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Speak with Power, Depth and Passion - using HYPNOSIS!
Unhappy with the way your voice sounds?
Wish you could make it deeper, richer, or sexier?

Your voice tells people a lot about you. But when you hear it recorded it doesn't sound right. It's not as cool or interesting as you thought it was, and that can make you feel shy, embarrassed or even inhibited to speak up.
Our Change Your Voice hypnosis session is designed to help you set in motion the systems to change your vocal qualities as your body relaxes and your vocal cords respond.
Simply sit back and listen as Change Your Voice works with you to help you find the confidence and poise to say what you like, when you like.
Just sit back, listen and unwind as the recording releases your stresses and anxieties, helping you:
• Stay calm and collected
• Captivate people when you speak
• Get the voice you always wanted