Wayne Dobson - Javelin

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Wayne Dobson - Javelin digital download. Info: [1 Video - avi] | 769.68 MB. A tossed deck that allows you to name the exact card each spectator is thinki...
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Wayne Dobson - Javelin

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Video - avi]

File size: 769.68 MB



Imagine a tossed deck that can be examined and shuffled, A tossed deck that works equally good close-up as it does on stage. A tossed deck that allows you to name the exact card each spectator is thinking ofWayne Dobson’s Javelin is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/Mind reader. Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘Javelin’As well as the extremely clever handmade deck you also receive a DVD which covers the complete workings of the deck as well as a full performance of Wayne Dobson’s tossed out deck routine. This routine has been Wayne’s opener for many years and is hailed by many as the most commercial presentation ever! Wayne’s Tossed Out Deck Routine continually builds to a super applause cue!The accompanying DVD also contains Peter Nardi’s direct one on one mind reading handling (ideal for mix and mingle situations) and Peter’s close-up tossed out deck routine which allows you to accurately read the minds of 3 spectators!Easy To DoDeck May Be Examined And Shuffled By Your SpectatorNo Deck SwitchComes Complete With Custom Handmade DeckGreat For Almost Any Performing SituationIncludes A Full Instructional DVD**As a special bonus Wayne has allowed us to included his complete Tossed Out Deck routineHide Now ↑