WSO GB Jul 2019 - Flipped Resume Blueprint

On the back of a napkin, he showed me how I could tap into the ‘hidden’ job market (opportunities that weren’t posted online), without using a job board, r...

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On the back of a napkin, he showed me how I could tap into the ‘hidden’ job market (opportunities that weren’t posted online), without using a job board, resume or even networking!

WSO GB Jul 2019 - Flipped Resume Blueprint

WSO GB Jul 2019 - Flipped Resume Blueprint

Have you ever wondered how long the line is?

The line you’re probably in right now…

Where everyone desperately wants to get noticed, get interviewed and get hired…

For the job you want. The job you really need…

I can share at least part of the answer…

Yet I must warn you. It will only add to your frustration…

You see, today there are 2 basic job markets…

And you’ve likely been starting where most every competitor goes…

Trying desperately to ‘stand out’ where over 96% of ALL job seekers start.

Yes, you’re in a long ‘hire me’ line that ironically, hiring manager’s rarely see, let alone talk to…

Let me say that again: you’re standing in a line that hiring manager’s rarely see, let alone talk to…

And even if you DO know all this, you don’t know how to stand out from this line (or you would have found a great job already, right?)

If you are like the job seekers I have helped get great jobs, the following may sound familiar:

You want to get a job but can’t get interviews

The online application systems eliminate you because of your age, missing degree, employment gaps or because you just don’t stand out

You’ve invested time and money on buying resume books or hired a professional to write your resume and LinkedIn profile, but it hasn’t produced more interviews or job offers for you

You are ‘sick and tired’ of being ‘sick and tired’ of applying for jobs online

If this describes where you are now consider this…

How much is it costing you to STAY in that line?

Your time… Your confidence… Your sanity… The next great job itself?

Every day your job search drags on, it drains you financially and emotionally…

And of course it also affects your family and loved ones…

But what if you didn’t have to stand in that line anymore?

My ‘backdoor method’ offers this vitally important, life-changing difference for you…

Even if you’re over 50, when it’s clearly tougher… And the endless work of finding that one job you really want can quickly grind you down… sometimes all the way to hopeless.

But what if you didn’t have to stand in that line anymore?

I can help you…

Hi, I’m Ian Jenkins and I’m an international career coach.

Nineteen years ago I discovered my life’s purpose: to help job seekers get the job they want at the company they want to work in.

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of job seekers like you land the jobs they want…

People who not so long ago were exactly where you are today, feeling defeated, humiliated and totally exhausted.

How can I do this?

What if you had the ability to get interviews ‘at will’ almost anytime you called a hiring manager?

And what if you no longer had to rely on the job you’re looking for being ON the job boards?

Or you didn’t have to wrestle with that fearful thought ‘everyone is more qualified than me?’

You likely recognize these as reasons you (and many others like you) are so concerned about ever getting the job you want…

You see, I understand where you are, because I have been there myself!

Before I discovered my passion to help job seekers, I was a job seeker myself, in the exact same spot…

I tried all of the conventional job search strategies…

From keyword-loading my resume, over customizing my cover letter, to cold-calling managers… you name it.

None of them worked.

No matter what I did to revise my resume I couldn’t get an interview.

(In fact: I created 63 different versions of my resume hoping one would get through the algorithms.)

And still, 9 months in, I was without a job, and without belief in myself…

It wasn’t until I discovered a strange job search technique that I finally got a breakthrough.

The technique that allowed me to bypass the line of ’96%’ of job seekers, and actually speak to a real person…

Since then, I’ve systematized this approach and helped thousands of job seekers in the U.S. and worldwide to get past application systems and into interviews in the companies they want to work in.

Now, I want to take a quick step back for a moment and tell you…

I really don’t expect you to believe all this right now…

You’re skeptical. I get it…

I would be too.

A LOT is on the line, and you certainly can’t waste time with some new half-baked, get-a-job ‘scheme.’

But stay with me, and discover for yourself the whole story…

Because I CAN help you solve this ‘un-solvable’ dilemma, and get out of the overly crowded ’96%’ line, ALL through a method that simply works…

For the moment, just know this is PROVEN…

And I’ll share with you specific results from people who not long ago felt exactly like you do now…

People who GOT the job they wanted, in less time than they ever could have expected.

Even if online application systems had stopped them in the past, and they worried what they could EVER do to ‘beat’ this system.

