan, skills and secrets of starting your own info-product empire, so you can stay home and sleep in while making more money than you ever did at work?

Or could it be...

• How to conceal your intentions and plans from others for maximum strategic results?

• Reading another person's body language at a glance?

• How to know if someone is lying?

• How to know what cards they have?

•How to win at ANY game you want to play in your life?

My friend ALL of these things, every single one of them, you can easily discover in an incredible new DVD set taken from our 2008 3-day weekend in Las Vegas with me, the “Mental Warfare Master” Scott Bolan, and the renowned Dr. Yates Canipe, the “Speed Genius” (the man who pioneered the modern men’s self-help movement and unleashed the world’s most popular Seduction course and it’s creator on the world to phenomenal results!) and our very special guest (read further!)

Now listen. Right off the bat may people think this kind of stuff sounds over-the-top. That's because most people never take the time to think or learn "outside of the box." They're stuck in what they've been taught and programmed with and never get the results they really want.

They think things like this aren't possible. Many years ago, these were the same people who believed the earth was flat. They put Christ, Socrates, Galileo and others who thought in better newer ways to get better results, to death.

They put the man who discovered germs and told people to wash their hands into an insane asylum.

These types of people still exist today. They're called "the masses." They scoffed and chided the Wright Brothers for saying they were going to build a machine that men could fly in (known as the Airplane)

These types of things sound very unusual or unbelievable to them, and so they scoff and are skeptical. And they never get out of the box. They live dull, boring, complacent and mediocre lives.

But here's the good news. YOU are not one of the masses! You wouldn't be on our list if you weren't a thinker - someone who knows there is an edge to get the things you really want out of life. That's why you're here now. You looked for something different, something better, and you found us off the beaten path. And that means

You Now Have Access to Secrets and Skills that No One Else Has!

I don’t want to offend anyone but I’ve got to say it like it is: This gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of the population. Period. I hate to say it that way, but that's the way it really is, so why the hell not? The simple fact of the matter is that for people like me and my associates...

These seemingly "Magical" Powers are a Daily Reality.

I say "seemingly" magical because they only seem that way. In fact they are not magic, they are an undiscovered science.

I say undiscovered science because it is still not acknowledged by mainstream society.

Much in the same way a round earth was not acknowledged by the mainstream! Does that make sense?

Listen up, friend because if you want MORE out of life -

More Fun! More (and better) Sex More Passion More Health

More Money More Happiness More Success! More Love

More Skills More Personal Power More Confidence More Magic

- then this is going to be the most important announcement you’ve ever read...

Consider this moment, right now as you read this, the “turning point” moment in your life where all of your dreams and goals become a reality, because in just one incredible weekend with me, Dr. Yates Canipe and our special guests, you will discover the incredibly powerful yet stunningly simple

Secret Science of Total Life Mastery

We've decided to "break the code" of "the Secret" for you
into instantly workable street-ready skills you can use
To Get Anything Your Want Out of Life
(from Yourself and from Others) the moment you walk out the door!

Never before has this combination of Skills and Master Trainers of the Personal Change, Empowerment & Persuasion Arts been brought together under one roof!

The Universe Brought Us Together to Do This for You
Before we talk about it, I want to start off by telling you about something EXTRA!

Dr. Yates Canipe (the man who revolutionized the men’s improvement arena by unleashing Ross Jeffries and his bestselling Seduction course on the world) will personally leads an evening session on the DVDs for all of those interested in

The SCIENCE of Seduction


If you’re thinking that Seduction is all about picking up chicks and getting laid, you’re couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, it works like a charm for that. But Seduction is NOT Deception. Deception guarantees failure, if you use deception you may get temporary results, but eventually you will fail. Why not instead have a lasting success that is the real thing?! Here’s how! And...

There is SO MUCH MORE to Seduction that it works even better for! I’m not talking about sexual seduction, I’m talking about Persuasion, Influence and Magical Art of Rapport and Masterful Results.

Think about it, how would you like to...

• Seduce your Audience? • Seduce your Target Market? • Seduce your Group?

• Seduce your Circle of Influence? • Seduce your Office?

Look, I don't know how to say it any other way, so I'll just go ahead and say it:


Want your own proof? You will get to practice these drills right in the privacy of your living room with the DVDs and see it for yourself instantly.

Thousands of men have been helped to achieve maximum success in all areas of life, from business success to personal change, from relationships and romantic fulfillment to healing, thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Yate’s and his revolutionary new “Beliefs” course

The feedback is phenomenal and overwhelming!

And let me ask you a question. Right now what would your life be like if you absolutely knew

The SCIENCE of Mind Reading

Imagine being able to read another persons thoughts and intentions as easily as reading a traffic signal. Would that be a valuable skill to have in your life? Just what could you do with such a skill? Wouldn’t it be great to have that power?!

Well, now is your chance to have it, forever, by getting the Speed Summit DVDs. Yates and I will leave no stone unturned in making sure you Understand and Apply these skills. You can take it home with you and keep it forever. AND You will discover…

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