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Will Crane - Nonsystems

Will Crane - NonsystemsNonsystemsA essential guide to the Non-systems section on the NPTE.What is the Non-Systems Essentials Course? This course is an awes...

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Will Crane - Nonsystems

Will Crane - Nonsystems


A essential guide to the Non-systems section on the NPTE.

What is the Non-Systems Essentials Course?

This course is an awesome way to quickly review the content of the Non-Systems section of the NPTE.

On the FSBPT’s current outline, the Non-Systems section makes up ~12.5% of the NPTE. With this much of the exam dedicated to the Non-Systems, it is essential to spend adequate time learning and understanding the content contained therein.

In this video course, I go over the essential material required for the Non-Systems section. This includes:

  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Modalities (including parameters and contraindications)
  • Research
  • Professional Responsibilities
  • Safety and Protection

Understanding the Non-Systems

On the exam, you can expect somewhere between 25-30 questions related to the Non-Systems section. This will cover a wide range of topics from Equipment & Devices to Research.

Many, many students have struggled with the Non-Systems section on the NPTE, and in this course, I take all the guesswork out of it.

This course includes many hours of video content that are easily digested and extremely applicable to the exam. I go over the key information you need to know for test day and include sample practice questions to make sure you are learning the content.

Your Instructor

Will Crane PT, DPT, OCS

Will Crane PT, DPT, OCS

Will Crane, PT, DPT, OCS is an NPTE expert and is a respected speaker and educator in the field of physical therapy. Will provides useful information to students and clinicians alike and is an energetic clinician.
Dr. Crane ed PT Final Exam in 2012 with the goal of providing excellent NPTE preparation courses in a compassionate and professional environment. Since then, Will has been involved in numerous university programs and has trained over 10,000 PT’s and PTA’s on the way.

“Let me tell you-enrolling in this course is the best investment I made. It was worth every cent and more!”

- Marie, DPT

Course Curriculum


  • Non-Systems Modalities Thermal and Cryotherapy (27:41)
  • Non-Systems Modalities Electromodalities and Iontophoresis (23:44)
  • Non-Systems Ultrasound Phonophoresis (15:44)
  • Non-Systems Modalities Traction Biofeedback IPC (29:47)
  • Non-System Lecture Notes
Equipment and DevicesNon-Systems Canes Crutches Walkers Stairs (23:09)
Non-Systems Equipment and Devices Wheelchairs (14:49)
Non-Systems Orthotics (17:17)
Non-Systems Equipment and Devices Prosthetics (34:06)
Professional Responsibilities
  • Non-Systems Professional Responsibilities Part 1 (21:29)
  • Non-Systems Professional Responsibilities Part 2 (13:35)
  • Non-Systems Professional Responsibilities Part 3 (16:54)


  • Non-systems Research Part 1 of 3 (23:02)
  • Non-Systems Research Part 2 of 3 (19:01)
  • Non-Systems Research Part 3 of 3 (26:48)
Safety and Protection
  • Saftey and Protection Part 1 (25:52)
  • Safety and Protection Part 2 (17:58)

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