Wendy G. Young - Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD

Wendy G. Young - Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD digital download. Info: [ 1 DVD - Xvid, 4 Ebook - PDF, MsWord ] | 562.86 MB. Spiritual Grid Manifestati...

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Wendy G. Young - Spiritual Grid Manifestation DVD

Type: Digital download

Format: [ 1 DVD - Xvid, 4 Ebook - PDF, MsWord ]

File size: 562.86 MB

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Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ DVD

One of the most powerful and advanced proprietary
manifestation technologies ever created.

This technology was introduced around the world at a
live workshop on February 21, 2009.

Now, it is available on DVD


Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ DVD

These are the six (6) premises that the technology is based on:

  1. The body is a manifestation tool and it runs like a computer. The universe works through us and co-created our body with us so that we can use it as a tool to co-create our Divine inspirations. This technology connects us to our body.
  2. We co-created planet earth, the largest “physical” manifestation in our environment with the Divine to support us in manifesting our desires. Living on earth is a symbol of this necessary connection at this time. When we are fully connected to earth we are supported in achieving our desires more quickly. This technology connects and grounds us to earth.
  3. There is a direct connection between our body & emotions. If we stand tall with a sad face we feel ridiculous. If we hunch over & smile we are also incongruent. A key component of manifestation in LOA teachings is about being in emotional alignment. This technology aligns you physically and emotionally, creating congruency with the universe. This technology creates this congruence to allow for manifestation.
  4. There is an electromagnetic grid in the universe. We are an extension of this grid or source. We are one with source and our good comes only from this source. We must know it in our bones that we are source. This technology creates a stronger connection to this source.
  5. We must embody our desire in a clear & focused way. This technology fully embodies our desires in various realms & energizes them to speed manifestation.
  6. We must have supporting beliefs to manifest our desires. This technology helps clear negative energies getting in the way & creates new positive beliefs & intentions.

Spiritual Grid Manifestation™ is the life work of Wendy G. Young. Combining her expert knowledge of the body, spirituality and Law of Attraction, this advanced technology connects you to Source and employs your body as a powerful manifestation tool.

Author, public speaker, and successful business owner, Wendy G. Young has consulted to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses since 1991. Certified in the areas of Ergonomics, Consciousness Shifting Coaching, and Strategic Attraction Coaching, and author of Get Inside Your Comfort Zone, she facilitates shifting people into achieving physical, emotional and financial freedom. Wendy G. Young appears on television and radio programs, and is frequently quoted in leading national newspapers and magazines.