World's Greatest Magic - Fabulous Three Ball Trick

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World's Greatest Magic - Fabulous Three Ball Trick digital download. Info: [1 Video - MP4] | 682.18 MB. On this volume, you'll meet five masters of this ...
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World's Greatest Magic - Fabulous Three Ball Trick

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Video - MP4]

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The Three Ball Trick is a routine that can play for large and small audiences and can be done virtually impromptu. It's inarguably one of magic's classic effects - and you'll find no better teaching resource to learn this routine properly than this DVD.

Fabulous Three Ball Trick

  • Balls & Net - Johnny Thompson
  • Three Ball Transposition - Fernando Keops
  • The Three Ball Routine - Gary Ouellet
  • Asteroids - Flip
  • 3 Ball Trick - Johnny Thompson
  • The Balls In The Net - Dai Vernon
  • The Fabulous Three Ball Routine - David Roth

On this volume, you'll meet five masters of this celebrated trick and one grandmaster whose work on this plot catapulted it into the rarified air of classic magic effect. Johnny Thompson begins with the classic version made famous by Silent Mora, and Fernando Keops follows with Dai Vernon's archetypal method. Gary Ouellet, adding some Slydini-esque touches, demonstrates and teaches a beautifully choreographed routine while Flip offers a whimsical interpretation using aluminum foil balls. Johnny Thompson offers his interpretation of the Dai Vernon routine which serves as the perfect introduction to the Professor himself. Steve Freeman performs the Vernon routine as Gary Ouellet, Michael Ammar and Vernon himself offer invaluable insights into the history and psychology of the Three Ball Trick. Finally, David Roth performs and teaches a variation of the trick that offers some groundbreaking moves to streamline this masterpiece of close-up magic.

Running time: approximately 1hr 28min