William R Clark - 427 No Cost and Low Cost Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Tips

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William R Clark - 427 No Cost and Low Cost Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Tips digital download. Info: [eBook (DOC)]. This book is incredible. You n...
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William R Clark - 427 No Cost and Low Cost Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Tips

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Format: [eBook (DOC)]

427 No Cost and Low Cost Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Tips

This book is incredible. You need to get hip to ALOT of marketing quick? Here’s the source. The title is self explanatory. But this guy has obviously studied Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and others.

You’d actually have to crazy not to get this book if you own or associate with businesses and are always looking for ways to improve and increase revenue.

Here’s the Table of Content, I’ll let it speak for itself:
1. Marketing is a process, not an event
2. There are only three ways to grow a business
3. Marketing is the best way to gain the highest leverage
4. Don’t try to tell the market what it wants – let the market tell you
5. Changing and developing your mindset
6. Non-traditional marketing
7. Develop a flexible marketing plan
8. There is no “right” or “wrong”
9. U.S.P. – unique selling proposition
10. Demand measurable results from every ad you run
11. Don’t stop doing what works
12. Lifetime value of a customer
13. Avoid the 17 most common marketing mistakes
14. Get a computer for business use only
15. Holding a customer’s check until they are satisfied
16. Background Radio Versus Foreground Radio
17. A “tax-sheltering” marketing technique
18. Tell your prospect exactly what satisfaction looks like
19. Direct mail
20. Referrals
21. Educate the consumer
22. Listening – be Interested Rather than Interesting
23. Risk Reversal
24. Write copy to one person at a time
25. The best way to learn is by doing
26. Current customers
27. A Great Line to Add to Your Mailer
28. Write a book
29. Study marketing books, tapes, etc. – always keep learning
30. Realize that BizLearning is Both an Audio and Video medium
31. Give a Monthly Bonus to Your Top Producers
32. Exactly who is your ideal potential customer/client?
33. Become a preferred provider
34. The Best and Worst Pages on the Internet
35. Overcoming buyer’s remorse
36. Save “White Mail”
37. Never Underestimate the Intelligence of the Reader and
38. New Ideas From Strange Sources
39. Revelations come to different people in different ways
40. Don’t Let Graphics or Pictures Overpower Your Message
41. Testing
42. Sell a customer what he needs, not what you want him to buy
43. Always state an expiration date for your offer
44. Having Passion About Your Business
45. Use marketing combinations
46. Psychic satisfaction can be more motivating than financial gain
47. Diversify your marketing
48. Realize it’s the profit which counts – not the profit margin
49. One-step versus two (or more) step marketing
50. Make every marketing effort pay its own way
51. Develop a mastermind network
52. Offer free information reports
53. Rent or joint venture your own mailing list
54. Optimization
55. Lock in sales in advance by using GTC
56. Stress the benefits, not the features
57. Targeting
58. Understand and address
59. Computer global search and replace
60. People will read long copy
61. Never run “institutional” or image ads
62. It’s about 6 times as expensive to get a new customer than to resell a prior one
63. What’s in it for me?
64. Use simple words
65. Discover the hidden assets within your business
66. Partial Payments
67. The “assumptive” letter
68. Follow up on all leads
69. Breakeven on the front end to get the back end
70. Use Confirmation Emails on on-line Auctions
71. Address What Customers Are Frustrated
72. Creative “scarcity”
73. Check Out On-line Auction, Classified Ads, Used Bookstores, and Yard Sales for Used Marketing Books, Tapes
74. Teaser Copy
75. Door hangers
76. Use “tie-downs”
77. Self Publishing Tips
78. Use specific facts and figures, not generalities
79. “Spying”
80. Study other ads, sales letters, etc.
81. Use flip charts for your presentations
82. When it Works Don’t Change it
83. Non-active customers
84. Home pages on the internet
85. Catalogs
86. Realize that life is like a moving parade
87. Hold a private customer sale
88. Bumps and upsells
89. Position yourself as an expert in your field
90. Testimonials
91. Put a “Hit Counter” on your Webpage and Each On-line
92. Background Radio Versus Foreground Radio
93. Employee incentives
94. Try a mail-merge computer program
95. Interview your customers
96. Avoid 7’s in prices
97. No Fancy Offices are Needed For Mail Order
98. The Best and Worst Pages on the Internet
99. A Great Line to Add to Your Mailer
100. Listening – be Interested Rather than Interesting
101. No Fancy Offices are Needed For Mail Order
102. Implementation is the key
103. Don’t Be in a Big Hurry
104. Give a Monthly Bonus to Your Top Producers
105. Complaint/comment box
106. The more you give, the more you gain
107. When you say you will do something – do it
108. Subscribe to trade publications
109. Learn to listen and observe
110. Use Pictures Rather Than Line Drawings
111. Never rush marketing
112. Sales training
113. Be interested, rather than interesting
114. Consider using temporary help
