Wim Hof & Justin Rosales - Becoming the Iceman: Pushing past perceived limits

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Wim Hof & Justin Rosales - Becoming the Iceman: Pushing past perceived limits digital download. Info: [1 eBook - PDF] | 2.51 MB. Becoming the Iceman is a...
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Wim Hof & Justin Rosales - Becoming the Iceman: Pushing past perceived limits

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook - PDF]

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**Included: An exclusive step-by-step guide to teach YOU how to become like The Iceman!

Becoming the Iceman is a project inspired by Wim and Justin to show the world that anyone can adopt the ability to become an Iceman or Icewoman. The project’s goal is to show that the ability to control the body’s temperature is not a genetic defect in Wim, but an ability that can be adopted by everyone.

For many generations, we have been taught to fear the cold:

*“Don’t forget your jacket! You don’t want hypothermia, do you?”

*“Put your gloves on before you get frostbite!”

Of course, these are consequences of extreme cold exposure, but with the proper understanding, anyone can learn to use the cold as a natural teacher.

You may have seen Wim running around on television, barefoot in the snow or swimming in ice-cold waters. While he is doing those incredible feats, he isn’t in pain and hoping that he doesn’t lose his fingers or toes; he is enjoying himself and having fun!

Like any new tool, you must understand how it works before you can use it efficiently. This pertains to the cold as well. Wim is the epitome of what can happen if someone uses the cold to train the body.

You might ask, “How can you prove that anyone can learn this ability?” We’re glad you asked…

As of Fall 2009, Justin Rosales had no experience with the cold whatsoever. He was a college student attending Penn State University. After Justin’s friend, Jarrett, showed him one of Wim’s videos on YouTube, they became exceedingly interested in understanding this ability. They wanted to see if it was possible for anyone to learn. So they thought, “Why not test it on ourselves?”

In Spring 2010, after speaking to Wim for several months via email, Wim invited Justin to attend a workshop in Poland for ten days. After many days of working as a dishwasher, Justin was able to pay for his trip to Poland and learn the technique of the Iceman.

With more training and countless experiences with the cold, Justin began to slowly adapt. The length of time he could remain exposed to the cold increased dramatically. He quickly realized that technique to withstand the cold was, indeed, an ability that could be learned by anyone.

This book tells the tale of Wim and Justin’s journey to Becoming the Iceman!