Wendi Friesen - Ultimate Confidence (hypnosis)

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Wendi Friesen - Ultimate Confidence (hypnosis) digital download. Info: [4 files - mp3] | 103.11 MB. Circle of Excellence- what you think, you become. You...
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Wendi Friesen - Ultimate Confidence (hypnosis)

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 files - mp3]

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Quote:Confidence means power, sexiness, and greater success in everything.This program might just change your life. If you are timid, shy, or just need more confidence and want to feel more spontaneous, you will love this! Unique methods of finding core confidence will change your life forever. Learn more at the link below.Core Confidence- You will blast through your fears, discover your worthiness, and feel confident in any situation.Parallel World- meet the person you would be if you were raised by the best parents in the best schools, with the people who were supportive and inspiring. All your qualities and talents are allowed to be fully realized on this alternate world. This one changed my life.Deep Trance Training- a session that will help you brain learn to go into deep trance states easily and quickly.

Circle of Excellence- what you think, you become. You will teach your brain to experience your confident state as real, then anchor this state. All of your best qualities will be amplified in this circle, then you will experience yourself in the situation where you want greater confidence. You can use this for just about any situation where you will need increased confidence.Magnetism- become irresistible and confident and spontaneous. You will notice that other people just love to be around you. Your magnetism and charisma will get better every time you listen to this one!A great hypnotic program for working on your inner game,Enjoy