VTC, Jesse Feiler - Facebook Application Development

VTC, Jesse Feiler - Facebook Application Development digital download. Info: [1 DVD (ISO)]. With over 200,000 users, Facebook has become the dominant ...

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VTC, Jesse Feiler - Facebook Application Development

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 DVD (ISO)]

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20131030112331/http://www.vtc.com/products/Facebook-Application-Development-Tutorials.htm

Facebook Application Development

With over 200,000 users, Facebook has become the dominant social networking
platform. This course, taught by developer, teacher, and author Jesse Feiler,
covers the ins and outs of developing your own Facebook apps using the Facebook
API. You’ll see how to register your app to receive the necessary development
and run-time keys from Facebook and how to set up your app on your own web
server so that it can interact with Facebook. Ins and outs of news feeds,
invitations, and interaction with Facebook user profiles are all covered.
You’ll also see how to interact with your own database to merge Facebook data
with your app’s data. Work files are included.

7.5 hrs / 92 tutorials

QuickTime movies

Introducing Facebook
About this Course (04:40)
Welcome to the Facebook World (05:51)
Using Facebook Apps (06:58)
Introducing Facebook App Development (07:11)

Using Facebook Security as a Developer
Using Account Settings (04:47)
Using Basic Profile Settings (04:31)
Using Contact Profile Settings (03:34)
Using Search Profile Settings (02:26)
Using News Feed & Wall Settings (05:19)
App/Beacon & Facebook Connect Settings (04:26)

Integrating with Friends & Web Sites
Exploring Integration Points (03:08)
Exploring Sharing (03:25)
Using Facebook Connect (06:17)
Implementing Facebook Connect (05:04)

Facebook Technologies: Industry Standards
Introducing the Facebook Technologies (05:01)
Introducing REST (06:18)
PHP for Facebook (04:28)

Facebook Technologies: Proprietary
Using the FBML Test Console (05:02)
Exploring FBML Syntax (06:15)
Using fb:pronoun (04:13)
Using fb:name (05:21)
Using FBML Controls (07:07)
FBML for Controls & Interface objects (03:52)
Creating a Share Button (05:33)
Using the Facebook API (04:37)

Getting Started as a Developer
Using the Developer Application (05:54)
Setting Basic Parameters for the App (04:15)
Setting Authorization & Canvas (07:46)
Creating Your First Application (03:14)
Installing the PHP Libraries (04:37)
Creating Your App File (03:06)
Uploading & Testing (03:50)

Making it Facebook: Dashboard & Tabs
Extending the File Structure (06:30)
Revising the Sample App (06:49)
Adding the Facebook Dashboard (04:53)
Using PHP & heredoc (04:47)
Adding Facebook Tabs (05:22)

Integration Points Greetings & Invitations
Using Integration Points (03:12)
Setting Up Two-Column Layouts (03:48)
Setting Up a Discussion Board (02:54)
Greeting People by Name (03:37)
Greeting Unlogged-In Users (06:10)
Sending Invitations (03:35)
Using the Multi-Friend Selector (03:36)
The Condensed Multi-Friend Selector (04:29)
Using Other Invitations (03:04)
Excluding App Users (03:47)

Adding Data to a Facebook App
Working with Data Overview (06:39)
Creating the Facebook Input Form (05:17)
Adding a Pop-up Dialog & Form Fields (05:38)
Receiving the Data (05:36)
Setting Up the Database (05:18)
Adding a Record from the Form Data (05:44)
Checking for Errors & Verifying the Add (05:20)
Redirecting to My Picks (04:53)
Doing the Add to My Picks (05:49)
Finishing the Add to My Picks (04:13)

Displaying Data
Display Overview (05:21)
Display Architecture Overview pt. 1 (06:10)
Display Architecture Overview pt. 2 (06:40)
Retrieving the Data (05:07)
Looking at the Code (05:33)
Paginating & Displaying One Pick (05:12)
Doing the Pick Display (05:15)
Paginating Results pt. 1 (05:06)
Paginating Results pt. 2 (05:30)

Using News Feeds
Introducing News Feeds & Templates (03:55)
Creating a One-Line Story (03:29)
Creating a Short Story (05:54)
Adding the News Feed to the Sample App (07:14)
Writing the Add_Pick Code (04:56)
Testing the Add (05:38)

Increasing Your App Interactivity
Overview (04:39)
Sharing & Letting Friends Know (04:21)
The Share Button & Reporting (03:58)
Maintaining My Picks: Interface (03:39)
Maintaining My Picks: Database (04:10)
Writing the Code (03:46)
Add News Feed Updates: Templates pt. 1 (06:43)
Add News Feed Updates: Templates pt. 2 (03:58)
Add News Feed Updates: Code (03:30)
Using the Templates: Add/Remove (03:49)
Using the Templates: MyPicks (03:21)

Using More Integration Points
Integration Point Overview (04:29)
Using the Application Directory (05:30)
Using an App Page (03:18)
Updating Your App Page (02:44)
Adding Tabs to the Profile (02:46)
Adding to the Profile App Info/User (04:09)
Adding to the Profile App Info/Code (04:04)

Course Summary
Course Summary (07:29)

About the Author (04:31)