Will Rivera - Ecom Degree University 2020

Will Rivera - Ecom Degree University 2020“Not another “”course””A step-by-step guide, literally from step 1.Your InstructorWill Rivera Will Rivera19 year old ...
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Will Rivera - Ecom Degree University 2020

Will Rivera - Ecom Degree University 2020

“Not another “”course””

A step-by-step guide, literally from step 1.

Your Instructor

Will Rivera
Will Rivera

19 year old entrepreneur.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Ecom Degree University

What is Drop Shipping? (1:51)

Exclusive Student Mastermind Chat (MUST JOIN)

2019 UPDATE Facebook Group & Calls (2:00)

Private ED Facebook Group

Make an extra $500-$1000+ a month (ED Affiliate) (1:30)

Mental Game

Finding Your “”WHY”” (3:05)

2019 UPDATE Intro (3:15)

The Basics (Shopify Drop shipping)

2019 UPDATE General vs. Niche Store (2:18)

Examples of Drop Shipping Stores (PDF)

2019 UPDATE Branded Stores (3:45)

Buying Your Domain (2:01)

2019 UPDATE Creating Email, Connecting Domain & Creating Shopify Account (2:22)

Picking a Store Name (2:25)

Setting Up Your Back End (Shopify Drop Shipping)

2019 UPDATE General, Payments, Taxes, Shipping, Billing (5:16)

2019 UPDATE 7 Most Important Apps to Download (3:09)

List of Recommended Applications (PDF)

Best Fulfillment/Sourcing App of 2020 (15:02)



#1 Social Proof App

Setting Up Your Store On Shopify

Where to Find Quality Images (0:56)

Importing Products with Oberlo (6:48)

Removing “”Powered by Shopify”” Label (2:07)

Logo Design from Fiverr (2:23)

Theme Set Up Issues (5:20)

Fixing the Variant / Color Isssue (1:41)

Collection Set Up (6:40)

Adding the Secured Payment Icon (2:10)

Adding Your Logo to Product Images (1:11)

Adding Product Videos (2:33)

Adding Pages to Your Store (5:09)

FAQ Example (PDF)

Return Policy Example (PDF)

Privacy Policy Example (PDF)

Shipping Policy Example (PDF)

Terms of Service Example (PDF)

Premium Themes

Finding Perfect Product Descriptions (3:00)

Disabling Your Store Password (0:34)

Bypassing Disable Right Click App

Advertising with Instagram

Creating an Account (3:55)

Gaining Instagram Credibility (4:36)

Instant-Fans Update Video (1:27)

Creating a Business Manager (1:42)

Linking Business Facebook to Instagram (1:42)

2019 UPDATE Instagram Influencer Outreach pt. 1 (5:29)

2019 UPDATE Instagram Influencer Outreach pt. 2 (3:14)

Information on Instagram Influencer Marketing (Article)

Automated DM with FollowerLiker (6:20)

How to Create an IG Story AD on Canva & Winning AD Examples

2019 UPDATE Taking IG Stories (1:47)

*UPDATED Instagram Story Ad Winning Strategy (8:49)

Duplicating Ad Sets & Completing Campaign (4:04)

Creating an IG Story Ad with Adobe Photoshop (11:27)

Advertising with Facebook

Setting Up Payments

Facebook Pixel Set Up (1:33)

Campaign Cleaning (2:30)

How to Download Your Competitors Ads

Setting Up Your Columns (2:50)

Low Budget Testing Strategy

Look Alike Audiences (4:45)

Best Beginner LLA (9:09)

Being Creative With Your Targeting in 2019 (2:15)

Retargeting the RIGHT way (3:56)

2019 UPDATE Calculating Running Profit

2019 Calculating Profits (7:35)

2019 Faster Shipping / Dealing with Customers (4:07)

Free + Shipping Method

Free + Shipping Part 1 (4:16)

Free + Shipping Part 2 (2:11)

Killer Product Research

Finding Winners on Facebook (4:10)

Finding Winners on Instagram (3:23)

Spying on your Competition (2:19)

Stealing your Competition’s Video Ads (0:50)

Using Google Trends to Find Products (1:40)

Aliexpress Product Research & Dashboard Update (2:44)

Being Creative With Product Research in 2019 (2:56)

Find Other Stores Best Seller INSTANTLY

Facebook Purchase Pixel HACK 2019 (5:32)

Automating Your Store

Hiring a Virtual Assistant (4:03)

Automating Your Whole Dropshipping Store (10:24)

Conversion Rate Hacks

How to Increase Conversions Immediately (8:21)

Checkout Logo - VERY IMPORTANT

Words To Convert Customers Into Sales

*IMPORTANT* Image Text Check

Student Interviews

Interview Part 1 (7:07)

Interview Part 2 (5:50)

Interview w/ 6 figure student ($250,000+ in 2019)

Interview w/ Jordan Olleik (100k+ on Amazon)

Ariyeh (190k/month) How to Increase your AOV

Introduction - The Secret App (9:44)

How To Turn Your Checkout Page Into A Sales Machine (23:20)

Checkout Page Sales Machine Part 2 (8:36)

Bonus Video - Top 5 Ecom Tips By Ariyeh (8:04)

Instagram Influencer Outreach Scripts

Brand Ambassador Script

Free Product Method Script


0 - $100k In 6 Days Blueprint

Selling on Amazon: The Basics

How To Create An Amazon Seller Account for FREE (4:52)

FBA vs FBM | Pros & Cons

Amazon Seller Central : Listing a Product (11:51)

Amazon Seller Central : Changing Shipping Times (4:01)

Sales Tax & Resellers Permit (11:17)

Understanding Amazon Fees (6:10)

Amazon Selling Fundamentals

Understanding Amazon Sales Rank (7:54)

Amazon Sales Rank Guide (VERY IMPORTANT)

Amazon Launchpad (1:46)

Understanding The Buy Box (3:18)

Managing The Buy Box (4:13)

How To Win The Buy Box (7:49)

999 Card Trick (4:23)


Using KEEPA to Check Price History - WHY IT MATTERS (7:39)

Amazon FBA/FBM - Finding Suppliers for Name Brand Products

Sourcing Products/Finding Suppliers Overview (2:00)

Finding Suppliers Using Wholesale Central (13:39)

Sourcing Profitable Products in Seconds (8:58)

Finding Suppliers Using SimilarWeb (5:28)

Amazon Resources (Scripts/Guides/PDFs)

Customer FAQ/ Complaints Script

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit

What To Ask Suppliers/Distributors

Amazon Key Terms

Creating Multiple Amazon Accounts (UNLIMITED)

Opening Wholesale Accounts with Brands Script

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