Even if they were over 50…

Even if they were told to be “overqualified”…

Even if they had employment gaps…

Even if they didn’t have the “right” degree.…

Even if… (you get the gist)

If what you learned so far has turned on a new, energizing ‘lightbulb’ in your head, keep reading because I have a lot more to share…

First, I want to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about landing a job in the current job market.

In fact, here’s the biggest problem you face right now.

Did you know…?



of job seekers get an invitation to an interview after sending an online application

(Glassdoor, 2019)

The internet has made it incredibly easy (too easy) for anyone to apply for a job, but harder to get a job!

As soon as a company posts a new job opening, dozens if not hundreds of candidates apply for the same job as you.

Three weeks ago a job seeker got in touch with me after sending in over 400 applications and not getting a single interview!

Bottom line:

Standing out as a candidate has become tougher than ever and yesterday’s resume strategies no longer work.

But the real problem is that this percentage gets even worse if you have a ‘resume roadblock,’ such as…

you’re over 45 and considered “overqualified”

you’re missing the ‘right’ degree even though you have years of work experience

you have an employment gap that employers think makes you obsolete

you don’t stand out from the masses online

The result?

Relying on online job boards and online applications will stop you from getting the job you’re qualified for in a company you want to work in.

If you’re like most job seekers, you’re left asking…

“What does it take to get my foot in the door for an interview with an employer in today’s job market?”

Thankfully There Is A Way To Stand Out In Today’s Impersonal, Automated Job Market And Get More Interviews Today…

But before I get into that, let me share a quick story with you…

Remember how I told you how I struggled myself finding a job…

There I was, 9 months in, without a job, and with broken self-belief…

To make the situation worse, I had just moved to a new city and I didn’t have a network.

But I didn’t give up easily…

Even after submitting tailored applications every day, I only received stock rejection messages… if any response at all.

I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster every day…

Some days I got my hopes up (“This time it’s going to work”)… only to be let down time and time again.

I started questioning my own self-worth because no one believed in me… no one wanted to give me a chance.

I worried about my financial security as I drained my savings.

I was getting desperate because I didn’t know how I was going to provide for my family.

Long story short, I was left emotionally and financially bankrupt after not getting a job…not even an interview…for 9 painful months…

Then, as if by chance, something surprising happened…

I was at a friend’s wedding where I ran into Mark, a professor from Stanford University.

Mark looked like he could have been Einstein’s brother with his wild grey hair and thick wire-framed glasses.

Over dinner, I told him about my ‘no response‘ resumes and what a struggle it had been to interviews.

I remember like it was yesterday…how he looked at me through his glasses. With a mix of compassion and knowing he said…

“You’ve got this all wrong!“

That’s when he started sharing this profoundly different approach with me that completely changed my job search… and ultimately my life.

He explained to me how I was ignoring more than 50% of the job market that has little to no competition.

On the back of a napkin, he showed me how I could tap into the ‘hidden’ job market (opportunities that weren’t posted online), without using a job board, resume or even networking!

The week after the wedding, I stopped applying for jobs online and implemented the professor’s unusual approach.

Within the first week, I went from getting 0 interviews in 9 months to 5 interviews!!

Up until that moment, I thought that the only place I could find a job was on a job board, LinkedIn or a company website.

Boy, was I wrong!

As I prepared for the interviews, I felt my confidence and self-worth rebound.

Bottom line:

I went from 0 interviews in 9 months to 17 interviews in 3 weeks plus two job offers.

Building on the momentum of my job search success, I decided to teach this approach to others.

Initially, I started hosting careerworkshops for the graduates of a local university.

Within months, word of this unusual job search approach spread online.

This led to workshops in outplacement companies, networking organizations, and employment offices.

Over the years, I have perfected this approach and now have decided to put it into a comprehensive online training, so that also job seekers who can’t attend my local workshops can benefit from this knowledge.

Thanks to the information I teach in this training programme, I’ve helped thousands of job seekers eliminate the competition they face with online applications systems and job boards, but also get them face-to-face job interviews with managers.

And now this opportunity is available to you!

