Warren York - Weight Control Hypnosis

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Warren York - Weight Control Hypnosis digital download. Info: [2 MP3s] | Updating. I’m hypnotherapist Warren York and by following everything on this CD ...
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Warren York - Weight Control Hypnosis

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Track 1 – Introduction to hypnosisTrack 2 – Weight control hypnosis sessionA new professional programme for losing weight!Hypnosis for weight control is natural and easy.

Hello and welcome to the Stepping Stone to the life you want.

I’m hypnotherapist Warren York and by following everything on this CD you can make the changes you desire easily and effortlessly.

You’ll learn the techniques that the most successful people in the world use, training your mind for positive change.

Over time the deep and lasting changes that you desire will be made easily and effectively growing more powerful day by day.On track 1 I’ll tell you the secrets of how hypnosis works and how the hypnosis recording on track 2 will help you to beat food cravings and lose weight.

This CD uses binaural technology to enhance the relaxing and hypnotic effect. Binaural beats is a brain response when presented with two slightly different tonal changes in a stereo situation. When a person is presented with the two different tones – the brain produces a response (binaural beat) that produces an altered state in brainwaves and therefore a hypnotic trance or super learning type environment.Weight loss requires a significant lifestyle change and a doctor’s advice should be consulted before any dieting and exercise programme.Hypnosis is not a guarantee but the more this CD is listened to, the more the suggestions for weight loss will change your eating habits for the better.Warren York BSc Hons, DCHyp, MSBST is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with a private practice in Northern Ireland, a member of the Society of Brief Strategic Therapists, The CNHC and The General Hypnotherapy Register.

The Stepping Stones Hypnotherapy CDs have been recorded in a professional recording studio by a fully qualified hypnotherapist and should not be confused with some of the other non professional products available.