Wendi Friesen - Stay Hard Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

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Wendi Friesen - Stay Hard Penis Enlargement Hypnosis digital download. Info: [5 CDs - MP3] | 154.49 MB. We can affect most every function of our body thr...
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Wendi Friesen - Stay Hard Penis Enlargement Hypnosis

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Format: [5 CDs - MP3]

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Hypnosis scripts to supposedly increase penis size. Here's a description from Wendi Friesen herself

How it started.My work as a Hypnotherapist took me on an exciting journey into the human mind, exploring many possibilities of our massive powers, based on only our thoughts! One of the most fascinating areas has been working with Sexual Dysfunction, (impotence, premature ejaculation, orgasm difficulty) since it is by and large, the strongest drive and the most natural desire we are born with. I worked with a men's clinic for impotence, got referrals from gynecologists for women who could not have orgasms, for men with premature ejaculation, and a wide assortment of odd and bizarre sexual problems. Not that sexual problems are odd or bizarre, but some of them are really quite unusual, at least in my book. By the way, have you read my book?One thing that always got the attention of my male clients, was that after they cleared up their sexual dysfunction, not only did they have erections that were powerful, and in their control, they also had much larger penis's. (how do you plural penis?)

I am not kidding here.... stay with me.Hypnosis has a profound effect on the cells in our body. We can affect most every function of our body through the power of our subconscious mind and hypnosis is the tool to reach it.

So, after about a month of hypnosis, the men noticed that they were about 20-30% larger when erect. That's a lot of pulsing, pounding, throbbing....uh, well you get the idea.So, I did the logical next step and put all this penis enlargementhypnotherapy on tape.But that's not all I did. I also beefed up my premature ejaculation process to include having larger erections. And the impotence CD got a shot in the arm as well.Why hypnosis?

Our subconscious mind affects everything we do, from behaviors and beliefs, to sensations and sensuality. Many people who have problems with sexual function have it as a result of a negative event the happened in their life. As a result of that negative event a belief was formed in the subconscious and the body now reacts as a fulfillment of that belief.A body change with hypnosisI read about a tennis player who was confined to a wheelchair for 3 months and during that time, not wanting to lose his swing, he visualized his serve and swing. He did NO physical exercise. During that time his biceps grew in his right arm. There was no physical movement, only the power of thought, and it created a change in the shape and size of his muscle. The mind is a powerful tool and there are very few limits to the possibilities if we set our intentions in the desired direction.Our beliefs about our body image affect our cells. You can create change in your body shape simply by thinking about the outcome. In women's breasts, change can be created subconsciously. One woman I know had a breast reduction surgery, from a DD cup down to a B. Within 6 months her breasts promptly grew back to a DD cup. I think that her subconscious mind had a body image that included DD breasts and when they were reduced, since it didn't fit the internal image that was held by the subconscious, they grew back to match her belief about how her body should look.The same thing could happen to your penis. (not having it reduced, of course) Your belief that your subconscious mind holds can allow it to change it's size, and reach its potential. Your beliefs can change based on the programming in your subconscious mind. Hypnosis can change the programming.I figured something this good should not be kept a secret any longer. It's cheap and it's easy, and gosh darn it, it works. But you have to listen to the tapes for a minimum of 30 days. 6 weeks is even better. Change will come, but the body takes time to create new cell growth, change the hormonal release patterns that create and maintain an erection, and adopt a new belief.