115. Spend more time on headlines than on body copy
116. Attach Stamps Crooked to Your Promotional Mailings
117. Use a PS in every sales letter
118. 80% of people who inquire never hear from a salesperson
119. Reply Coupon Size
120. Never Underestimate the Intelligence of the Reader and
121. Profit Margins
122. Learn From Others Mistakes
123. Join Internet Forms & Newsgroups
124. Advertorials
125. Senior Citizen Discounts
126. Open hours
127. Try the word “because”
128. Trade names with other merchants
129. Joint venture deals and host-beneficiary relationships
130. Use a coupon/order blank as an additional sales tool
131. Gift or card on customer’s birthday
132. Personalized letters
133. Pricing
134. Write down a benefits list
135. Self-mailers
136. Write a newsletter
137. Having great service
138. Fax on demand
139. Is a picture worth a thousand words in marketing?
140. Constantly be open to new ideas
141. Advertising specialties
142. Consistency
143. Publish a Book Without Actually Writing It
144. It’s just like having a merchant credit card account
145. People buy results, not products
146. Trade Shows
147. Good service is
148. Make each customer feel unique
149. Factoring
150. Try “third person” writing
151. The most powerful words and short phrases to use in selling
152. The value of a product or service
153. Are there products a customer may buy
154. Loss Leaders
155. Is there another firm which would benefit more
156. Record your sales person’s sales pitches
157. Statement stuffers
158. Email
159. Past successes
160. Bulk-Rate Versus First Class Mailing
161. Motion displays
162. Save “White Mail”
163. Start an “information hot line”
164. Professional ethics
165. Print a flyer for another merchant – your ad on the back
166. Know your competition
167. Reprint ads for a flyer
168. Commitment
169. Trial periods & samples
170. New Ideas From Strange Sources
171. Find multiple uses for your marketing materials
172. Swipe file
173. “Regional editions” of national publications
174. Sales at slow times
175. Gift certificates
176. Offer an internet newspaper subscription
177. The purpose of graphics
178. Slowing customer attrition
179. Lead prospects step by step to the next selling procedure
180. Do not exaggerate
181. Dress a person in an animal suit
182. People are silently begging to be led
183. You are really in three businesses
184. Offer in house financing
185. Have someone review your copy
186. Make a “mock-up” of your complete sales package
187. The Greatest Ideas in the World Won’t Work Unless you work them
188. An Interesting Way to Write a Book Without Actually Writing It
189. Audio tapes
190. Special events
191. Car door signs
192. Party plan
193. Any excuse for a sale is ok – just tell the people why
194. Creative emulation
195. Classified ads
196. Internet chat rooms
197. It only takes one idea to make something worthwhile
198. Your copy must be long enough
199. Barter
200. Let your sub-conscience mind work
201. Mention a slight disadvantage in your sales letter
202. Window signs
203. Radio talk shows
204. Rolodex review
205. Be Very Careful if You Hire People on a Contract Basis
206. Subscribe to no cost internet marketing ezines
207. Have everyone in your organization thoroughly know your products/services
208. Phone demeanor
209. Use Key Words When You Submit Your Webpage to Internet Indexes and Search Engines
210. Database marketing
211. You Have An Advantage over IBM
212. The use of other sales representatives
213. You must value and respect yourself and what you offer
214. Video tapes
215. Hold your own seminar
216. Instill customer confidence in your company
217. Movie theater ads
218. Customer discount card
219. Accept credit cards
220. Answer all Inquiries Promptly
221. Don’t be afraid to eliminate marketing methods which are not working
223. Quality
224. Treat marketing as an investment, not an expense
225. Surveys
226. Mentors
227. Bonus offers
228. Who else may be serving your target audience?
229. Using free gift certificates to promote your business
230. Contests and drawings
231. Establish a specials/sales board
232. Answer all Inquiries Promptly
233. Marketing on phone hold
234. No Fancy Office Needed for Mail Order
235. Flea markets
236. Avoid the esthetics of white space in advertising
237. The change in BizLearning advertising
238. Competitiveness
239. Free internet classified advertising
240. The Purpose of Advertising is Not to Entertain
241. Christmas cards/letters
242. Combination sales
243. Card decks
244. Donate a product(s) to a PBS fund-raising auction
245. Invoices and receipts
246. Business cards
247. Using your distribution channels
248. Matchbooks
249. People really want to solve problems
250. Daily specials
251. Use Upper and Lower case letters in headlines
252. Excitement, enthusiasm, and passion
253. Read your copy aloud in order the check the “flow”
254. Become a guest speaker
255. Don’t just cut the price – tell the people why
256. Delay invoicing
257. Home study courses
258. Use sales scripts – test and compare
259. Create your marketing calendar
260. Stand up when doing a radio interview or making a recording
261. Review your idea jogger often
262. “Dots” are the only permissible graphics for lists
263. Co-op advertising funds
264. There are no rules
265. Persistence
266. Point of purchase sales
267. Use short paragraphs in your copy
268. Direct mail postcards
269. Right hand versus left hand print page placement
270. Conference calls
271. Telemarketing