Imagine when you finally get your next job and can…

take your family on the long-overdue vacation at an all-inclusive resort where you can lie down and relax your mind all day because your new job can pay for it

start putting away money for your retirement so you don’t have to continue working when you are 75 years old

help pay for your child’s college so they don’t have to bear the weight of never-ending student debt that will follow them well into their mid-40s

get the house renovations you’ve wanted for so long so that your kids have their own rooms

have a weekly ‘date-night’ with your partner to spark up the romance you first had when your eyes met for the first time

buy that new car you were dreaming about for so long because you know it’s in your budget now

I’m so excited to share with you this new approach that will help you make those wishes come true and put this job search behind you once and for all.

So, here’s what I’ve got for you today…

Because of the fundamentally different approach towards landing interviews and jobs, I decided to call the training the “Flipped Resume Blueprint“.

If you’re a job seeker who really wants to discover how to stand out in the modern job market and get interviews with managers in the company you want to work in, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for…

The “Flipped Resume Blueprint”

“Flipped Resume Blueprint” Helps You:

Find out how to get your resume into the hands of hiring managers without having to rely on getting past computer algorithms to get your next job

How to find job openings that aren’t on job boards even if you don’t have a professional network or know a recruiter

How to get past the “HR Brick Wall” even if you’re missing a college degree or don’t fit the cookie-cut description of their ideal candidate

How to articulate your diverse work experience in a way that doesn’t confuse an employer

How to find a job in your area that matches your qualifications and experience

How to get an employer to see the benefit of hiring someone with years of experience over a younger, less qualified candidate

Discover exactly what to do if you’re wasting hours every day because you’re being bombarded with emails from job websites that aren’t applicable to what you’re looking for

… and much, MUCH more!

Now, this little-known interview-generating technique I used to get in the door in the companies I wanted to work in, is now accessible to you, without having to attend one of my workshops.

Armed with this time-tested and repeatable system… you should see a SURGE in job interviews… no matter how competitive the job market in your industry might be.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results with “Flipped Resume Blueprint” this week for less than the cost of a fancy dinner out on the town!

If all this did was help you land an extra 3 to 5 additional job interviews per week, wouldn’t that be worth it?

If all you got out of this course was regaining self-confidence to go after the job you always wanted, and get your application in front of the right manager, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Get Onboard With Flipped Resume Blueprint Now!

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going to Get With Flipped Resume Blueprint

Flipped Resume Blueprint ($197 Value)

This on-demand, online training course holds the secret to standing out and getting interviews with managers (not HR) so you can stop wasting time on job boards and get the job you want with the pay you deserve.

In this training, you will discover…

Why your current resume is your biggest barrier to landing a new career and what employers actually care about

Discover The C.O.R.E. Framework That Will Help You Eliminate Any Bias Toward Age, References, Experience or Background

Where to look for key information that will unlock more interviews

The Easy Process for Crafting a “Flipped Resume” So You Stand Out and Win The Offer

How To Get Past Application Systems And Get Interviews

How to Set Yourself Up For Success With Minimal Risk

… and much, much more

BONUS #1: Flipped Resume Template

($97 Value)

This downloadable template is your shortcut to exactly what to write to get a manager so intrigued that they want to meet you right away. This template will get you off to a fast start so you can finish your first Flipped Resume in minutes and start getting interviews in the company you want to work in starting today.

BONUS #2: 5P Resume Test ($47 Value)

This checklist makes it simple to evaluate how appealing your resume is to the eyes of a hiring manager. You’ll be able to instantly identify and leverage the key elements that make your resume stand out and get you the interviews you want.

Bonus #3: Message Magnet

($97 Value)

This tested and proven template is your door-opener to get interviews with any hiring manager. Discover the exact words for what to say during calls, voice mails, and emails - so you can sidestep HR and get an interview with a manager.

BONUS #4: Job Finder Autopilot

($47 Value)

This playbook holds the keys to a little-known (free) system that automatically alerts you when major events happen in your target companies which create new job opportunities. With these alerts you’ll get a head start against other candidates and be able to position yourself as valuable talent before the job opening ever makes it to a job board.

BONUS #5: P.A.R. Story Framework

($97 Value)

This exclusive framework enables you to quickly describe your accomplishments and how they benefit your next employer so you instantly become credible, relevant and valuable in an interview. This framework will speed up your job search and help you put the stress of looking for a job behind you.

BONUS #6: Sleuth Secrets ($127 Value)

This fill-in-the-blank workbook gives you the keys to discover the biggest pains of your target employer so your Flipped Resume is completely aligned to their priorities. This workbook will walk your through step-by-step on how to become relevant and valued to a manager without bias towards your age, experience or education.

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