Weston A. Price Foundation - Wise Traditions London 2011

Weston A. Price Foundation - Wise Traditions London 2011 digital download. Info: [4 DVDs - 10 AVI, 10 MP3] | 3.266 GB. Discover why those who would be he...

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Weston A. Price Foundation - Wise Traditions London 2011

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Format: [4 DVDs - 10 AVI, 10 MP3]

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This four DVD set provides the recordings of the 2011 London conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which campaigns for wise traditions in food, farming and the healing arts. Barry Groves - Eat Fat, Lose Weight, Treat DiabetesAre you following ‘healthy’ guidelines and eating your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day? Then you could be doing the worst thing for your health.Diseases such as obesity and diabetes have really ‘taken off’ since ‘healthy eating’ was introduced in the 1980s. This is not a co-incidence; these are classic cases of cause and effect.Barry will explain why a low carb, high fat diet is best for loosing weight and treating diabetes.

Graham Harvey - Pastured Animals and Mixed FarmsOne of Britain’s greatest cultural achievements was the mixed farm, where grazing pastures powered the sustainable production of vitamin & mineral rich animal products, vegetables and cereals.In a generation, the policy makers have destroyed this great national treasure. Britain’s best farmland now produces “cheat food” that have robbed the nation of its health.Its time to reclaim our heritage – the wonderful, health giving foods of grass lands and the mixed family farm.

Jerry Brunetti - The Benediction and Forgiveness of GrassThe grasses, forbs, legumes, trees, shrubs, vines and brambles are a treasure trove of nutrients and phytoceuticals. Thousands of secondary metabolites are produced by multiple plant species for numerous horticultural purposes in order to protect plants from their adversaries and attract pollinators. These lipid soluble compounds accumulate in fats and proteins of grazing livestock contributing to the culinary “terroir” that make food artesianal and provide a “farmacy” of medicinal compounds that confer numerous health benefits to both livestock and their human beneficiaries.

Jerry Brunetti - Holistic Treatment of Cancer.Jerry was diagnosed with Cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, in 1999 and given 6 months to live.He did not submit to chemotherapy, but rather, developed his own unique dietary approach to enhance his immune system, a very broad spectrum approach that includes detoxification, nutrition, herbs and life-style improvements.Kaayla T. Daniel - Empowering Fertility

Aphrodisiacs from nature and sacred foods for fertility and healthy babies.Infertility is now epidemic in the western world, and could well affect one in three couples by the end of this decade. Menstrual distress, mood disorders and depressed libidos add to the heartbreak.

Although Technology has waged war on infertility using drugs, hormones and surgery, Nature offers instead a cornucopia of sacred foods and aphrodisiacs.Learn which health nuts touted cereal and crackers to kill the libido, why Zen monks use soy to help them stay celibate, and the hard science behind caviar, oysters and organ meats.Kaayla T. Daniel - Naughty NutritionKaayla is The Naughty Nutritionist because of her ability to outrageously and humorously debunk nutritional myths.

In this edutaining talk, she will introduce the nutritional principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation and share diet and lifestyle secrets that will help prevent and reverse disease, enjoy optimum health and and maximum longevity.

Learn why high-fat, high-cholesterol, hormone-producing foods are actually good for us. Discover why those who would be healthy will not only avoid processed, packaged and fast foods but spurn politically correct, low-fat, high-soy, plant-based and vegetarian diets.

Malcolm Kendrick - It Isn’t Only What You EatDr Kendrick will suggest that how we eat our food is extremely important to our health. If we eat on the run, without being relaxed, our metabolic system will still be switched to catabolism e.g. burning up and using energy. But when we eat we need to be relaxed so that our anabolic (digesting/storing) system is switched on.

If we try to eat whilst under stress we create an metabolic ‘battleground’ where the stress hormones e.g. adrenaline, cortisol, growth hormone are battling against the hormones of digestion – mainly insulin. (Cortisol and adrenaline are directly antagonistic to insulin in their metabolic effects). When this happens the level of blood sugar, free radicals, triglycerides and insulin all spike at very high and damaging levels.

This talk will outline evidence to support this hypothesis, suggesting how eating under stress can contribute to occlusive arterial plaques/atherosclerosis and heart disease.Natasha Campbell - GAPS Diet

Gut and Psychology Syndrome establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain. Few know that the gut has more nerve endings than the brain and is intimately connected to mental wellbeing.

GAPS is also a diet which effectively promotes general mental wellness and treats digestive and mental disorders, from autism to depression.

Similar to the gluten/casein free diets, it eliminates foods difficult to digest. However, mainstream gluten free diets are rich in harmful refined carbohydrates because of the low fat mantra. GAPS instead introduces traditional, nutrient dense foods and probiotic that can be made at home.The traditional gluten/casein free diet condemns people to a lifetime of bland food. In contrast, GAPS is a temporary diet that nourishes the gut, allowing patients to progressively re-introduce tasty, satisfying foods that will let them thrive and enjoy food.Natasha Campbell - The Truth About Heart Disease

We have been waging a war on cholesterol and fats for the last 40 – 50 years. Yet, people in the Western world are having just as many heart attacks and strokes as before, despite following “heart – healthy” diets. So, are we doing something wrong?

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride will be talking about what heart disease really is, what causes it, how it develops and what nutrition really has to do with it.Zoe Harcombe - Obesity EpidemicZoe will present the case that this obesity epidemic is of our making and we have got everything wrong from our interpretation of thermodynamics to the 3,500 calorie theory.People who want to lose weight should stop counting calories and reach for the butter!Running Time: approximately 13 HoursLanguage: English