William Linville - The Mastery of Your Own Divine Essence and Your Life

William Linville - The Mastery of Your Own Divine Essence and Your Life digital download. Info: [27 mov, 14 m3, 1 pdf, 1 html=support files] | 13.602 GB....

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William Linville - The Mastery of Your Own Divine Essence and Your Life

Type: Digital download

Format: [27 mov, 14 m3, 1 pdf, 1 html=support files]

File size: 13.602 GB

William Linville - The Mastery of Your Own Divine Essence and Your Life

William Linville-The Mastery of Your Own Divine Essence and Your Life
This Mastery Program took place over a 8-month linear time fr ame. The Program includes more than 25 hours of William’s assistance presented in 13 events — 7 webasts and 6 teleconferences. The total duration of each presentation is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, consisting of 2 download files per event. We have included an additional bonus webcast not associated with a Mastery Program to further assist you.
Life Changing - Designed To Go Beyond the Mind:
This life changing program has been created for those who are passionate and committed about the complete embodiment of yourself and the mastery of your life-stream, as well as all of your innate abilities that are available for you through your mind and body on a planet. For years William has been assisting us to bring the mind to neutrality, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. As you have succeeded in getting the mind to neutrality you can now begin to use the mind as a tool and as a friend. This program is designed to assist you to go beyond the mind and neutrality and into all the amplified vibratory levels and planes that are accessible for you.
Be Open & Clear Now:
This is an intense, in depth individual and personal journey. This event is about you opening and coming to terms with all that you have personally been through, as well as coming to resolution with it so that you can now be open and clear to receive clarity, guidance and wisdom from all of you as well as the whole Universe, letting all of you come to life, throughout your inside world as well as your outside world. During this intense unfoldment of the Mastery Program you will begin to see your families, your work, your body and your outside world begin to come into a state of fluidity and omnipotence, and also all that you have been asking for, beginning to come into the manifest world and so much more.
This is a Step-By-Step Program:
The effects of this program will be life long as the eternal embodiment of all of you. As you are embarking through this program there is no turning back to how things were in your life-stream, which means the freedom of conflicts through the ego that have been running you and have been creating the outcomes in your life.
Enjoy Wisdom & Clarity & Experience Who You Really:
We welcome those who have the calling to step on to the fast track of exploration and remembering, embodying all aspects and facets of who you really are and letting yourself and your life stream begin to open to let yourself succeed through every area of your life, without the work of processing. You will begin to enjoy the achievements, wisdom, clarity and changes to take place without all the mental busyness, attempting to change one belief to create another.
How This Mastery Program Will Assist You…
It will assist you to accelerate the dissolvement of your akashic record realms / egoic states / karmic paradigmel agreements / mental, emotional, physical and genetic issues / perceptional vows and agreements etc., so you can be free of the cause, the core, the record and the effects that have been live deities that no longer serve you.
It will assist you in marrying / embodying the Higher You through the physical - the Lower You - as you are moving beyond the identification of the lower you, to allow the brilliant higher frequencies to reactivate and come to life within the accessibility to the real you (Higher You).
It will assist you in remembering, opening and playing with all aspects of your Universalis states, experiencing and enjoying communion and communication with any and all beings in the Universe; i.e. communication with the oceanic realms, the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, star systems, this world and within your day to day life, etc., including looking into and assisting other life streams with the lack of judgment and the within complete communion and harmoniousness.
It will assist you into stepping into all of you that has always been accessible and available to you, so you can expand and experience brilliance and heartfelt enjoyment, a state / level where you get to play with everything; and, as always, much more.
Relationships with Everything and Everyone and the “Trilogy” - PDF, Video & MP3
This Trilogy bonus will provide you clarity about yourself and your relationship within your own beingness that is healthy, whole and complete. It will also provide you clarity in a wholeness of a relationship with another, from an intimate loving relationship of the heart with your life-stream and with the whole Universe its self. It is life changing and cuts through all of the old myths about what families, religions, society, etc., have taught about how relationships should, could or can work. It shares tools to move forward with and within relationships with everything and everyone with understanding, simplicity, ease and grace.
Topics included in the special bonus include:
How to transition from the mind into the heart and the merging of the heart into the mind to flourish through creation in every way.
How to let a thought just be a thought, nothing more than a passing, leaving, collapsing deity, as well as how to let the energy/emotions that have held it in place and gave it continual life, dissipate completely.
How to let the world be the world as you accelerate and transition into the many divine exquisite gifts that are being handed to you with clarity and ease.
And much, much more..