Wayne Dyer - Secrets of the Universe

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Wayne Dyer - Secrets of the Universe digital download. Info: [2 MP3s] | 56.53 MB. This audio book 2 hours long. Wayne Dyer talks about his book Gifts fro...
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Wayne Dyer - Secrets of the Universe

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This audio book 2 hours long. Wayne Dyer talks about his book Gifts from Eykis and he describes how she brings the people of earth the Secrets of the Universe. These 'Secrets' are the key to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

About Secrets of the UniverseTruly Cherish the Gift of LifeDr. Wayne Dyer maintains that thought is the highest form of energy in the universe, and in Secrets of the Universe he shows you how to use that energy to bring about a life that is truly magnificent. As you follow the path he describes in this program, wonderful circumstances and miraculous events naturally become a way of life. You begin to understand that there are no accidents in the universe. You learn to look beyond what everyone else sees. You'll witness impressive changes in your life - changes brought about by tapping into the secrets of the universe as revealed in this program to you through an imaginary encounter between an Earthling and a citizen of the planet Uranus. In his humorous, warm, and enlightening way, Dr. Dyer teaches you that you begin by accepting responsibility for who you are and what you are today. With this powerful realization as the foundation, you then begin to focus on getting into and maintaining harmony with the universe. Wayne will show you that there is something much grander in everyone. I personally love how Wayne Dyer speaks about these empowering concepts in a humorous, charming, fun, yet rock-solid way.