Wayne Houchin - Counterfeit Hollingworth

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Wayne Houchin - Counterfeit Hollingworth digital download. Info: [1 DVD - VOB] | 991.04 MB. Each piece seemingly fuses onto the next, leaving your audien...
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Wayne Houchin - Counterfeit Hollingworth

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD - VOB]

File size: 991.04 MB



Torn. Burned. Restored.Wayne Houchin - creator of French Kiss, Control, and Thread - presents an incredible, practical, piece-by-piece restoration of a torn playing card.

A single playing card is torn into pieces - then visually restored under impossible conditions. Each piece seemingly fuses onto the next, leaving your audience with one of the most memorable souvenirs they've ever been given. They'll keep it forever.

18 Years in the MakingOn November 27th, 1996, Wayne watched in awe as Guy Hollingworth performed on NBC's World's Greatest Magic. With that inspiration, Counterfeit was born. It can be performed surrounded, allowing your spectators to experience the effect from every angle. The card can be handed out for immediate examination. Let them keep it.Expert InstructionProduced by theory11, with 30 minutes of detailed instruction and performance tips from one of the leading minds in magic. Learn the nuances that make this one of the most engaging, powerful, practical torn and restored effects ever released.