272. Use a thesaurus when writing your copy
273. In sales letters don’t end a page with a period.
274. Don’t burn your bridges
275. Sell notes of another person’s seminar
276. 800/888 Numbers
277. Gift baskets
278. Rebates.
279. Clowns
280. Restaurant placemats
281. Put your address and telephone number on audio and video tapes you produce
282. Space ads
283. Establish a club or organization
284. Offer information on a computer disk
285. Refreshments
286. Remove sales signs promptly upon expiration
287. Add more back end products/services
288. Answering machines/services
289. Is your business seasonal?
290. Use serif typefaces
291. Never argue with a prospect
292. Explore the possibility of using “bird dogs”
293. Change from being reactive to proactive
294. Honor other store’s coupons and ad prices
295. Turn negative comments and returns into sales
296. Second prize winner in a contest with only one winner
297. Profit Margins
298. Consignments
299. Tie in with holidays
300. Ice cream socials
301. Manufacturer’s coupon board
302. Don’t use words instead of numbers in
303. Thinking outside the box
304. Your sales force
305. Conventions
306. Inserts
307. Movie theater ads
308. BizLearning advertising
309. Stationery
310. Sidewalk sales
311. Write the same way people talk
312. Renting mailing lists
313. Product demonstrations
314. Develop and use a daily action list
315. Logo
316. Roadside stands
317. Restroom ads
318. Using “soft” dollars in barter
319. Per inquiry and per sale advertising
320. Multiple pillars of marketing
321. Using non-profit organizations
322. Ads on benches
323. Remnant space advertising
324. Smile
325. Don’t Let Graphics or Pictures Overpower Your Message
326. Bulletin boards
327. Use applied common sense
328. A Christmas party for your customers
329. Streamers and banners
330. Overcome procrastination
331. The internet levels the playing field
332. Inside signs and displays
333. Consultations
334. Licensing
335. Ethically exploit other’s centers of influence
336. Balloons
337. Gaining pre-emptive advantage
338. Bulletin boards
339. Make the transition from limitation to possibility
340. Hold a workshop or lecture
341. Write a column for a newspaper
342. Endorsements
343. Your market niche
344. Speed in filling orders
345. Is a webpage or a website for you?
346. Publicity
347. Tie in with a new movie
348. Your competitors are not your “enemies”
349. Study and use one (or more) of the best headlines
350. Yellow page ads
351. Customer Empathy
352. Print your own coupons
353. Carry a tape recorder and/or a pen and a notepad
354. Listen and have others listen to your audio tapes before duplicating them
355. Take one boxes
356. Fairs
357. Outside signs
358. Public domain information
359. Hold a charity event
360. Can you cut your overhead?
361. Cash flow
362. Keep track of you key codes
363. Always use a P.S. in every sales letter
364. T-Shirts
365. Window signs
366. Impulse sales
367. Having Passion About Your Business
368. Send a letter with your brochure or catalog
369. Issue rain checks with a bonus
370. Sponsor a team
371. Realize that BizLearning is Both an Audio and Video medium
372. Use Pictures Rather Than Line Drawings
373. People buy on an emotional, not a rational, basis
374. Radio advertising
375. Does your business have excess capacity?
376. Your clerks are extremely important to your success
377. Review the yellow pages
378. The best day to run space ads.
380. Use “bullets” in ads and sales letters
381. Visit other stores
382. Closeout/special tables/bins
383. Tie-in with sports
384. Use a VCR for in-store promotions
385. Outdoor billboards
386. Create a specials board
387. Free web pages on the internet
388. A person with a shopping cart,
389. Set up an “in-house” advertising agency
390. Sales of slow moving and overstocked merchandise
391. It does not matter where an idea comes from
392. Learning by repetition
393. Customer “hot buttons”
394. Stay in touch with your best customers monthly – automatically
395. An Easy Yet Powerful Introduction
396. You may use our back end information products
397. Certified mail
398. Complete the “Marketing Audit”
399. A great source for marketing information
400. “Teaser copy” versus “non-teaser copy” on your envelopes
401. People have a desire to collect
402. My favorite mentors, gurus, and networkers
403. “Thank You!” adds so much
404. Can you expand your product?
405. Fedex and other overnight delivery services
406. A great way to cut down on buyer’s remourse
407. The best and worst days and times to mail sales letters
408. The last person to impact your customer or potential
409. Three line versus four line addresses
410. Recognize possible objections
411. Copy others ads and letters by HAND
412. Don’t give the customer or prospect too many choices
413. The dollar bill letter
414. As postal rates go up – direct mail results may just get better
415. Post Office Box versus a street address
416. The easiest way to increase your business with very little risk to you
417. Each person has his/her own way of keeping records
418. Mail an acknowledgement when you receive an order
419. Your offer can never be too long – only too boring
420. When writing copy, ask “So what … who cares what’s in it for me?”
421. “BS” versus “quality information” seminars
422. “False” guarantees
423. A possibly strange sounding ad or letter:
424. Using the power of “pessimistic” selling
425. People want to belong
426. Overwhelming your customers and prospects
427. Most people need a “push”